Why I won’t vote for another Greenwich or Connecticut Republican

Deep in the RHINO graveyard

Deep in the RHINO graveyard

1. They are all what I’ve come to think of as “Jack Moffly Republicans”, cheerful, pleasant individuals with an insatiable need to be liked,  “go-along, get-along” personalities who will support any policy of the Democrats if they think they can get away with it with their voters. Today’s affirmative vote on the misbegotten gun confiscation bill is just the most recent example.

2. (And most important), their participation in the Democrats’ schemes adds a false veneer of bi-partisanship and legitimacy to Democrat Party rule and permits those Democrats to defer responsibility to Republicans. Notice that Fudrucker and other looters respond to complaints about sweetheart union deals and wildly out of control budgets by pointing out that we had a Republican governor installed when the groundwork for our current crisis was laid. Happens all the time.

By their own admission, Greenwich (Connecticut) Republican’s have zero influence in Hartford, a fact frequently pointed out by Fudrucker and his crowd when urging the election of their own candidates who might stand a chance to be listened to. So there’s nothing to be lost in denying them our votes and everything to be gained if the Democrats lose their ability to evade responsibility for the results of their policies. Stay home in November; I know I will.


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25 responses to “Why I won’t vote for another Greenwich or Connecticut Republican

  1. The only part of your tirade I don’t go along with is staying home. That’s never an option for me. As tough as it is to find a candidate whose instinct isn’t to go along to get along, there are some non-sheep out there. Hard part is financing their campaign or getting them a voice in the mainstream media. There’s always the “when in doubt, run for office yourself!’

  2. sell , leave

    don’t just stay at home, move to Wyoming. why let it take 20 yrs, lets, collapse ct in 1 year. and take the irish girl with us.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      @sell, leave: She’s an Irish girl. Obviously she likes to party hard in Stamford & Greenwich. Maybe she’s banging Danny Boy? Why the hell would she want to go to Montana, and why would you take her. Trust me, there’s plenty of hot Montanan females who like to shoot and like their men shooting too. Metrosexuals don’t shoot.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Yeah, that is a real smart way to handle it. Not vote? Why don’t you just stomp your feet, and hold your breath until you turn blue, while you are at it? I am sure that will bring about change, just like not voting. You may also want to piss yourself. That always works for me!!

    This country really needs just two things. Get a viable third party, and an unbiased, impartial MSM. And some honest politicians. And a populace who holds politicians accountable. And term limits. And voter ID. And a government which upholds the Constitution, which is their sworn Oath to do. Instead of trying to dismantle it, under false pretense. And Immigration reform. And dump Obamacare.

    I think if you fix those two things, we are well on our way back to being the great Nation we once were.

    But throw your foot stomping, blue faced hissy fit, and let’s see what happens!! In front of Town Hall at 2:00?

    Wear your “My Little Mermaid” pampers so I know it’s you.
    Your Pal,

    • All of your solutions, ol’ buddy, are impossible as long as we have weak Republicans as candidates or in office. Worse, their very presence on the ballot lulls low-information voters into believing they have a choice in looters.

    • I like how you count to two, Walt. You must be an expert in that Chinese arithmetic you (or someone else here, but I’ll credit you for it anyway) mentioned a while back.

  4. Tea Partier

    Agree with your assessment when it comes to Livvy Floren and Lile Gibbons, who have long been the biggest RINOS this side of the Mississippi. But that seems a bit unfair to Scott Frantz, who has worked for years to help keep the small business in this county afloat. Going up to Hartford to face Malloy and his cronies must be like beating your head against a wall 3x a week.

    • I like Scott and admire what he’s been trying to do but my point is that he can actually do nothing, and so reelecting him is just sending a message to the Democrats that they can apportion the blame. We live in a Democrat-controlled state; we should stop denying that and let the inevitable ruin take place. Maybe we can then start again or more likely, shake our heads in sorrow from a cabin in the Tetons.

  5. stedenko

    Gee Chris; Are you just figuring out that Greenwich’s own Lowell Weicker is the godfather of Fairfield County repugs?

  6. Anonymous

    Voting makes no difference.

  7. Cos Cobber

    You wimp. Not voting is not the answer.

    And remember, we are not sending FF to Hartford on our behalf because FF would only race to show Hartford every nook and cranny on how to tax the bejesus out of Fairfield County. Yes, FF would manage to bring home more state pork, but it will cost us evertying.

    • Anonymous

      Disintermediation from government is part of the answer.

    • I’d settle for a third party with clearly enunciated principles. Its candidates would surely lose, but if they diverted enough Republican votes to bring about a Democrat victory here in Greenwich I’d be satisfied that a message had been sent.

  8. CatoRenasci

    In case anyone doesn’t remember, it was a Greenwich RINO Republican who broke ranks and supported former Republican RINO Lowell Weicker’s personal tax reduction measure that raised almost everyone else’s taxes: good old Bill Nickerson.

    In case anyone didn’t realize that Weicker had a personal stake in the income tax, his income was mostly unearned (he was an heir to the Squibb fortune) on which he paid Connecticut’s then 10% tax on dividends and interest. That tax went away when the income tax was passed, and all of that income was taxed at the ordinary (then 4%) income rate. It cut Lowell’s personal taxes, and that of the rentier class by more than 50%.

    I think it’s time to stop supporting the Republicans in Greenwich. For the BET and BoE and Selectmen, we could form our own party (like the Tax Coalition did in 1993 when it elected Peter Crumbine, breaking the 50/50 lock of the Republicans and Democrats, for a time), hold the balance of power in Town and actually make the ‘pubbies live up to their rhetoric to cut spending.

  9. GFY

    why have you remained in Connecticut for essentially your whole life since it is such a cesspool of democratic/progressive policy. I’d have thought you would have voted with your feet and fled a long time ago and settled in your utopia of FL, TX or WY. You “write” a big game, but…..

  10. Anonymous

    I’m with Cos Cobber….to elect a FF would be a huge mistake. Yes, our Republicans are in name only—but to put a Blankley (blank check) Democrat representing Greenwich would be absolutely worse.

    • All of this pentup anger, wow. But it did not stop people here in Greenwich from voting for Willard Romney, who had NO core beliefs.

      • “People here in Greenwich” also voted, it was pointed out earlier today, for Lowell Weicker. Greenwich Republicans are yacht club Republicans, indistinguishable from their equally wealthy Greenwich Democrat friends and just as unprincipled. Their motto? “Be nice”. That’s not a formula for political success.

    • hmmm

      I agree with cobber and I will be voting but this time as I do everytime but for every dem I can.

      Tell that clown Frankie to get on a ballot and I vote for him.

  11. another stb 4 me

    Why not vote…the illegal immigrants are right here in Greenwich (town hall poll location) – no proof of citizenship required.

  12. OG17

    Cafero explains his vote on Laura Ingraham, he says Dems started with confiscation and was able to get some compromises. He may be right but about the only thing this bill doesn’t do is to confiscate guns (until they decide to do that next year). If you are not planning on registering your “assault weapons” just remember there is a CT State Police gun registry of everything you have purchased in state that required an FFL, you can get this list via an FOI.

    State Representative Cafero explains why he supports the Connecticut gun control legislation http://bit.ly/12jhbfI (skip to the 8 min mark)

    Connecticut House Minority Leader Larry Cafero explains why he supports the stringent gun control legislation that is up for vote Wednesday. He says that the proposed bill is the lesser of evils. “[Connecticut House Democrats] have proposed retroactive banning and confiscation of any weapon you can imagine. That is how we started.” Cafero points out that he had limited influence because Republicans are a minority in Connecticut, which ultimately convinced him to advocate for the less onerous restrictions when crafting the bipartisan legislation.

    • hmmm

      I don’t buy it. This is an excuse and he is trying to save his chances at running for governor same is true for Mckinney. They need not bother because unlike CF who will stay home, I will go vote for Malloy maybe even 6 times because as I understand it voting more than once for a dem is not a crime.

      I am no attorney or legal scholar but would confiscation be upheld in court?