The IMF has plans for your money

And, surprise! It involve taking it from you and redistributing it as they and their cronies see fit. A $1.40 per gallon sin tax on gasoline which, along with other new fees, will take an extra $500 billion per year from American citizens.

Globally, the IMF is calling for an aggressive energy tax that would reflect not only the initial use of fossil fuels, but the damage they cause to the climate. Getting into specifics, the IMF suggests a $1.40 tax on every gallon of gasoline sold in the US, plus other taxes that would mean about $1,400 per year/PER PERSON. The total: $500 billion in taxes annually.

First we disarm the populace….

(h/t, AJ)


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11 responses to “The IMF has plans for your money

  1. Other arms

    Rocks and sling shots seem to work in Gaza

  2. Dollar Bill

    Re: disarming the populace. Isn’t it amusing that the folks caterwauling about the big bad feds coming to take away their guns are the same folks who want to lavish more taxpayer dollars on the Pentagon? You’d think that the crazed 2nd amendment absolutists who profess to care so much about limited government wouldn’t want the feds to have more weapons in their hands, but if you thought that, you’d be wrong. By championing higher defense spending, and more bloated Pentagon pork, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Of course, that contradiction is completely lost to the faux libertarians who think they can beat back the feds (armed with drones) with their pathetic little AKa, and muskets. Never underestimate how moronic the Randbots can be. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

    • TheWizard

      Speaking for myself, I don’t expect to beat back the feds with my musket.

      It’s more of a “live free or die” type of thing. That’s why people like me don’t want this fight, but we’re willing to draw a line in the sand when the time comes.

      You’ll run out of productive people to tax, Bill.

    • tryandtakeit

      Its not the Military that we are concerned with, but the Civilian National Security force that is “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military” that Obama talked about. Is this “Security Force” the ones that are purchasing the 2700 Armored Personnel carriers and the 1 + Billion Rounds to “save money” as Janet Incompentano just stated. Who are these civilian security forces and where is their institution listed in the constitution? Someone else had a civilian security force and he ended up eating a bullet and burned in a shallow grave.

      • AJ

        You mean these guys, tryandtakeit? I like at 0:12 the thing they’re doing with their elbows. I believe that’s how they plan to deflect bullets Wonderwoman style when shit starts getting serious. The only thing that’s missing is the Illuminati third eye, painted on their foreheads.

        • TheWizard

          If those are the fellas coming to enforce the new normal, I’ll sleep in and let my wife handle it with her sidearm.

    • AJ

      Randbots, Randbots, Randbots — you sound like a broken record, Bill. The only response I can think of is to turn the other cheek, the true meaning of which, before it was lost translation, is: Is that all you’ve got, is that your best shot?

      Odd, how the libtard’s biggest hero of all time, Alan (you can’t prosecute fraud) Greenspan, was, perhaps, the biggest Randian (Randbot) of all time, something I’m sure you’re cognizant of. Put that in your pipe and dissonate it.

  3. Dollar Bill

    My point is this: If you gun toting champions of liberty are so intent on arming yourselves to the teeth, as the ultimate insurance against government tyranny, then why on God’s green earth would you support more spending on guns and missiles and drones etc., etc.,by the biggest wastrel of government spending, the Pentagon? It’s the ultimate gun gobbledygook. And don’t tell me the problem is just with Homeland Security (as if the Pentagon doesn’t have billions and billions in wasted money). Either you think government is tyrannical and must be eroded of its ability to militarily suppress its populace, or you think a well-armed government is a benevolent force for world peace. Thinking both just makes you a moron. In other words, it makes you a Republican!

    • AJ

      If you’ve been paying attention, most of the people on this blog have no more love for the Republicans than they do for the Democrats. I’m a Ron Paul supporter, maybe a Rand Paul supporter: I’ll have to wait and see. Like most Ron Paulians, I see no point in waging war against the world, against enemies that are in no position to hurt us, and the sooner Homeland Security is disbanded the better.

      The enemy is within. Think there’s nothing the citizens can do about it? That’s what Nikolai Chauchesku thought with his secret police and iron grip on everything; a few days later he was proved dead wrong. Take a look at the following video and ask yourself this: What’s going on, and am I a collaborator, or at the very least, a facilitator? If you’re a dem, chances are that, at the very least, you are a facilitator.

      • Anonymous

        Do you believe everything they tell you on conspiracy theorist blogs?

        • AJ

          No, but apparently you believe that modern office buildings collapse on their own for no reason. Better stay out of office buildings, you never when the next might just fall straight down on you for no particular reason. Must have been Jihadis hiding in the basement?