Who knew? Greenwich High School had a genuine Objectivist matriculating as recently as 2008

While searching the internet for references to our town using toxic fly ash from the power plant to use as fill for the high school (no luck – I’ll try the oral histories at Greenwich Library) I came across this 2007 article from student editor Ryan Fazio denouncing a “save the children of Dafur” dance as a useless, feel-good gesture that would make its organizers and attendees feel virtuous while accomplishing nothing. My kind of guy! Intrigued, I poked around to see what Ryan had done with himself after GHS and found an opinion piece written while he was at Northwestern, in which he exposes the “living wage” campaign for the fraud it is.  So far so good. And according to LinkedIn, he’s now a commodities trader trainee at Louis Dreyfus on their shipping desk. Shades of Ragnar Danneskjöld! You go, Ryan and Cliff Asness, if you’re reading this, why don’t you snap this kid up?

Those of you who, like me, despair at what our high school turns out by way of political thinkers these days should find Ryan’s mere existence encouraging. Something similar to Dagny Taggart discovering that there were still people left in the world who thought as she did. It must have been a lonely existence at GHS and Northwestern for Mr. Fazio and I’m glad to see that he obviously both survived and prospered. May he always do so.


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14 responses to “Who knew? Greenwich High School had a genuine Objectivist matriculating as recently as 2008

  1. Walt

    Hey Dude –
    I have a dirt question. No seriously. Really!!

    I think the Town Tax Assessor overestimated the SQF of my house. So how do I get them to correct this?

    Is it something I can do online, or do I have to go to Town Hall and deal with some cretin? So they can torture me, and make me regret the fact that I even tried? Do they actually have to come to my abode to validate it? Or do I need to hire someone like Mike Finkelmeisterbaum and file a report?

    Any advice you have on this would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance, kind Sir. And assuming you know as much about this as everything else, which is zero, maybe Francis or the reader may know? Or you can ask Gideon, if he isn’t too busy swilling martini’s at that gay frog place.

    This dirt stuff is really dull. Post some hottie stuff and let’s get back to business!!

    Your Pal,

    • The Assessor’s Office recognizes and will accept measurements recorded in Smoots, so my best advice is to find master Oliver and persuade him to come over. Houses calculated using Smoots instead of the more conventional English units always produce a smaller result, so your saving should be considerable – little known fact.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        That is very helpful. You surprised me. Thank you very much.

        If I use Smoots, is it possible to get a negative SQF result, thereby requiring the Town to pay me? That would be an optimal outcome.

        And, after all these years, I ask you an actual serious dirt question, AND YOU MOCK ME!! You evil little man.

        How does one approach the Assessor’s Office?

        I am serious. Do I need to grease Francis, to gain access to all those politicians he carries around in his pocket like spare change? Do I just drop an unmarked envelope full of small bills on some Town employee cretin’s desk?

        You know the ways of this corrupt, crony filled, incestuous, decrepit town. You love it. YOU ENJOY IT!!

        So what is the frequency, Kenneth? And how do I do this? Is it possible you really don’t know, proving my thesis that the only reason you exist is to leave a carbon footprint? What is a carbon footprint, Dude?

        Anyhows, let me know if you have any clue. You frigging loser.

        Your Pal,

  2. anon

    I just read a great opinion piece in the GHS Beak. “Guns: Boogeymen and Invincible Lies” written by the current editor whose last name is Fazio too – so maybe Ryan’s brother. It gives me hope that GHS is producing some independent thinkers. I’d provide a link if I had one.

  3. TheWizard

    a useless, feel-good gesture that would make its organizers and attendees feel virtuous while accomplishing nothing

    How about it. Every so often the local school kids have a “sleepout for the homeless” to show their solidarity.

    No wonder they grow up to be idiots. Shame on the “adults” that perpetuate this nonsense.

  4. John Galt

    I am John Galt! Graduated GHS class of 2000. Currently shrugging in Greenwich…

  5. Front Row Phil

    Excellent! I applaud this kid, too. He is zigging while other kids his age seem content to zag. Go Ryan, indeed.

  6. anonymous

    You be nice to Norma. She’s a treasure.

  7. Christian Fazio

    I’m Christian Fazio, Ryan’s younger brother and current Editor-in-Chief of the GHS student newspaper “The Beak”. From my perspective, while there are indeed many GHS students who accept the majority of what their teachers tell them, there are quite a few parts of GHS that give me hope.

    1) The school newspaper has been run by Objectivists and/or libertarians for the last five or six years. The views presented in the paper are often Objectivist, but there are some deviations.

    2) There is a very active and vocal section of the student body that advocates for freedom, holds classically liberal views, and thinks independently. Many have even read Rand, even though teachers criticize her. Over the last few years, I perceive the percentage of the student body that holds these views has increased–but there is significant bias in such an observation. But the popularity of a Young Republicans (YGOP) club that was founded last year and mainly contains libertarian Objectivists, and the absence of a popular Young Democrats club, might be a sign of my observation being correct. The club’s ideological composition also reflects the general ongoing shift/conflict in the Republican party on the national level, and the differing views between younger and older Republicans–i.e. younger GOP tend to be more “socially liberal”.

    3) AP Economics was introduced recently as a class at GHS. Before this, the history teachers who espouse Marxist views of history and taught many an economic fallacy (e.g. theory of class conflict rooted in Marx’s adaptation of the labor theory of value) went virtually unchallenged. AP Economics in many ways undoes the damage done by history teachers as it exposes many of said fallacies. The AP Econ teachers aren’t statists or Marxists and the course has been very popular–which will foster the development of independent, critical thinking.

    There are just as many students who worship figures like Obama, wear Che t-shirts, and soak up Marxist class conflict rhetoric than who are independent thinkers or libertyphiles. But I think there are positive signs one mustn’t overlook…

    • Great job, Christian, but gird your loins – it’s a tough fight.
      Keep it up. I’ll see abut having some FWIW Che shirts made up (or perhaps berets?) and delivered to The Beak’s editorial board.

      • Christian Fazio

        Thank you! It’s a tough but ultimately very rewarding and enriching process. That would be great. I mean, who doesn’t love Che clothing? ¡Viva la Revolución!