Corey Booker solves the gun problem singlehandedly

Appearing on “Meet the Press” Easter morning, the mayor of Newark mourned the “thousands of murders” occurring each day across the United States, caused by gun-toting criminals. A short time after the show he reduced that to “hundreds” per day. In fact, the number is 30. So from thousands to 30 in one short morning? Mayor Bloomberg would be proud. Too bad the interlocutors of the press are too clueless about any subject to know when to challenge a guest’s most outlandish claims.


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7 responses to “Corey Booker solves the gun problem singlehandedly

  1. David Smith

    Since most pro gunners believe the second amendment is there to control the government, the solution to the supposed “controversy” is simple: If the gun grabbers invent a way to control the government without guns, I will give up my guns (I’m not NRA, not a shooter/hunter, etc.).

  2. Cos Cobber

    I think you’ll be writing a great deal more about Booker 8 years from now – when he runs for the white house.

    • I’d give him serious consideration. When he doesn’t give in to his Democrat bosses (which he did last fall, backtracking on a couple of issues), he seems very smart, and unlike so many of his colleagues, capable of looking at a problem with an eye to what might actually work, rather than applying stale dogma to the wound. Even if I end up not voting for him, I’d love to see two principled opponents running for national office. The country could only benefit.

  3. Stay in Jersey Corey, you are better needed there

    Why does doing a good job just be a satisfactory govt goal, instead of doing a good job just to run for president.

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  6. But there *are* thousands of murders committed per day in the US — it’s just that most of them are considered legal and are committed by “physicians”. Booker’s probably not concerned about those, though.