I have a better idea: forbid the legislature to meet more than three months every two years

"I prefer notes in bottles" William Gaston, Vice Division, Greenwich Democrat Committee

“I prefer notes in bottles” William Gaston, Vice Division, Greenwich Democrat Committee

State Representative Steve Walko, (R., Byram) would like to allow legislators to vote from their home districts on some matters, rather than drive 3-hours-round-trip for a 90 second session. Although this would seem a rather obvious thing to do now that there are more effective means of communicating than the telegraph and carrier pigeon, Democrats are against it. Surely most of their opposition stems from where the idea arose: a Republican, but there’s also the entertainment factor.

“I’ve got nothing better to do,” Greenwich Democrat Chairman Francis Fudrucker tells FWIW, “and I need that 51¢ mileage fee. My fellow Democrats are in the same straits: stay home waiting for the unemployment check to land while getting nagged by the Little Woman or head up to the strip joints on Asylum Ave. You tell me which you’d choose.”


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15 responses to “I have a better idea: forbid the legislature to meet more than three months every two years

  1. Greenwich citizen

    I have an idea. Have Steve vote from home or his law practice and then reduce his salary to zero.

  2. Concerned citizen

    Am I correct….. This freshman legislature with 3 months on the job actually submitted a bill for consideration about himself. Budget issues, education reform, gun policy and many more important topics are now being overshadowed in the GT by one of the most ridiculous bills ever being considered. Well done Mr. Walko. Well done.

  3. Repuclican

    I agree with Frank Fariker.
    I can’t believe I just said that.

  4. Avid reader

    Im sure Stephanie (Steve’s opponent in November’s election) would be more than willing to drive him to Hartford.

  5. Concerned citizen

    Go Frank!

  6. Hartford needs you

    Without this traffic, the town of Hartford would certainly be empty. Walko hefty guy like his mother Bea Walko, a former girls coach. Lay off the New Haven pizza or we should call him the next chris christie.

    • GFY

      Don’t be a jackass. You have no idea what you’re talking about. If you’re against it, attack the policy not the person (or his mother).

  7. Anonymous

    How dare he propose something so practical! If Fred Farricker is against it then it is probably a good idea. fred would pan the idea just because it saves money.

  8. libertarian advocate

    Fred Farricker? Never mind, I won’t touch that one.

  9. Stop Spending!

    The real question is why does the legislature meet for 90 seconds. Ridiculous. Most of these guys have nothing to do so they love going up there to spend our tax dollars. Walko is the kind of guy we need–financially savvy and willing to call out ridiculous spending. Let’s not loose him by making him drive 3+ hours for 90 seconds work. By the way Vigdor needs a source other than Fudrucker cause Fudrucker is a bully

  10. AJ

    Sometimes it’s important to show up. Sometimes the matter of whether what they’re voting on is a yes or no question can make all the difference in the world as to just how many votes are needed and whether something will be passed or not, and it’s hard to engage in such chicanery from at home. A clever arguer in a roomful of idiots can easily cloud everyone’s mind, and a minor change in the juxtaposition of words can take a guarateed loser and turn it into a sure thing.

  11. Take a position Steve

    When you are done wasting time on meaningless bills about the harbor master and voting from home please take a position on gun control.

  12. Do as I say and not as I do

    Rep. Walko,
    If you are so concerned about wasting tax payers money do what Sen. Frantz does and don’t submit for mileage reimbursement.

    It will be interesting to see if you do.