Al Gore must be in Great Britain

Global warming: a religion to die for

Global warming: a religion to die for

Coldest Easter in 100 years. I blame Bush.


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  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Happy Easter!! This is the only thing Peeps are good for:

    Your Pal,

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    And we need this Happy Easter video as well. A classic!!

    Your Pal,

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Sure as shit doesn’t look like any “Peter” I’ve ever seen.

      • That’s how the book business works. Op-eds, lectures, etc. It’s called marketing. My only regret when I hit the media circus jackpot this past December was that I didn’t have a book to sell. If I had, I’d have accepted all the offers to join in the fray. Instead, I declined.

  3. AJ

    How did the Left go from being true to your school to chronically mentally ill?

    ‘How “kill the pigs” became “only the police should have guns”’

    “In the fabled 1960s, the cops were called pigs, and anybody on the political Left who wanted a ticket to the show knew that and mouthed it often.

    At rallies, protests, and riots, people said: are the pigs here yet? I heard they were three blocks away. Wonder how many pigs they’re sending today? There! There they are! The pigs!

    Now, on the Left, that tradition has morphed into: repeal the 2nd Amendment; turn in your guns; citizens with guns are satanic; the police will protect us; a private citizen with a gun is a killer and needs psychiatric lockdown; suspend that five-year old with the gun screen-saver.

    What happened?

    In 1968, if you asked a leftie college student whether a black man living in the inner city had a right to own a gun to protect himself against the cops, the answer, ten out of ten times, would have been yes.

    Now, that leftie kid will be talking about the insanity of anybody owning a gun. Except for the cops….”

    “…The elite Left has become the personification of the soccer mom now. Worries about everything. Danger everywhere. Needs more helmets. Schedules more play dates. Wants more state surveillance. “If you’re against intrusion on your privacy, maybe you have something to hide.” “Keep the poor bottled up in inner cities, give them anything they want, just don’t let them into my neighborhood.”

    The Left has also become the promise of a vague fairyland new age. “We’re all in this together.” “We can raise up the lowest among us (by printing more money).”

    And the police are part of that fantasy. They’re the centurions at the gate. “Arm them to the teeth.” “Render the rest of us powerless.” That’s the grand solution to all our social ills. Naked, hairless, unarmed, watched around the clock, we’ll be beautifully safe, under the machine of a national police force….”

    • As I’ve observed here before, the “Left” is now comprised of conformists, thinking as they’re told and unquestioning of authority. The delusion that they’re rebels is still there but that delusion or illusion, if you will, is fostered and maintained by college professors, Hollywood and mainstream media, all of which shape the thinking of these childish adults and keep them in the grip that they’re free thinkers and free people. When thought is no deeper than slogans – witness, for example, the rantings of FWIW’s pet liberal, Dollar Bill, control is achieved by simple tactics. A charge of racism, for instance, cuts off all discussion of how to address poverty or even questioning the efficacy of current liberal policies.
      Consider charter schools. In the 60’s, the idea that people should be able to escape the state’s monopoly on education was considered a good thing. When that threatened the teachers unions, however, they teamed with the state to brand supporters of such schools racists and the Dollar Bills meekly reversed their thinking, as told.

      These little people have always sought security, and find it in group think: name an issue, they all hold exactly the same position uniformly, and ostracize anyone who dares voice an independent view; they want to be told what to do, say and think, from college “hate speech” rules to what size soda to drink to when to wear a seat belt – always – to the proper sleeping position for babies in cribs (a bit of wisdom that changes every five years so as to sell new equipment to force the infant into the new, acceptable one).

      Those who seek to control this mass of humanity no longer need work hard to get it: properly conditioned since nursery school, the minions gratefully submit to the yoke, proclaiming their independence while doing it. These people amused me when we were college today; viewed as adults, they’re disgusting.
      UPDATE: Michelle Malkin makes somewhat the same point as you, AJ, in her essay on Hollywood’s latest pean to radical terrorists (starring two of the most washed-up actors in Tinseltown, Robert Redford and Susan Sarandon). Multi-millionaires pretending to be as one with the children of rich folks pretending to be Che. It’s all been a shuck, but the chumps, the pathetic Dollar Bills of America can’t puzzle that out.

      • not hard, indeed. shrewd access to key social media outlets allows nearly instantaneous promulgation of “group think” positions.

      • Inagua

        1. “FWIW’s pet liberal, Dollar Bill…”

        I have not seen a Dollar Bill post in a long time. I suspect that like Last Liberal Standing before him he has abandoned FWIW, as most posters tend to congregate at sites that agree with them.

        2. The liberal rank and file are not nearly as informed about public policy as you think, Chris. They are largely anti-Republican because they see Republicans as bigots who are opposed to abortion, minorities, gays, and other cool things. The typical liberal follower knows precisely nothing about economics, taxes, health care, campaign finance, school choice, crony capitalism, global temperatures, too big to fail, Dodd Frank, TARP, public sector union pay, government costs, or anything else. Typical liberals react emotionally to hot button issues that fit on a bumper sticker (War is Not The Answer.) Everything else is beyond them intellectually. If you don’t believe me, try having a rational discussion with a typical liberal.

  4. David Smith

    One thing we should be very aware of when looking at cold weather and global warming: There are many theories and computer models of weather. None of them agree – EXCEPT – they all agree that if the world is getting warmer, it will not be uniform, but rather some places will get warmer and others will get colder, and others will become more irregular.

    I wish there was an easy answer. Someday, maybe.

    • TheWizard

      There IS an easy answer.

      It’s the weather. Go on with your lives. Drill for oil.

    • David, it was precisely to answer worriers like you that I posted yesterday’s item on the concession by warmest scientists that in fact the earth is not getting warmer and has stopped warming for the past twenty years.The models you refer to failed to predict this phenomenon and can’t account for it – the models are wrong.
      Alternatively, look at your own statement: “There are many theories and computer models of weather. None of them agree” – what kind of “model” are we using to justify bringing economic ruin down on our heads when there are tens (hundreds?) of models being tossed around to prove that “the science is settled” and none agrees with another? That’s not scientific proof, that’s hypothesis.

      NASA puppeteer Jim Hanson, Mr. Global Warming, has issued many predictions of the arrival of the drop-dead year, after which we will have crossed beyond the line of climate no-return. Just like Prince Charles and other alarmists who have their own final, “this time we’re not kidding, we really, really mean it!” deadlines, Hanson has had to revise and re-revise his terminal date because the year comes and goes and the action he’s demanded doesn’t happen. Hanson’s latest was 2012, just as a for instance. He and his fellows can’t admit that there’s no longer any point in spending trillions because it’s too late – their reputations and more important their livelihoods depend on the continuation of the scare, so they just erase their latest lines in the sand and push it forward, with no explanation or apology.

      It’s possible that the globe will warm. It’s also possible that it will cool, as the “settled science” of the 70s said when warning us of the coming ice age. What is known is that around the (western) world governments are imposing ruinous expense on their citizens for programs that will accomplish nothing (latest estimate I saw was that Germany was going to spend $110 billion on solar programs that, using the very models used to justify that expense, would delay the warming point of no return by 37 hours). Again, this is not about saving the world, it’s about control and wealth, neither of which will end up with us citizens.

  5. if the facts don’t support dubious suppositions about global warming, just make stuff up