They must think they’re in Riverside

33 Boulder Brook

33 Boulder Brook

33 Boulder Brook Road which was, last time I looked, off of Stanwich, asked $6.875 million in 2008 and finally sold for $4.882 in November, 2011. Today it’s back for sale without any improvements deemed worthy of mentioning on its listing sheet and priced at $5.895. Has the market improved so dramatically in one year? Guess we’ll find out.

29 Carey Rd

29 Carey Rd

On the other hand, 29 Carey Road (link above) is in Riverside, and is back on the market at $549,000 after an earlier deal fell through. This is on the non-Mianus side of Carey and thus not as attractive, but the price is right, and there are some nice neighbors there.


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4 responses to “They must think they’re in Riverside

  1. Anonymous

    Do you have the old listing? I don’t remember it having a pool… still, that’s a big mark-up for a pool.

  2. GPD Folk

    Boulder Brook is off of Dingletown