A little more activity to report

35 Bramble Lane, new construction, asked $3.4, got $3.325. $3.2-$3.4 is now the official price for the Bramble Lane/Hearthstone neighborhood. Who’d have thunk. The listing claims 5,498 sq. ft., by the way, but FAR would allow just 3,843 above ground so the remainder must be in the finished basement. Not that the basement isn’t marvelous, but when all you number crunchers out there start calculating your cost-per-square-foot spreadsheets (and you know you do) remember that basements are not worth as much as above-ground space. There is complete non-uniformity in square footage claims in this town, some including basements, some not, so take that into account.

22 Mianus View

22 Mianus View

22 Minus View Terrace has a contract in just 16 days so presumably its $1.1 asking price was met.

55 Moorland

55 Moorland

And you can stop worrying about the Antares Boyz financial woes: at least one of the partners’ homes, that at 55 Mooreland Road, has been rented out at $35,000 per month. A lot of house, a lot of money.


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8 responses to “A little more activity to report

  1. Explain to me the financial logic of renting an unfurnished home for $35k/mo. The listing says tenant pays for everything – utilities, pool, yard, trash, snow plow, cable. Add that to the $420k/rent, on the low side, someone is shelling out a yearly cool half-mil.

    Even if I had all that extra cash laying around, I don’t see much reason to spend it that way. I walk away with nothing. Kindly ‘splain.

    • Anonymous

      What is the difference if you own it? You will pay the same running costs and assuming the house is worth 10MM and you buy it for cash the opportunity cost on the capital is about the 420K you are paying in rent. Now you and I would probably both go for a cheaper house in the first place but that is a different discussion.

    • The New Normal

      executive rental – company pays for housing

  2. ShedLessToolMan

    you ever see the movie, Brewster’s Millions? Maybe, this guy has to spend money to get his real inheritance.. only thing I can think of.. and anyway, funny movie at the very least..

  3. Cobra

    When I hit the 35 Bramble link, I get to the NY Post site. My Mac must be ingesting some strange herbs.

  4. Anonymous

    I was expecting a very different house on the inside.
    It’s absolutely hideous.
    But then again, I know the Antares boys, so it actually makes sense.
    Light a match.