The first family brats have jetted from the Bahamas to ski in Sun Valley

It’s two vacations in one, lucky devils. Nothing too unusual about a surf and turf vacation – wealthy Greenwich families do it all the time. The difference is that Greenwich families do it on their own dime while the Obamas vacation on other people’s money; specifically, ours. I don’t care what these two girls do, I do care about their parent’s complete refusal to acknowledge any responsibility that might accompany the office of the President of the United States. Bush gave up golfing during the Iraq war because he felt he’d hurt the parents of soldiers wounded and killed over there, Obama blows a million-and-a-half bucks of taxpayers’ money to golf with Tiger. Hawaii, Vail, Bahamas, Spain, Sun Valley: they Obamas are rubbing our noses in it. Truly a disgusting family.


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27 responses to “The first family brats have jetted from the Bahamas to ski in Sun Valley

  1. LAK

    I’m at beautiful sunny Bruce Park enjoying my little one.

  2. The New Normal

    how will the Obama daughters ever follow in Chelsea Clinton’s footsteps if they don’t start hobnobbing with the elite now?

  3. Dollar Bill

    How humane of President Bush to have given up golf to honor the thousands of American servicemen and women he sent to die and be gravely injured for no good reason in Iraq. What a shining example of humanity he was!

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    This really is disgusting, and shows the Golfer in Chief could care less about the American people. Comment Francis? Comment?

    But what is even MORE disgusting is the fact that you would be branded a racist by the MSM for raising this issue. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. THEY COVER FOR HIM. Instead of telling it like it is.

    And check this out. An Iowa newspaper – owned by Gannett no less – publishes an interactive map showing all public schools without security officers:

    Has the MSM lost its mind? We all know it has lost 100% of its credibility and is more biased then Al Sharpton. Why not just put targets on the backs of the sniveling little snot noses?

    There is absolutely NO REASON to publish this data. Greenwich charges a fee for alarm systems, right. So it must be public record who has an alarm and who doesn’t. Why not publish an interactive map with that? Some public interest must be served by doing it, right?

    The MSM is destroying this country with their liberal bias. We should start a “No slant news channel” Dude!! We just tell it straight, and don’t take sides. For example, if the North Korean gooks are acting up, we just tell everyone what those commies are doing, until they get back to eating flied lice. If the homos are acting all prissy, we just tell folks what they are up to. If we are giving hundreds of millions in support to those camel jockey Egyptians, we just let the folks know what is up. In an honest straightforward way.

    What do you think? I will start drafting a white paper!!
    Your Pal,

  5. David Smith

    Please be polite as possible to the First Children. They didn’t ask for it.

    • Anonymous

      They’re going to be fat and ugly with crappy diction just like the Wookie. They didn’t ask for that either.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      None of us really harbor ill will toward his children. The problem is that is Obama himself who puts his children out there. I blame him entirely for making his daughters the targets of opprobrium. Seems like he does it deliberately so as to have an excuse to squawk about incivility from his critics. Odd how it seems to happen when his numbers start tanking.

  6. Al Dente

    Reparation – the making of amends for wrong or injury done: reparation for an injustice.
    We haven’t paid enough yet! Stop complaining and get back to work!

  7. gracepmc

    When President Revenge, out of political pettiness, punishes and disrespects American children who planned WH tours during their spring break and then sends his own children on lavish vacations requiring additional Secret Service he has earned our public scorn.

  8. Mickster

    Did the Noel’s vacation in Mustique on their own dime? Yeah right

    • If you’re implying that the Obamas are the Walter Noels of community organizers, I’ll buy that.

    • AJ

      Mickster, no one forced people to put their money into Walt’s Fairfield Greenwich Group, Fairfield Sentry Fund, but even though they told us so, year-after-year on every major news network that taxes were voluntary, they charged everyone who didn’t volunteer with tax evasion, and told them that the fact that it was voluntary was no defense. Somehow, at their own discretion, investors sunk 7.3 billion into the Sentry Fund sinkhole — must of been some slick used car salesman on steroids talked ’em out of their money on that one — without having any idea of where their money was going. Of course there was that term due diligence, one that causes me to go straight back to sleep without a worry that my money might not be safe every time I hear it.

      Same thing for John Merriwether’s Long Term Capital with their magic “black box”, a foolproof model, built on only five years of data that had they gone back only six years more to eleven years of data would have been proven a sure loser. When you put your money into investments where you have no idea where its invested, and I have a feeling the the Sentry group purchaser wanted access to Madoff where they still had no idea where it was invested — Madoff didn’t take people’s money who had the nerve to ask questions — you should not be surprised by unexpected, catastrophic results when you have no idea ,or even a common sense reason, to know what to expect. BTW, the Banksters, by way of Cyprus are now telling you what to expect regarding savings accounts. You should not be surprised when you wake up to find that when it comes to stealing your money they always keep their word. Just ask the under the protection of Obama, filcher Jon Corzine.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        I’m convinced Corzine is only alive today because he has made it common knowledge among his progressive bretheren that he has the proverbial map to nearly every Demoncrat senators’ victims’ corpses, safely stashed away in an Andorran safety deposit box.

  9. Hiram

    CF, thanks for not making the mistake of using apostrophes to make surnames plural (as the Mickster did above it) in your 12:14 pm response, but you still got the apostrophe wrong (parent’s complete refusal) with a plural possessive in your actual post.

  10. bridget

    I don’t care what these two girls do, I do care about their parent’s complete refusal to acknowledge any responsibility that might accompany the office of the President of the United States.

    Incidentally, that’s just plain bad parenting: “Hey, girls, the entire country is going broke, we have trillion-dollar deficits, but please – play in the most exclusive resorts on the taxpayer’s dollar! Don’t worry about those little people who haven’t taken a vacation in six years. You’re special.”

    Yes, the Obamas are rubbing our noses in it, with the consent of a press who lauds them for being “impossibly glamourous” – an easy feat when a third of the trillions of the American GDP is at your disposal.

    And people got upset when the Romneys spent their own money on horses.

  11. KMA

    Leave these girls alone. It’s their parents who should monitor their activities for the American people and the rest of the world to see. The Reagan’s had their range in California, the Bushes had their home in Maine..and the Clintons had everyone else’s home in the Hamptons. So..the Obamas like to vacation go to different places other than a $5 million vacation home in Hawaii. CF, you like to go fishing and hunting with your redneck buddies. Everyone has their favorite spots..right dude?

    • The office of President of the United States comes with certain responsibilities some of which are onerous, but which, until this crowd, have mostly been shouldered by the occupant (blow jobs in the Oval Office notwithstanding). So no, during a time of economic recession, you don’t get to go on weekend golf jaunts to Florida or fly your wife out to Colorado on a separate flight merely because she doesn’t want to hang around DC waiting for you to finish up whatever it is you’re doing, you don’t send your kids off to the Bahamas and then Sun Valley in the same week, all while you’re telling middle class taxpayers that it’s time for them to sacrifice. You especially can’t do those things when you are sticking those same taxpayers with the expense.

      Why can’t you see what is wrong here? When the First Lady of the United States saunters down the steps of US One dressed in cut offs and track shoes, she’s not only disrespecting the military honor guard greeting her, she’s insulting every citizen of the United States. When she and her husband spend our money to send their children off on multi-million dollar vacations while closing the White House to school groups, they’re spitting on the people they think they rule.
      And just as an aside, the Obamas don’t need to own your hypothetical “$5 million vacation home in Hawaii”, they rent one, at taxpayer expense, and stay there for weeks.

  12. Anonymous Citizenette

    It’s called sticking it up white working-class America’s ass. Hey, he won, right? And we best not ever forget it.

  13. Mickster

    I believe the expression is “put a beggar on horseback”. Just as I was writing this I realized there was an older version of this that had a racist tone, but I refuse to use that.
    Ironically, the American people are now the beggars…begging for care for our troops, begging for jobs, etc etc

    • Anonymous Citizenette

      begging to keep more of our hard-earned money,begging not to have our legally owned guns confiscated…….

  14. weakleyhollow

    Barry is teflon coated. He doesn’t have to give up anything, and he knows it.

  15. Anonymous

    It’s deliberate and and it’s Michelle . Barry has his problems but he’s stable .
    She is trying really hard to belong.
    The message is crystal and will just get louder: She is First Lady , smart, beautiful, Entitled; she worked hard for it, her kids are first kids and we, as subjects , should do our duty and pay for the privilege of the great leadership.
    On same topic:
    There is however a precedent : Jackie.