How to fire up gun owners

Democrats want federal law imposing $10,000 fine for gun owners who fail to obtain “gun insurance”.  In Connecticut, passage of the strictest gun control laws in the nation have merely whetted the appetite of the gun confiscators: “We’ll be back” vows the head of some anti-gun organization, and indeed they will. Non-gun owners wonder why their fellow citizens resist so strongly “common sense” restrictions on ownership. This is why – each new law is merely a step toward the ultimate goal of handing over all weapons to the government.

UPDATE: I missed this bit in Connecticut’s new law:  it creates a new “ammunition eligibility certificate” which will effectively ban ordering ammunition from out of state. That’s not seen as a problem for the antis, who envision a requirement that all ammunition be stored at a licensed shooting rage and sold, one at a time, to target shooters, but it’s really a ploy to drive up the cost. The Newtown shooter would not have been deterred by hiving to spend an extra fifty bucks on his bullets – target shooters, who might go through 200 rounds in a day, will be. A box of fifty 45 ACP cartridges at a gun store can cost $75 – that same box on the Internet, bought in quantity is $10. Shooting 100 rounds in an evening at the range will now cost $100, rather than $20 – which is precisely the point of the gun confiscators. This is not “control”, nor is it intended to be.

UPDATE II: Most disgusting, self-serving, duplicitous quote from this entire thing belongs to Republican John McKinney: “Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, a Fairfield Republican whose district includes Newtown, said Republicans and Democrats have understood they needed to “rise above politics” when they decided to come up with a legislative response to the massacre.”

No one thinks anything passed today will actually prevent another mass shooting and in fact what McKinney is so proud of is nothing but politics. It will be interesting to see how many Republicans withhold their support from every single Republican candidate in the next election. Certainly I will: they’re mere eunuchs in this Democrat controlled state anyway, so why keep them around in the pretense that they’re protecting our interests? Off with their heads.


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19 responses to “How to fire up gun owners

  1. sunbeam43

    We now live in Connectistan!

  2. Anonymous

    The folly of materialistic determinism. The laws do nothing to stop future Adam Lanzas, but they weren’t intended to. The government needs the crazies, the criminals, and the malicious to justify the further expansions of the police state. Let the politicians and social justice tyrants begin their rounds of self-congratulatory pronouncements and press conferences. Liberty is nearly dead in Connecticut.

    I’m glad we voted with our feet and moved to the Free States of America.

  3. AJ

    Generally, insurance doesn’t cover damages that are a result of doing something illegal, and, generally, homeowners’ and renters’ insurance cover most incidents and occurrences that are accidental. So, is there some point in all this?

    • The point is solely to punish gun owners, and only legal gun owners at that – someone who can’t or won’t get a pistol permit is not likely to go pay hundreds of bucks for an insurance policy, eh? Same type of punitive law as was passed yesterday by Cook County, Illinois.It’s spreading like cancer.

  4. AJ

    The constitution state? Hah! Can you cover over that part of your license plate in protest and not be in violation of some law?

  5. PA

    The Unconstitution state. And I agree McKinney is the most loathsome of all the politicians involved because he pretends to be a Republican. Other R’s were dragged to this kicking and screaming, he went cheering all the way. What a disgrace.

  6. Does it matter ?
    The UN just voted overwhelmingly to control all…..

  7. Sux

    McKinney was in no-win situation. Feel sorry for him. I do think he’s a good Republican on fiscal matters and that is more important. Very disappointed in our Greenwich delegation that they went along with this horse manure.

    • hmmm

      everything is important not just fiscal…

      and Mckinney can forget my vote if he does decide to run for governor. I think I’ll stick with Danny at least I know what I get

      • hmmm

        and cafero as well…no vote for him either.

      • I will never vote for a Connecticut Republican again. Ever – the Democrats rule the state, the masses support them and the looting of Fairfield County and sending a handful of Republicans to Hartford merely serves to maintain the illusion that we somehow have a say in the destruction of our state. Screw it.

  8. Libertarian Advocate

    Peter: Federally, we will not be part of the U.N. Convention, although Obamao will certainly observe it anyway.

  9. Just like Prohibition

    Limit access and everyone wants two or three more than they need.

    Did Prohibition work with liquor? NO.

    Where are the speakeasy’s for guns going to pop up.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      They already exist on the streets of Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport and New London. The Demoncrats just want to extend their bases’ market share to the whole state.

  10. OG17

    Summary of the bill,, it’s a disaster for legal gun owners and won’t affect criminals. The way the law is written it will also outlaw many tube feed rifles and shotguns. Its tough enough to find ammo, take away the internet and it will also cost a fortune. If you don’t register your guns and magazines you are now a felon.

    Dems never pass increased sentences for violent felons, they would rather parole them like the Cheshire home invaders. Did they move to bring back the death penalty, what if that scumbag Lanza hadn’t taken his own life? What moron puts into place a registration program for a magazine with no serial number? With the advent of 3D printers in a few years you will be able to make your own magazines as easy as you can now make a Xerox copy. Have basic tools? Google 80% AR-15 receiver. Never would have considered moving out of CT but the way things are headed here it’s something I think about the more the state heads in the wrong direction.

  11. FlyAngler

    Oh, the idiocy gets worse. Do you have a pistol with a 10+ round magazine where even a little bit of the mag’s base plate extends below the pistol’s grip? If so, that mag will likely be ILLEGAL as soon as the law is passed and you will never be able to use it in CT.

    Makes one wonder about the technical proficiency of the folks who draft legislation. Or, is this “a feature and not a bug”?

    The post seems to be conflicted about trying to fix this before passage since nulifying 600,000 mags would make for a hell of a constitutional challenge.

  12. armonk

    You would love the book “Third Bullet” by Stephen Hunter. All about gun experts in a very interesting story involving the Russians, JFK, and the CIA. Even mentions Elmer Keith, a name I have not heard in 25 years.

  13. Anonymous Citizenette

    Like you said, Chris, it’s not paranoia if it’s true………