Dump it on the anonymous taxpayer

Greenwich’s public golf course has reopened, minus 40 trees that blew over in Sandy’s winds. The town estimates it will cost $500,000 to replace those trees ($12,500 per tree is a mighty big tree, no?) and has filed for reimbursement for that expense from the country’s taxpayers. I realize that when Greenwich gets money back from the taxing authority it’s more aptly termed a “return of stolen property” than, say, “hurricane relief”, but it’s no wonder our federal budget is totally, wildly out of control when one of the richest cities in the country demands that taxpayers in Iowa pay to replace some trees on its golf course.

All across America towns and cities expect others to pay for what used to be local responsibilities, like snow plowing, beach erosion and now, tree maintenance. This is not the path to fiscal restraint. Sequestering $85 billion while spending trillions? A mere drop in the bucket.

(Real footage here of tree huggers wailing over a dead tree – no shit; you can sent $500,000 to ease their pain or turn the page – your choice, and that of Sally Struthers)


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  1. libertarian advocate

    This is all due to the Cost+ contracting model in use in the military industrial complex. It was once called thievery, now it’s a routine business model.

  2. Winter Wealth

    Dandrea clocks in all winter long, takes breaks, and we foot bill. They say he is protecting Griff. And don’t say he makes up for it in summer douing double duty. He is out of there at 3 pm just like the rest. And he gets way too much “help”. What a waste. Is this something taxpayers should privitize?

  3. anon

    40 trees fell down and that cost $500K to cut them up? That’s $12500 per tree. I just had a tree cut down in my backyard for $400.

    Also did you notice that if Greenwich gets the money from the govt it will go into the general fund and not directly to the golf course.

  4. dogwalker

    Every time Greenwich gets a grant (state or federal) I cringe. Yeah, there is the stolen property thing . . . but how much money do we (all taxpayers, not just in Greenwich) spent (1) paying the tax (collection costs, etc.); (2) legislating how to distribute the monies; (3) distributing the monies. I can go with reasonable redistribution of money from more affluent areas to less affluent, but all this sending money back and forth to the same place is beyond ridiculous. I still haven’t gotten over that boat from Homeland Security.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Or how about the spiffy new Dodge Chargers for UConn’s Stamford campus police? Sounds much like a Homeland [In]Security Toys for Tots program, doesn’t it? I wonder if Viet Nam (era) vet Dick Blumenturd lobbied Fugly for THAT grant?

  5. Interested Reader

    Interested in putting a link to the new FEMA map on the right side of your blog? I would love it.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Dead trees always make me cry. That doesn’t upset you? You cold hearted heathen. Road kill also upsets me. I know you call that lunch. When I spot a dead squirrel, I pull over and bury it, and always cry like a little bitch. What can I say? I am an emotional guy. These things make me sad.

    But do you know what makes me happy? DEAD BABY JOKES!!

    What is funnier than a dead baby? A dead baby in a clown costume.

    What do you call a dead baby pinned to your wall? Art.

    What present do you get for a dead baby? A dead puppy.

    Your Pal,

  7. Anonymous

    Let the griff fail. It needs to be privatized and every last money sucking employee that drains the life from that course needs to go too.
    Better yet, buy the land and build it up like crazy.
    It’s a waste of space, and I love golf. But I will not pay a dime to tee it up there.

    Yours truly,
    A 3 handicap

  8. AJ

    No dead trees in my town. They have a new law that you need a permit to cut down any tree that has a trunk of ten centimeters (four inches) or more across the trunk measured one meter (39.9″) up from the ground. Failure to do so is a $500 fine per offence, and any tree cut down on your property has to be replaced by another tree. But on the other hand, in new developments, where they clear cut before building there is a law that any tree planted must be at least two inches across measured one meter up from the ground. Plant a tree too small, say just one and seven eighths of an inch across and the fine is twenty five hundred dollars.

    • Stand Tall

      Sounds like you need to march on town hall with tree axes over your shoulder.

    • There’s a strong constituency for that same sort of idiot ordinance in Greenwich. So far, they’ve gone nowhere but as the populace grows dumber each day, it’s only a matter of time.

      • AJ

        The intrusion is a bit much. But it all started (at least, the you can’t cut trees down part) with some clever developer who “mistakenly” clear cut land that was supposed to be left as natural on a large plot of land that the city had owned as woodland for many years that was sold off for next to nothing to developers when our town merged with others, and the others decided they were going to give away land (sell it for next to nothing) to developers in the more rural towns, like where I lived, that they now had control over due to amalgamation forced on us by the Provincial (state) government.
        Somehow though owners of large tracts of land that were used agriculturally — there was plenty of farm and ranch land, a lot of horses, too, with a race track for trotters, all no more than ten minutes from the center of town where I am ten years ago, but that’s all been developed — had restrictions placed upon them where they can’t use their land agriculturally for ten years first if they want to develop it (in other words, cut off their source for making a living for ten years before they can develop), but, on the other hand, if it’s sold to a developer, that developer can develop right away. They also put a development tax on properties in certain areas that they wanted to see turning from residential to commercial, increasing what anyone who owned two acres or more would have to pay in property tax by several times, hoping to force people off their property and make them sell to developers.

        My wife keeps saying we should move somewhere where they don’t do these sorts of things. And I keep asking in response “Yeah? Where would that be?”

  9. Ever try dancing to the music?


  10. pulled up in OG

    Remember the good ol’ days when they used to run from fed/state money to keep the beach private? : )

    • I do – that fat jogger’s law suit cost federal taxpayers millions because when he won and the beach was lost, we abandoned our virtuous position and took our place at the trough alongside the rest of the country.

  11. Anonymous

    Loved the clip, Chris. It made me feel so much better about myself, although now I’m a bit scared that there are people out there driving cars that actually behave this way.

  12. stedenko

    Thanks for the video.

    Was kinda hoping the good old boys from “Deliverance” were gonna show up and do a little hippie hunting.