Gone before I saw it


Rocky Point Club?

Rocky Point Club?

90 Taconic Road, a contemporary priced at $1.7 million, is already under contract just a few days after being listed. It looks like an interesting house that must have appealed to a non-traditionalist who also eschews conventional yards. That’s what makes a market.


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7 responses to “Gone before I saw it

  1. AndyD

    love the photo caption, doubt most of your readers will get it

  2. What is the land value here? Buyer might tear down this house.. Just sayin’

  3. anonymous

    Sub zero looks to be worth more than the structure

  4. anony

    Really cool house, but all those windows would give me the hebegebes at night.

  5. Anonymous

    Come on!! This is terrible! and not even good land! I don’t get it- please explain

  6. Mr H

    I dunno Chris. Mrs H has always admired this house and after seeing the pictures thinks this is great value compared to the cookie cutter Mc Mansions going for double in Riverside. We already have a crazy contemporary that I am sure your readers would loathe equally but it is a reminder that there are buyers for all types out there.