Close of day report

A little bit more came in near the closing bell.

142 Pecksland

142 Pecksland

142 Pecksland, land value only and asking $1.695, went via bidding war for $1.797 million. Not quite a home run for the seller who had it priced at $2.999 back in 2004. There was a quit claim deed transfer of title on this property in January of this year so it’s possible someone turned over title in lieu of foreclosure or the transfer (from an individual to an LLC) was just a business rearrangement. Either way, it’s sold now.

6 Richmond Drive in Old Greenwich was never listed on the MLS at all but was reported sold today for $993,000. In case you’re wondering what a 1/4 acre building lot south north of the Village, south of I-95 is going for these days.

300 Taconic

300 Taconic

And back with us again is 300 Taconic Road (picture shown is from an expired listing – check back later to see if the broker has posted current ones). Price is down to $2.050, from a 2009 opening of $2.6 million. Owner paid $2.4 million in 2000. Notwithstanding its small size: 2 acres in the R-4 zone, there’s still space to add on here because FAR allows 5,668 sq. ft. and the house is presently just 3,800. I rather like this place – older farmhousey look, updated back in the 1980s, great yard and pool. It’s a hike up here to this section of Taconic (up past the church and close to Farms Road), but Taconic offers a pretty straight shot down to North Street and town. When the picture are posted, take a look. Nice place for $2 million.


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13 responses to “Close of day report

  1. I drive by the Taconic house all the time. It’s very cute, well maintained, albeit right on the road, but old houses, especially in that historic section of Stanwich, are on the road. Pretty much that whole stretch there, houses are ON the road. The traffic noise there is minimal so that’s a plus. The problem I see with this sell is the mess next door. You mentioned it in another post – the old couple who died, or one died; the house is all boarded up and a bit of an Appalachian yard. I picture AJ’s grandmother on the porch, jacking rabbits for dinner. 🙂 I wonder if the derelict house has affected the sale of #300? It might bother me.

  2. Mickster

    What village is Richmond Drive south of exactly ?

  3. Central Greenwich Long-Time Resident

    That area of Taconic is totally charming and not really that bad a drive. The whole area is so beautiful, maybe that makes up for the extra driving time.

    • CGLTR: (Phew, I thought MY name was long!) Agree 100000%. I live in Bedford, come to Greenwich via East Middle Patent and Taconic, and I can get to the Greenwich library from my house in 15 minutes or less. Depends on the traffic at the intersection of North and Taconic. Easy peasy.

      Chris: there are two houses there that are kind of run down. One a small cabin-like home that is the one I think is boarded. The larger, the one with two porches, is quite historic, the Old Stanwich Inn, so I can’t imagine it is owned by the hospital. Both are in need of serious renovation.

      • The one on the north side of N. Stanwich is currently for sale for around $1.8 million. Needs a lot (a lot) of work and because it’s part of a historic district an owner would have to gain approval before altering its exterior. Between that limitation and its condition, the place might sell for a million. If allowed, a suggestion by a friend of mine makes sense: jack it up and move it away from the road and place it where the garage now stands. You’d have a better setting, no traffic and better views.
        The one on the south corner, 6 acres of meadow and the dilapidated house, is the property left to Greenwich Hospital. I’m under the impression that the hospital still owns it but they may have it dumped it off to a trust.
        The third house at that intersection, on the east side of Taconic, suffered a fire last year and isn’t looking too good. So all in all, it’s a location that needs some TLC.

  4. Central Greenwich Long-Time Resident

    32 Ferncliff closed at about the same price as it sold in 2009. Maybe the market has not gone up as much as thought in this area.

  5. anonymous

    The house on the east side of Taconic which is boarded up is the one which had the fire where the pet turtle died. The derelict one on the west side is now owned by Greenwich Hospital. And then you have old formerly Ogilvy, now Hvolbeck, listing on the northwest corner of North Stanwich and Taconic which was placed in the historical district and can’t be altered which renders it valueless, so will be empty for a long time. All in all a lot of money to live in Greenwich’s ghost town.

  6. Anonymous

    And don’t you get a baby giraffe as your neighbor back there too?

  7. Neat House

    I agree with you on the Hvolbeck house. Beautiful house, but it will collapse before it finds a buyer. It has been empty for 2 or 3 years, yes? I can only imagine how much it has deteriorated since the last owner moved (or was carried) out.