The Irish have a way with words

“Second hand home values soar” Not all is shamrocks on the Emerald Isle – see below – but I do love the term “second hand home”. Greenwich home owners would shriek in horror if we told them that’s what they were selling.

Keith Lowe, chief executive, said any price increase should be put in context against the previous six years of decline.

“House price increases are also not consistently spread throughout the market, reflecting demand preferences but it is encouraging to see three straight quarters of house price increases,” he said.

“Properties are still down almost 63% on the peak they achieved in 2006.


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7 responses to “The Irish have a way with words

  1. Anonymous

    I wish prices were down 63% here
    Heck, i would take 10 or 20 off
    But something tells me we are back to 2006 levels (here in riverside/og) and will push higher yet again.

  2. LAK

    I bet you’re waiting for me to comment on this title.

  3. Mickster

    We tell it the way it is.