The low end of Greenwich real estate keeps humming along

One sale, 3 contracts and one new listing. The new listing, at $1.895 isn’t what I’d label “low end” but the houses actually selling are.

25 Griffith Road, Riverside north of the Post Road, sold for $950,000.

11 Hickory, over in the west, has a contract, asking $1.075.

9 Bonwit

9 Bonwit

9 Bonwit, back to Riverside, again in NoPo, contract, asking $799,000

20 Maplewood

20 Maplewood

20 Maplewood, Cos Cob, contract, listing price, $895,000.

2 William Street

2 William Street

The new listing is 2 William Street, $1.895 and I’m going to be cheering it on because it’s directly across from us on the non-water side. You go, guys! Sold new in 2001 (and I’m shocked to see that it was so long ago) for $1.026 million.


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12 responses to “The low end of Greenwich real estate keeps humming along

  1. Anonymous

    I certainly hope 2 Williams gets their asking price………..but, it has absolutely no yard; has only 3 bedrooms; and sq ft is low…small house for that kind of $$…..and isn’t it really on Riverside Ave?…..and love the winter water “vu”!

  2. I heard it was built really well.

  3. The listing for 2 William says: “Launch a kayak at the end of this private road.” Seems to me that kayaker will be trespassing on private property if he does this.

  4. Anonymous


    You would know If it was well built since you owned it in 2000 and sold it in 2001. Did you develop it? Nice place. Didn’t this used to be 320 riverside ave and looks like now change to 2 William street?

    • It was always 2 William, whatever the post office may have thought, and yes George did build it, his sister Cinnie designed it and they did a really nice job. In answer to another question, I don’t know where the official flood map places it but it has to be at least 20′ higher than my basement (mine’s built on a slope) and probably even higher, so no wet feet here.

  5. Mickster

    Wasn’t that originally called Ole’s Mud Flats – when was the name change?

    • AJ

      I lived there in the early fifties and it was called Ole’s Creek. The flats start out past the Willomere dock; you can walk on that mud. You don’t wan’t to walk in the mud in the creek, you’ll get stuck. Back in the 50s one of the kids from Palmer’s Island got stuck in the mud trying to walk out to the eel grass island by Ole’s and the fire department had a hell of a time pulling him out. Maybe at one time it was called the Marks wooden leg creek? CF, didn’t your new neighbor on the creek just pay five million?

  6. Anonymous

    Where does the William st house sit with regard to new flood map issue?