Feel safer now? Then you’ve been bamboozled

Greenwich’s Jack Moffly Republicans and their “bi-partisan” pals have whooped through what they proudly proclaim is “the toughest gun law in America” and will now get back to their regularly scheduled business of finding new ways to reward unions and punish the middle class.

All of which was expected, of course, but it is a bit galling to hear these gun confiscators pretend that yesterday’s action wasn’t merely the next step in banning guns in Connecticut and was instead a genuine, sincere effort to ensure the safety of their fellow citizens, just like the two week waiting period to purchase guns, enacted a decade or so ago.Unless you’re a hunter, you probably don’t remember that law, ushered in with the same solemnity as this new one, because it gets absolutely no attention from the press or the Hartford Harassers. They’d prefer you’d forget it because it has done nothing – nothing – to reduce gun homicides; the gangbangers who cause that mayhem are (a) already ineligible because of their criminal histories to own or possess guns and (b) Ignore the law by buying guns out of channel, just as they did before its passage.

Now we have another set of laws which will be ignored by the very people this legislation is purportedly aimed at. If you believe that gangsters intent on murder will be deterred from breaking the law  requiring a background check when they are already violating laws against murder and the possession of any kind of weapon by a criminal, then you deserve the government you have.

So given that these laws will have no effect on criminals, who will they punish?

Law abiding citizens who can no longer buy ammunition on the Internet or even purchase box of shells from a sports store without proof of an “ammunition certificate”. The politicians claim that this certificate will only cost $35 but don’t mention the six month process of local, state and federal investigations of their suitability to own a bullet and a mandatory “gun-safety” class. Each step will cost money and the cost of each will rise every year the legislature meets. Internet sales will indeed stop: no supplier will bother to set up a compliance system for citizens of our tiny state, they’ll just stop shipping to Connecticut, as they have done with California. The lack of legitimately purchased ammunition  will not stop a criminal from obtaining it, just as the lack of legitimate heroin or cocaine has not stopped drug use. There are “alternative sources.”

Suffering from depression, anorexia or any other mental affliction? Don’t check into a Connecticut hospital unless you want to be on a permanent register of crazies, barred from exercising a constitutional right and subject to a newspaper like The Journal News publishing your name and home address on an interactive map. Would this law have stopped any of our mass murderers in the past century? Nope, but it will certainly discourage troubled individuals from seeking professional help. How many people suffering from depression will now shun treatment, how many deaths by suicide will that cause? We’ll find out, over time.

Banning high capacity ammunition magazines. The best estimate I’ve seen of the difference this would have made, had he obeyed it (and anyone eager to shoot school children is an unlikely candidate to comply with this law) is that, instead of his killing spree lasting 5 minutes, Adam Lanza would have had to spend 5 minutes and 20 seconds. So it won’t stop that sort of incident but it will make felons of every citizen who owns such magazines and fails to register it or surrender it to the police. While I certainly don’t own any of these evil things – police, take notice – I haven’t heard a single gun owner who does have one state that she will comply. When a law makes felons out of tens of thousands of law abiding citizens there’s something wrong with the law, not the citizens.

Banning “assault rifles” which are merely ordinary  rifles mocked up to look like military weapons. Do you think that banning gun stocks that adjust in length to fit different sized people – women tend to be shorter than men, for instance – would have prevented Sandy Hook or will prevent a massacre in the future? No? Well certainly the new prohibition against bayonet mounts will do it.

I could go one (and on – the bill has 92 sections and hundred of pages) but here’s the gist: this law will not affect criminals one whit, but it will make gun ownership in Connecticut more expensive and burdensome. Which, again, is the entire point of this exercise. Advocates for confiscation of all guns in our state have already acknowledged that this scheme is just another step towards achievement of their ultimate goal and have vowed that they’ll be back, again and again, until they win completely.

And Scott Frantz acquiesced in all this to preserve an illusion of bi-partisanship.


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  1. CatoRenasci

    So much for Scott Franz.

    Well, they haven’t banned pitchforks (yet). Tar. Feathers. A few sturdy lads to carry them all out of Hartford on rails after the ceremony.

    In any civilized place, people who proposed such things would be laughed out of town, as they were recalled from office or defeated at the next election.

  2. sunbeam43

    Time to get the hell out of Connectistan!

  3. libertarian advocate

    I’d thought he was a tough minded businessman. He fell for the Chinese Ploy: Demand the most egregious terms, pretend to cave and get more than you’d ever dreamed for.

    Bye Scott.

  4. D

    Can’t wait to go vote this fall. After watching a lot of testimony, it’s really sad this got passed.

  5. FlyAngler

    I listened to some of the “debate” in both chambers and, to yourpoint Chris, was most disturbed by the number of Dems who called this “a start” or “just the beginning” or “when we visit this again…”. When the next rampage killer strikes, cries will go up saying “we did not do enough” and they will “fix” that inadequacy.

    I go back to questions I had asked here before, if Adam Lanza was actually Ahmed Muhammed and was yelling “Alluha Ahkbar” while killing the children, how different would the debate have been? How quickly would all schools have been protected by men and women with guns? How quickly would the “gun free school zone” been pulled apart?

    That day will come in our lifetimes, but if I were a jihadi, I would wait until all of suburban Connecticut was rendered a “gun free zone” by the Legislature.

    As for my comment recently about the drama in the leadership and the GOP standing up to the Dems on no-grandfathering – I have now second guessed my premise on there having been such a confrontation. I now thnk it was all a staged kabuki theater to allow both leadership groups to tell their “sides” that they were forced to compromise, etc. The Dems were never going to go ahead with confiscation on a non-partisan basis, they didn’t have the balls to own it alone and face widespread non-compliance as well as a possible Court rejection.

    The GOP had to know this hence my current feeling that they all sold us out. As for Scott Frantz, he will tell you that he gave his vote in exchange for grandfathering. Better he would have voted his principles and called the Dems’ bluff on forced surrender/confiscation as that would have allowed for much faster and more potent court challenges.

    The various YES voters among the GOP will learn how many one-issue voters there are in upcoming elections.

  6. Mickster

    It’s all smoke and mirrors to appease the raging crowds. Previous laws were not enforced, neither will these.

    HOWEVER, I still can’t understand why my local pastor or realtor should need to carry a concealed weapon or have an AR 15 assault rifle in his possession.

    When my neighbor is better armed than my local cops, I worry.

    John Doe should not have access to automatic weapons. period.

    I love guns but not in my home, car or workplace. Not near my kids, grand kids or friends.

    Go hunting or target shooting, whatever…but if people feel they need assault rifles in their homes in Greenwich or Chappaqua, then we need to install guard towers on our streets…..

    • When it’s a matter of seconds, the police are just minutes away. But the real issue is that, while I see a need to carry a pistol only when attending Realtor open houses and not in my home – I have dogs for that – if someone else wants to keep one handy it’s not my business, anymore than if he wants his constitutional rights to free speech and stupidity by holding meetings of the local Democrat party in his living room.

    • Chief Scrotum

      Your cops are so militarized now, you need not worry about folks having better guns than cops. I worry more about the macho-men cops who think they need tanks and 50 cal weapons to keep us in control. This country, for over 200 years has never felt threatened by regular folks but now they need tanks, hollow points and M16s. Who knew what a lawless crazed bunch we are? And the argument that terrorists are a problem, if al Q people showed up on I95 and got off the highway at exit 3, we’re doomed anyway.

      If you’ve ever seen cops parading around with H&Ks in midtown, you should be terrified and not feel safe. In the event of something happening, is some overweight bored cop, really going to fire into a crowd? They’ll easily hurt or kill completely uninvolved folks. This security theater is simply a way to teach the public to be scared of the government.

      As for cops showing up quickly, thats laughable. I’d rather have a Glock at home and be able to defend my family than hope some cop shows up and can shoot straight.

    • OG Reader

      Hello Mickster,

      But yet your fellow citizens ARE well armed to the tune of 16.2 percent of homes in CT. Based on your own experience, have you ever been threatened by your pastor or realtor brandishing an AR (ARmalite) 15 type rifle? If not, why not? I’d guess because you’re probably a decent person, just like your gun owning pastor and realtor.

      • Mickster

        I may just be naive but I just don’t see the point of all this hardware. Maybe if someone robbed my kids or wife at knifepoint I may feel differently but…

        • FlyAngler

          Mickster – do you golf? If so, how many clubs do you carry? How many sets of clubs do you own?

          Tennis – How many rackets?

          Distance running – How many shoes?

          Bike – How many bikes for different coursework?

          Sport driving – How many cars?

          Drink scotch – How many single malts?

          Shoot birds/clays – How many shotguns?

          People own different rifles because they have different uses or calibers or accroutement. Or they collect them. Different pistols because sometimes shooting a Ruger Mark III in 22 is just more fun than a Sig P229 in 40SW. My kids much prefer shooting a S&W M&P15-22 than they do a CZ bolt-action, even if the latter is more accurate.

          You use “hardware” as if you are talking about the military. Some people look at them from a recreational perspective and like variety. You can only shoot one firearm at a time (not withstanding what action heros can do) so why should you care how many guns (“hardware”) people have locked up in their homes? Who are you to proscribe what somone else can own if they are law-abiding?

          And don’t pull the Nancy Lanza card because she was derelict as a parent and as a safe gun owner. I have little sympathy for that woman and far less sympathy for her ex-husband who abandoned this son at a vulnerable time.

        • Mickster

          I don’t believe I have more than one of anything – I’m beyond accumulating stuff.

          I just can’t understand government spending trillions of dollars on arms while families starve, whether it be the government, local police SWAT teams all over the country, etc etc

          I can’t understand people having caches of guns and ammo in their homes. It boggles my mind. If you fear for your safety or believe the government is going to come calling with a SWAT team, maybe it’s time to move on. Go join the bands of militia around the country.

          Our economy and families are in dire straits in a jobless recovery and all we hear about is gun control. This is all such a red herring and victims families, in their grief are being whipped up to perpetuate a fraud on the American people.

          When one side says “no gun control” and the other says “no guns” you get nowhere.

  7. libertarian advocate

    Mickster: Imagine if you will… Oh, never mind. If you haven’t grasped it by now, you never will.

  8. FlyAngler

    Mickster – At the risk of wasting my finger motions, an AR15 is NOT an assault weapon as semi-auto only rifles can not be used in an assault. Assault weapons are designed to throw so much lead in a short period of time as to force the opposing/defending force to keep their heads down while the assaulting troups advance. To be able to run (assault) and lay down overwhelming firepower, you have to have full-auto fire capability, whether dedicated of through self-fire. That was the function of the WW2 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), Tommy Gun, M3 Grease Gun and various light machine guns. In Vietnam it was the M14 and then the M16. Today, the M16 and the M4 and the new HK SCAR and others.

    The AR15, introduced in 1965 btw, is semi-automatic as are civilian version of the AK47. Semi-auto rifles, while being able to be fired from the hip or otherwise on the run, have to be aimed to be effective and the means shot from the shoulder. Their rate of fire is as fast as one can pull a trigger and not pull once, fire all available rounds. Thus, these semi-auto rifles are not suitable for assault activities in warfare.

    As for the police being outgunned, do you know that GPD has more than a few Colt Commandos in their arsenel? That is the short version of the M4 carbine and what is used by many troops at the tip of the spear in sandland. This is a select-fire model that is capable of full-auto, something few CT civilians can match.

    That out of the way, your comment on concealed carry seems incompatible with your “love” for guns. How does one “love” guns but wants them nowhere in society? Do you only love them at a range and in the field? Why do you not trust them near your kids, et al? Do you not secure your guns securely where children might roam? Sorry, seems you love gun only when you are the only one present and when you are fully in control of such things – that sounds like some sort of paranoia or something.

    As for the AR15 as a home-defense option – I would love to debate with you about how the AR platform is actually a better HD option than either a standard 12ga shotgun loaded with 00 buck or a 1911 in 45ACP. We can discuss the AR’s superior ability to deliver aimed/controlled fire, be upgraded with lights/aiming lasers, have more rounds available without reloading, be more maneuverable in the hallways and stairways of the average suburban home, etc. And then, since you seem concerned about others in your house, we can discuss the propensity for buckshot and 45ACP ball ammo to overpenetrate in 2×4/sheetrock construction homes relative to 55 or 62 grain 223 hollowpoints. That is, how buckshot and ball ammo pose a greater threat to those in the house (and even neighbors) than does JHP ammo coming out of an AR15.

    The amount of ignorance surrounding the AR platform is stupifying, especially from someone who professes a “love” for guns. Get thee some education.

    • FlyAngler

      “… or through select-fire.”

    • Mickster

      Ok Rambo so I don’t know my guns – sorry. I love guns but only in a controlled environment with adults who know how to use them, makes sense?
      BTW, you guys are obviously not local – I haven’t locked my house or car for years in Greenwich. Home Defense for me is the GPD’s car 53 or 54 passing my door regularly.

      • Mark B.

        Whiskey Tango Foxtrot …….(holding my head in my hands)

      • FlyAngler

        Mickster – First move to Greenwich in 1993 so check your assumptions. That home invasion crew (the one’s who wore body armor) hit a house less than a half mile from my home. Did you miss this story?


        What’s the difference between a burglary and a home invasion? Whether you happen to be home or not.

        Or how about this one?

        Or this?

        Or this?

        If you know someone on GPD, ask them how “safe” Greenwich is these days – a candid answer might disturb you. Also ask them about response time – the answer I got: “Four to five minutes if you live off a main road. Seven to ten if you live on a secondary road. If you live in way back country, by the airport or down on the water, think up to 15 minutes.

        My wife was a victim of a purse grab in Riverside Commons parking lot around 2002, in broad daylight. Car breakins at the train stations are a regular occurence.

        Mickster, this is not bucolic and safe Greenwich circa 1965 – the Town is just real careful in how public they make such information.

        • OG17

          A friends sister was attacked in her house on Indian Field Rd in the 90’s, she was able to escape after fighting him off with a tennis racquet. My Grandmother’s house has been robbed, neighbors cars have been broken into and we had car stereo stolen. Criminals aren’t stupid, they know there is money in Greenwich and look for places with easy access to I-95, how many times has McD’s been robbed? Had a friend who was robbed at gunpoint. He worked at the BP station that used to be next to 95 (that was his last day working). Heck, even the bank in OG has been robbed several times and Acuri’s was robbed when they were opening early one morning.

      • AJ

        Mickster, are you out of your mind? Houses have been being broken into ever since I can remember in OG; happens all the time. Let’s see, from this blog I know you live in the vicinity of CF: the Willowmere, Marks Road area (business must be good). I also now know that you don’t lock your doors and that there must be like-minded nitwits in your neighborhood, and you’ve just put out the cheese.

        I’m glad to see that car 54 is in your neighborhood, but Fred Gwynne is no longer with us. As far as the police doing something: someone stole a table saw from the house behind me and it got hung up on my back fence of my vacant side lot when the guy was trying to carry it to wherever he was going to. I called the police who looked at me like I was the one who stole it, and when I pointed out that the guy left tracks in the fresh snow and it would be very easy to track where he went, probably back home, he laughed at me and left, but not before checking the bottom of my shoes to see if they matched the footprints. I also once had a stero system stolen from one of my cars in my driveway; I didn’t bother to call the police because it’s illegal in my town to leave your car unlocked, and I know that the only thing I would have gotten was a ticket for wasting their time and screwing up the towns crime stats.

        • Mickster

          Maybe I should lock my doors – didn’t know it was illegal to have an unlocked car…

        • AJ

          With congress passing over 40,000 laws each year, I would guess that you probably do several things on any given day that are illegal. But don’t worry mens rea doesn’t count for anything anymore.

      • FlyAngler

        One more for you Mickster and these guys wore suits, like the J-Witnesses:


      • dogwalker

        GPD will be the first to tell you that you are out of touch for not locking your doors. One of my neighbors got a “You old timers are living in the past” lecture from them after a break in (well, there was no break in; they just opened the door). Greenwich is NOT what is used to be.

    • To Arms! To Arms!

      “At the risk of wasting my finger motions, an AR15 is NOT an assault weapon as semi-auto only rifles can not be used in an assault.”

      Your word choice in that statement and throughout the passage that follows is incredibly imprecise. Semi-automatic rifles might not be IDEALLY SUITED for assault purposes, but in the hands of a squad of professional soldiers and in a pinch, I’m fairly confident that they would indeed function. Does a semi-automatic rifle fit the classic definition of an assault weapon? No. Can one nevertheless be used as such? Yes. You might prefer that people on the opposite end of the spectrum from you argue using the vocabulary you favor, however it comes off as quibbling over semantics.

      You have no idea, and neither to do I, from what positions either Holmes in Aurora or Lanza in Newtown discharged their semi-automatic rifles. Specifically you don’t know what position each round that hit was fired from. Given that lack of concrete information, it is absurd-bordering-on-insensitive for you to state that such a weapon is not “effective” unless it is aimed and shoulder fired. There are dozens of families in both Colorado and Connecticut who can at least suggest otherwise.

      “As for the AR15 as a home-defense option – I would love to debate with you about how the AR platform is actually a better HD option than either a standard 12ga shotgun loaded with 00 buck or a 1911 in 45ACP. We can discuss the AR’s superior ability to deliver aimed/controlled fire, be upgraded with lights/aiming lasers, have more rounds available without reloading, be more maneuverable in the hallways and stairways of the average suburban home, etc.

      Guns don’t kill people, people do, right? So it is again wonderfully imprecise to state that a weapon has an “ability” to do anything—let alone “deliver aimed/controlled fire.” The ability lies with the bearer of the weapon. Someone can spend hours upon hours at a range, but no amount of practice will truly prepare a regular Joe Public for the real time stress a break in would cause.

      Handguns can be upgraded by choosing from an array of lights/aiming lasers. ARs offer no advantage here.

      Realistically, okay? REALISTICALLY, who or what is trying to get into my home that requires me to have access to a high capacity magazine so I can “properly” defend myself? You stated that it only takes 2–3 seconds to change a magazine. I know it’s fun to try to advance an argument by portraying things around Town to the contrary, but Greenwich is not the OK Corral.

      Additionally, what criminal with any savvy is not going to turn and run the second I chamber a round in whatever weapon I have? How about when I follow that up by clearly stating “I have a gun and I know how to use it”? Assorted law enforcement officers, military personnel, gun enthusiasts, have stated that there is no legitimate reason for a member of the general public to have access to high capacity magazines. Get them off the street.

      Please explain how a rifle, something that is essentially bigger than a handgun, is “more maneuverable in the hallways and stairways of the average suburban home” as compared to a handgun. That statement is nonsensical. As is (in my opinion) the idea that we must have access to these AR platform weapons when the only advantage they seem to offer over other firearms is overkill.

      “But rifles are involved in 2-3% of gun-homicides each year and AR/AK in less than that – yet that is where the focus is – why?”

      I wonder if it could be because the perpetrators in two recent massacres with double-digit death tolls each used AR platform rifles. Nah, that’s crazy talk. Happily that’s also my 1A right!

      Also, is there not the possibility of a snowball effect here? As in, the more times these rifles are publicized due to use in a massacre, the greater the likelihood that the next defective will seek one out. Why not make it exceedingly more difficult for that to happen by eliminating these things from circulation?

      Why does any member of the general public need such a weapon? What can an AR-15 or, for that matter, any semi-automatic rifle based on a military weapons system do that any number of other firearms, specifically handguns, cannot? Oh, that’s right, the overkill thing again.

      “If Adam Lanza was actually named Ahmen Mouhammed and was heard screaming “alluha ahkbar” as he annihilated the 26 in Sandy Hook, would we be discussing gun contro at this point?”

      Dunno, but there’s this guy named Nidal Malik Hasan who did this thing over at Fort Hood… I mean, I don’t recall seeing “Hasan” on the Mayflower passenger manifest, but I’ll take another look.

      “…but if I were a jihadi, I would wait until all of suburban Connecticut was rendered a “gun free zone” by the Legislature.”

      If you were a jihadIST, why would you waste time and resources on any of suburban Connecticut? It’s fascinating: not only has Greenwich become so unsafe that we all should be armed to the teeth, but now we Nutmeggers need to look out for Islamists as well.

      “The amount of ignorance surrounding the AR platform is stupifying, especially from someone who professes a “love” for guns. Get thee some education.”

      It must be such a terrible burden to always be the smartest person in the room, and to have to educate those of us who are among the 80% ignorant. Thank you.

      Lastly, while the gist of your comments (and the passion behind them) rings through clearly, you should take a minute or two to proofread before you post. The number of typos and other errors is cringeworthy and really detracts from your arguments after a while.

      • I’ll let you two slug it out, although your arguments based on why, in your opinion, someone else doesn’t “need” a particular gun misses the point: you don’t have the right to tell me how I should exercise a constitutional right, just as certain critics of mine in the real estate industry don’t have the power, yet, to tell me what I need and don’t need to say. But as for typos, as many commenters have discovered to their dismay, there is no edit function on this particular blog template for corrections. If I see an obvious typo I’ll correct it here but I don’t have the time to proof read lengthy comments and, as Hiram will tell you, I’m not much of a copy editor to begin with.
        So stick to the merits, not the appearance.

  9. Mickster

    I spent 2 years assisting in the research of a doctoral thesis on gun control recently. I don’t need to imagine anything. I’ll leave that to the talking heads.
    The reality is that this is an industry that has been under-regulated for years because the successful efforts of the NRA and others. That has led to millions of illegal guns on the streets of the US and Mexico. The manufacturers and gun-shop owners are directly responsible for the mess we’re in now. Their answer to the dilemma? Arm teachers!

    Unfortunately, these knee-jerk clowns in our capitals will now try to redress the problem. The horse has bolted. Waste of time and effort. People having legal guns was never the problem and those are the people that will be most effected by these crazy laws. If you’re not controlling the sale of guns like we do with cars, you’re wasting everyone’s time. I can buy a car online, on the street, in a dark alley but I do have to register it and insure it and have a license to drive it. Add in a background check and that should be all you need to regulate the industry going forward. That and a regular audit system of gun shops by the ATFE. Of course, their budget to do that effectively was stripped by Congress several years ago as a result of NRA lobbying efforts.

    Will that prevent some crazy kid taking his Mom’s gun and shooting up a school? – no. Will it prevent guys popping a bullet in their own heads (suicide rate HUGE)? – no.

    You can have strict rules on how guns and ammo should be stored when not in use, but that’s impossible to regulate inside someone’s home…

    The craziness continues…

    • FlyAngler

      “love guns” but then a thesis on gun control and lambasting the activities of the NRA – hmmm. Mickster is a very complicated person.

      The auto analogy is weak – driving is a privelege, not a right. You can have a driver’s license but not a car. You can rent a car that is never registered in your name. You need neither a license nor a registered vehicle to operate such vehicle on private property. Driving on public roads necessarily puts you in a position to do harm to others, thus the level of licensing, proof of ability, registration, insurance, etc. Estimate are that one-in-seven motor vehicles are being operated by an unlicensed driver and/or is out of registration and/or is uninsured – 1 in 7. Compliance even with the regime you admire is not total.

      As for background checks, have you considered the mischief that can arise from any citizen being able to request a BGC? There will be some sort of form but there is nothing to prevent fraud and deception. How popular will BGCs be when wiseguys start running them on every legislator in the state and posting the NO results on some blog. Ooops.

  10. Anonymous

    The CT laws have nothing to do with preventing future Newtowns nor public safety. Conflating the actions of the mentally ill like Adam Lanza or the violence of urban black males with a responsibility then assigned to the overwhelming number of law-abiding gun-owning Americans citizens is just another front in the culture war. It’s not a bug it’s a feature.
    Gun-control is culture war by progressives who hate and hold in contempt the parts of America that owns guns. Liberals hate that some conservatives have different, values, morals, and aesthetics than they do, and they aim to use the law to fix it without regard for the tyranny implicit in their actions. The truth is that Newtown tragedy is nothing more than a spectacular flamboyant excuse for a Progressive attempt to inflict punishment and control on a population they dislike. They can’t go after the urban welfare blacks or Hispanic illegals, because to the Democratic Party poverty is an asset that must be grown if they are to retain power.
    The Washington Post proclaims that gun violence is concentrated in the Walmart shopping, NASCAR loving, hunting & fishing cultures of the south. “The South is the most violent region in the United States,” proclaims the WaPo. They apparently miss the irony that the most violent parts of the country, the ones where the gun crimes are concentrated are Democratic/Progressive strongholds like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Oakland, Newark.
    If the Canadians were dumb enough to take Chicago off our hands, violent gun crime for the entire country would drop by over 5%.
    Philadelphia which has 10% of Pennsylvania’s population commits over half of the entire states murders and violent gun crimes, and yes the perpetrators largely are urban welfare blacks, professional Democratic voters all. Gun crimes in heavily armed rural Pennsylvania, home to Barack Obama’s “bitter clingers, are extremely rare to non-existent, statistically safer than the more effete bits of Belgium. However the church-going, hard-working, too proud for welfare, rural “bitter clingers” have different values, morals, and aesthetics than know-it-all coastal elites. Intolerant Progressives can’t abide the difference.
    As for Connecticut, some of the states urban bits are as bombed-out looking as Detroit. The perfumed, silk-swaddled children of the state’s sheltered utopian elite grow a bit softer and less responsible. They lose one more opportunity to develop sense and responsibility for one of life’s most fundamental obligations, that of defending oneself, one’s family, one’s home, one’s community and values; “someone else will do it … too yucky …” They willfully are mis-educated and maliciously indoctrinated to the belief that problem is one of material agency, not human evil: It is the gun that is the problem not human evil. It is fallacy inseparable from peril which is inflicted upon them.
    CT Republicans? Eunuchs, more worthless than tits on a bull.
    CT Democrats? Hubris, delusion, narcissism. Unintended consequences await.

    • Anonymous

      Oops, paragraph breaks didn’t come through for the above. Apologies.

      • FlyAngler

        “Gun-control is culture war by progressives who hate and hold in contempt the parts of America that owns guns. Liberals hate that some conservatives have different, values, morals, and aesthetics than they do, and they aim to use the law to fix it without regard for the tyranny implicit in their actions.” – Amen Anon

        One other point, with very few exceptions, gun control advocates see no hipocrisy between their GC advocacy and their belief in abortion “rights”. In the case of the former, they argue that government should be able to tell citizens how they can practice a specific right under the US and CT state constitutions, including openly speaking of repealing such right. And yet, when it comes to abortion or the now trendy “womens health right”, they argue that a conjured right, articulated nowhere before the 1960s, in untouchable and that no government or group of people can tell a woman what she might do with her body or a fetus within.

        So they argue for choice backed by a conjured right and no choice on a right that is well articulated.

    • “The South is the most violent region in the United States,” proclaims the WaPo.

      Even if we grant this little fantasy of the WaPo pansies, in what *parts* of the South is violence concentrated? It’s primarily in the larger cities, particularly those run by Dumocrats (e.g., New Orleans, Atlanta, etc.). In other words, the parts that are most like Yankeeland.

      Sorry, Mickster, it’s not the Bubbas sitting out on their porches who are doing the killings; your bigoted stereotype is both unimaginative and inaccurate. Maybe you think that anything appearing in a doctoral dissertation must be true, but in the real world this simply isn’t the case.

      • Mickster

        I know who’s doing the killings – I just couldn’t resist taking a shot at FlyAngler – he left himself open with the beer reference..lol

  11. Tom Foolery

    Might be interesting if the ACLU decides to get involved here. Although this particular article refers to Federal legislation, it appears they’re not fond of universal background checks – especially for private sales:


    Could be time to sit back with some popcorn and watch the fireworks.

    • FlyAngler

      I nearly passed beer through my nose when I heard that the ACLU was going to come out against universal registration. And who says that gun owners are the only ones paranoid about registration?

      • Mickster

        Why don’t you put that Bud and Glock away and get off the porch – you’re reverting to type..

        • FlyAngler

          Mickster – And who is profiling now? I don’t own a Glock and don’t drink but and my house doesn’t have a porch.

          Mickster – You are increasingly bringing into question your “love” for guns. You sound like a bird/clays shooting snob who sips pinot after killing a few farmed pheasant at “the club” while wearing your resplendent German woolens from Eurochasse.

        • Mickster

          FA – can’t you take a joke? You left yourself wide open for that crack!

        • FlyAngler

          No sir, I have lost my sense of humor on this topic weeks ago. AS Chris knows, I have been busy trying to debate all manner of GC people while trying to educate the 80% of CT residents who know little to nothing about guns other than what they see on TV or the movie screen.

          So I am perturbed when the loudest gun control advocates (March for Change, CAGV, Mommies Against Freedom) know more about using Facebook to agitate than they do about the things they are trying to ban.

          I get upset with the CEO of CAGV, the state’s leading GC advocacy group, can not tell me the origins of the term “assault weapon” nor the 10-round magazine threshold between OK mags and really scary ones.

          I get crazy when a state senator tells me with the assurity that she knows water is wet that it does not take 2-3 seconds to swap out a mag from a pistol or AR – as if they knows better than I do.

          I go nuts when GC advocates try to interpret the Framers’ intent in the Second Amendment while those same “knowledgable” advocates are ignorant to the fact that the Connecticut State Constitution (adopted in 1818) provides citizens with a “right to bear arms for defense of himself and state” without an encumberance of “well regulated militia”. Or when those same people think the Federal Constitution trumps the state version in any court challenge.

          Sorry Mickster, I lost my sense of humor long ago for people who say they “support” the 2A or “love guns” and then go about telling me how they are gun controllers.

          Bad recovery…..

  12. Balzac

    Anonymous: What you wrote below is brilliant:
    “Gun-control is culture war by progressives who hate and hold in contempt the parts of America that owns guns. Liberals hate that some conservatives have different, values, morals, and aesthetics than they do, and they aim to use the law to fix it without regard for the tyranny implicit in their actions. The truth is that Newtown tragedy is nothing more than a spectacular flamboyant excuse for a Progressive attempt to inflict punishment and control on a population they dislike. They can’t go after the urban welfare blacks or Hispanic illegals, because to the Democratic Party poverty is an asset that must be grown if they are to retain power.”

    • FlyAngler

      Better, we can’t ask anything of undocumented folks before giving foodstamps and welfare but to buy a box a 22LR, I need a permit. We can’t ask for ID to let someone vote but you need proctological exam before you can have a pistol permit.

      We can’t keep track of 2,500 assault weapons the AFT let walk into Mexico but we think similar goverment functionaries will be able to register and track over 3million 10+ round mags in CT.

      Argh! I have to turn off this computer…..

  13. dogwalker

    The state’s economy is a shambles, and all this attention goes to a law that would have done NOTHING to prevent what happened at Newtown. Unbelievable.

  14. Hu Nhu?

    Poor Mickster. The boy’s all Mixed Up, despite TWO YEARS! assisting in Research! WOW! He must have many specific examples of those evil gun dealers flooding the U.S. & Mexico with illegal firearms. Perhaps Mixed Up can share a few specific cases. I doubt it. This new law is an empty Feel-Good gesture. It will not deter the next nut determined to do another Newtown.

    • Anonymous

      The point of the law is not and never was preventing another Newtown. Newtown is a convenient cover story for cynical tyrants.

      The point of the law is disarming law-abiding Americans and destroying traditional American culture.

  15. Mickster

    Examples of some of these cases include the following:

    James Hancock and Eddie Ray Wilbanks – part of a ring that trafficked 70,000 guns. Undercover agents investigating two flea markets and a gun show in Alabama uncovered 11 individuals engaged in the sale of guns without conducting background checks. Many of these guns were being sold to felons from booths at gun shows or from the sellers’ vehicles. The undercover agents purchased a total of 166 guns. The traffickers were subsequently indicted and search warrants led to the recovery of an additional 556 guns. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives estimated that the 11 defendants had trafficked 70,000 guns, 267 of which were linked to violent crimes (Siebel, 2009, page 18)

    Donald Lewis and Flenard Neal – international gun and drug smugglers. Both Lewis and Neal, frequent customers at gun shows, operated an international gun and drug smuggling operation. Lewis was a convicted felon, so Neal purchased the guns on behalf of both men. The purchased guns were smuggled into Canada where they were traded for drugs. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives was alerted to the purchase of 32 firearms, which constituted a multiple sale, requiring the dealer to send a multiple sale form to law-enforcement. Law enforcement immediately began an investigation of Neal. A raid of the apartment where both men lived, led to the discovery of five rifles, two sawed-off shotguns and eight handguns. (Bolan,2007)

    Exploitation of the gun show loophole also leads to the diversion of guns to terrorist organizations. On September 25, 2001, Thomas Oliphant wrote an article in the Boston Globe entitled Lax Gun Laws Help Terrorists. He wrote of Ali Boumelhem, a convicted felon, being able to purchase shotgun parts for assault weapons in addition to ammunition at several gun shows. Boumelhem intended to ship the weapons to Hezbollah, a terrorist organization in Lebanon. (Oliphant, 2001)

    A New York Times article written by Fox Butterfield on November 13, 2001 cites the case of Mohammed Navid Asrar, an illegal immigrant prohibited by law from owning a gun, who bought several firearms in the United States. The guns, which were purchased by Asrar at gun shows included a Ruger Mini – 14 rifles, two pistols and a hunting rifle. A subsequent investigation of Asrar led to the possibility of ties to Al Qaeda, a terrorist group.


    Large volume sales are another leading source of guns diverted to the criminal market. The purchase of large quantities of guns made on a single visit to a gun store is a common tactic used by traffickers who purchase the firearms for resale purposes. Traffickers sometimes buy large caches of weapons at multiple locations over a period of time, which are subsequently sold to the illegal market. In 1975, the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms warned the gun industry that large volume sales were a strong indicator that illegal gun trafficking might be taking place. Despite these warnings, manufacturers and distributors do not place restrictions on the number of guns a dealer can sell to a potential customer. (Koper, 2007, page 9)

    However, federal law does require a dealer to send a purchase form to law-enforcement agencies when a multiple sale takes place. A multiple sale is defined by law as the sale of two or more handguns to a single person within five business days. This requirement applies only to the sale of handguns and does not extend to the sale of other guns such as rifles and shotguns. (Koper, 2007, page 9) The multiple sale requirements can be avoided if the customer and dealer collude by arranging for the customer to pay for large quantity of guns at once and retrieve a single gun every five business days from his stockpile at the gun store.

    A case brought by the Brady Center demonstrates how a corrupt dealer can arrange sales to circumvent the federal requirement of issuing multiple sale notices to law enforcement. The case involved an illegal trafficker named Donald Feissinger who approached the Old Prairie Trading Post – a gun dealer – about purchasing large supplies of guns in a manner designed to avoid the large volume sales reporting requirement. The dealer agreed to assist Feissinger in his efforts to circumvent the federal law requirements pertaining to the multiple sale of guns. To this end, the gun dealer made an arrangement with Feissinger whereby he could order and pay for several guns at once and return to the store every five business days to claim one gun at a time. This practice allowed the dealer to avoid reporting the multiple sale to the authorities. (Koper, 2007, page 10)

    Another case involving large volume sales was that of Francisco Ramirez and José Roberto Gonzalez who operated a gun trafficking business using a straw purchaser. The straw purchaser would buy guns in Arizona and resell them in California. The straw purchaser bought a large supply of guns on three separate occasions from Windy City Pawnbrokers. On each occasion, the purchasers paid for the guns in cash. Notwithstanding the suspicious nature of the sale, the dealer completed the transaction nonetheless. On September 7, 2002 Windy City Pawnbrokers sold the straw purchaser 15 guns in a single sale. On another visit to the same store the buyer purchased an additional 52 semi-automatic handguns. A few months later Windy City Pawnbrokers sold the straw purchaser 35 additional handguns in a single transaction.

    Gonzalez and Ramirez were subsequently indicted and pled guilty to the illegal purchase of over 100 handguns from two dealers in Arizona. The gun dealer was not prosecuted and continues to conduct business in the same premises. (Siebel & Haile, 2007, p.38)

    Brian Hancock, a straw purchaser for a gun trafficking ring, bought a total of 177 firearms in 22 sales at Peddlers Post Gun Store in Wilmington, Ohio. Hancock bought in excess of 500 guns operating as a straw purchaser. These guns were later sold in Detroit and Boston among other cities. Peddlers Post sold Hancock between three and thirteen guns in each separate transaction at the store, Hancock bought the guns on behalf of a gun trafficker in Michigan who would drive Hancock to the gun store to purchase the guns in exchange for a fee. (Siebel & Haile, 2007) Around the same time period, a man named Calvin Walker purchased 50 guns from the Peddlers Post gun store, 44 of which were subsequently recovered at crime scenes in New York, Michigan and North Carolina. The first purchase made by Walker at Peddlers Post involved 21 guns on February 19, 1994. (Seibel & Haile, 2007, p.37)


    Peddlers Post gun store in Wilmington, Ohio sold multiple guns to Noah O’Brien, a gun trafficker, between June and September in 2003. More than four of these guns were used in violent crimes in New York City. An additional 28 guns were recovered by undercover police officers. Peddlers Post sold three High Point 9mm pistols to O’Brien on September 1, 2003. Soon afterwards, O’Brien bought an additional six High Point pistols on a single visit to the store. (Article 16) In August 2003 O’Brien accompanied a trafficker named Manuel Salazar to Peddlers Post where Salazar purchased four handguns. (Siebel & Haile, 2007, p.42)

    In 2006 in an undercover sting operation six officers from New York City were sent to Peddlers Post in Ohio to engage in straw purchasing with the dealer. The city of New York subsequently sued Peddlers Post for engaging in the illegal sale of handguns to traffickers from New York City. (Siebel & Haile, 2007, p.43) Peddlers Post was not prosecuted and is still open for business

    Between January 29, 2005 and April 15, 2005 Longhorn Trading Company in Haines City, Arizona sold a total of 18 guns over four visits to Antonio Gonzalez, a gun trafficker. On January 29, 2005 Gonzalez purchased three semi-automatic handguns from Longhorn Trading Company. Five days later guns Gonzalez purchased an additional six .380 caliber handguns from the same store. Gonzalez returned once again to the store on April 15, 2005 where he purchased six more firearms including a semi-automatic assault rifle. Although Gonzalez made repeat purchases of multiple guns per visit which is a strong indication of gun trafficking, the Trading Company completed the sales nonetheless. (Siebel & Haile, 2007, p.45)

    Frank Anthony Mancuso a.k.a. Frank Marrano a.k.a. Salvatore Gambino bought 16 guns between January 2 and January 7, 1999 from Shoot Straight/Weapons Unlimited in Apoka, Florida. Among the weapons purchased by Mancuso were Ruger 9 mm pistols, Kel Tec .40 caliber pistols and Taurus .357 caliber handguns. (Siebel & Haile, 200,7 p. 45) Many weapons used in crimes have been traced back to Weapons Unlimited. In fact, between 1996 and 2000 the store sold 240 firearms that had been used in crimes. (Siebel & Haile, 2007, p.45) However, Weapons Unlimited was not prosecuted and remains open for business. Moreover, it is ranked in the top 200 crime gun dealers in the United States.

    Delia’s Gun Shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sold a total of 14 guns to Tyree Thomas, a convicted felon over a period of a few weeks in 2005. Among the guns sold were a High Point .380 caliber pistol, a Taurus .40 caliber pistol, a High Point .45 caliber pistol and a Heritage .40 caliber pistol. Though Thomas was prosecuted and sentenced to 46 months imprisonment, Delia’s Gun Shop evaded prosecution and is still open for business. (Siebel & Haile, 2007, p.44-45)

    The above methods are illustrative of the alarming ease with which guns are diverted to the criminal market. A high proportion of these guns are used in violent crimes throughout the nation.

    • Mickster

      just a sample of the corruption in this industry….

      • FlyAngler

        Mickster – You can not “love guns” while having such cut & paste fodder at your fingertips. This is drivel that could have come from Brady, CAGV, the Gun Violence Policy Center or any number of other gun-grabbing organizations. A “gun lover” would not stoop to presenting such info to make any case that could be made by a gun lover.

        Now, regarding what you did provide – arrest them all and throw them in jail. Revoke FFLs. Sweep up straw buyers. Interdict the follow of firearms from legal status to the illegal market. I, as a responsible and law-abiding gun owner (and 30-year NRA member) can support all of those things TODAY. And yes, I am well aware that the NRA makes some of this more difficult than it needs to be and I do not agree with that, but support their broader mission.

        If you take suicide (55-60% of gun deaths) and non-suicide illegal handgun usage (CAGV says 85%), you have over 90% of all gun death and injury accounted for. Let’s attack those two items.

        But rifles are involved in 2-3% of gun-homicides each year and AR/AK in less than that – yet that is where the focus is – why?

        Culture war, fear, ignorance and easy targets.

        • Mickster

          I could not agree with you more – someone needs to ‘drill down’ to where the reaI issues are and deal with them, like you say.

          I firmly believe that the NRA could have helped the government more along the way but they seem to have such a strong libertarian philosophy that ‘the twain will never meet’.

          So, now we’re left with these State clowns running around like headless chickens passing senseless laws and getting photo ops daily.

          Then NRA starts raising funds to challenge said legislation and the circus moves from State capital to State capital.

          Nothing changes.

      • Mark B.

        I agree, it’s a mess begging for law to be enforced.
        But the fish stinks from the head. One huge gun trafficker, Eric Holder, got let off the hook by his best buddy. Way to set an example.

      • Anonymous

        just a sample of the corruption in this industry…. er, government

        BATFE Fearless Distributing operation in Milwaukee, WI.

    • Anonymous

      Examples of some of these cases include the following:

      Fast and Furious, administered by US Attorney General Eric Holder and Acting Head of BATFE Kenneth Melson, with the support of Janet Napolitano’s DHS. Administered with plausible deniability for President Barack Hussein Obama’s “under the radar” gun control efforts.

      Propaganda cover orchestrated by DoJ’s Tracy Schmaler.

  16. Mark B.

          What manner of perversity is this? New York, and now Connecticut…
          These Liberal pansies evoke the deaths of children, who could not protect themselves nor be protected, toward the justification of incrementally relieving all others of that ability, of that hope, of that inalienable right. 
          At the same time, they push for abortion laws that utterly reduce an unborn child, regardless of age, to a status below that of an animal or a tumor. I would suggest that they sit in on a late-term abortion sometime, but I’m sure they’re too busy pondering their next move when they “revisit this”.
          Make no mistake – I am pro-choice, and I’m not trying to sound cute or tough, here. I fear these people. My apprehension for closed-minded perversity of this nature and magnitude is profound. 
          But if we are free human beings, our disdain for them should be equally profound.
          For a variety of reasons I have often pondered what buffoonish, bullying, elitist, self-serving goons these legislators are. 
          But apparently I can’t tell a goon from a ghoul.
    “Doctoral thesis” this.

    • FlyAngler

      pfd – Actually, you will likely not have to drag your ARs and LCMs down to the local constabularly for registration. From what I hear, “they” already know that they will not be able to handle physical registration of over 250,000 rifles and over 3,000,000 mags. So, again from what I hear from someone in Hartford who is supposed to know such things, registration of at least the mags if not rifles as well will be via, wait for it, mail or online. YES, the most dangerous hand-carried weapons on the planet will be registered without ever having to show that you own them.

      The “logic”? Who would register a rifle with a serial number other than what they own? Who would register more mags than what they own?

      Uh, sure, I have 500 30-round AR mags Mr. Computer – and that will cover all the ones I have now and all those I will by in the future either out-of-state or from folks in parking lots off I95.

      Or, you register a stripped AR lower which has a serial number but you never plan to make it into a complete rifle. Then, at some future date

      You can not make this stuff up.

  17. prosperityfollowsdynamite

    Mickster-Ready for it? I am about to “revert to type.” We lost today because we are the minority. Period. Less than twenty percent of the residents of this state love LIBERTY and understand HISTORY. Fly Angler and Anon above have admirably attempted to demonstrate to you with detailed reasoning why this is. You cannot understand because you do not posses the capacity to do so. You are content in your life to be a drone and a slave. We refuse. We “love guns” because we love FREEDOM.

    Often, history is spoken of in the past tense-“the lessons of history” etc. But history is right now. Today I will pick my children up from school. I will take them out for ice cream and tell them the stories of the many men and women in our family who have sacrificed so much for this country- the greatest the world has ever known. When we return home I will lower the Flag that flies in front of our home 24/7/365. I will turn it upside down and re-hoist it. I will then explain to them what this means-the gravity of it. Our State, indeed our Nation is in an extreme state of distress.

    When I am forced, in the near future, to appear at the local police station or wherever the tyrants decree to register my “assault rifles” and “large capacity magazines, I will again be taking my children so that they can look into the eye of the banality of evil. Civil servants, just “doing their jobs.” Perhaps then they will understand that Nazis do not exist only in movies and history books. They are real.

    • The only space between us prosperity is that I won’t be joining you in surrendering myself to the police. But you obviously have young children to care for and who need you – I’m past that stage of life and have the “freedom” to make a statement.

    • Anonymous

      Dear prosperityfollowsdynamite,

      It is with great sadness that I heard about your terrible losses during Hurricane Sandy, living in the FEMA flood zone, with precious family heirlooms being swept out into the treacherous currents of Long Island sound.

      However, get thee to a plumbing supply store or Home Depot and get some 8″ PVC pipe, screw on end caps, and glue and make sure you are better prepared for any future “floods” or “disasters.”


    • Mark B.

      “Private property and self-defense define liberty.”
      Richard Baum, an attorney from Sullivan County NY

      When my Dad died, he could have gone to Heaven, I suppose, and spent eternity fishing and walking hand in hand with my mother, stuff like that. But I know where he is.
      He rejoined the rest of the crew of his B-29, Sweet Eloise. He strapped himself into the tail gunner’s position, and from there, he and they will patrol the south Pacific, and anywhere liberty is threatened, anywhere the human desire to know how freedom feels is challenged, and they will do so in unending vigilance. Because that’s what warriors do.
      And that’s what his son is going to do.

      • Stedenko

        Whilst the Mickster and his ancestors got on their knees to welcome Cromwell.

        • Their knees were acceptable, I suppose, it was their lifting their buttocks in the air that so disgusted my own conquering ancestors. “What, do they think they’re sheep?” my old Scot great great great great grandfather Angus asked.

        • Mickster

          Let me explain the Cromwellian campaign to you in terms a warrior like you can understand – it was like a thousand My Lia massacres all over the country – horrific. Peasant farmers and their families mostly. Reduced the population by up to 40%. BTW that was in the mid-1600s fool.

          • As my great grandfather Caldwell described our family’s arrival on the Emerald Isle, “they came with Cromwell’s drunken soldiery.” Between the sheep and the drunks and the willing peasants they felt quite at home, and stayed until 1860.

        • Mickster

          And that coming from Angus, the greatest sheepshagger of them all!

  18. AJ

    This one’s for the we don’t need no stinking locks or guns Mickster:

    “…The “60 Minutes” producer had left her home unsecured around 6 p.m. to visit her ailing mother in New York City. When Streeter returned around 10 p.m., she discovered the burglary and called police.

    The police response and follow-up troubled the Hycliff Road resident.

    Streeter said she twice called police, first to report the break-in and then to ask where an officer was, because she believed it was taking too long.

    Police arrived between 10:30 p.m. and 10:45 p.m., she said.

    “They told me they had a shift change,” she said. “I told them, `I don’t care about a shift change.’ “…”

    “…While Streeter admits she should have locked her doors and turned on her alarm system, she said many backcountry residents often leave their homes unlocked. And when told by responding officers that there had been a couple of break-ins lately on Round Hill and Bedford roads, Streeter was perplexed.

    “So, why don’t we know this area has been hit,” Streeter said. “Your job is to inform the community if we’re at risk.”…”


  19. AJ

    Part of the beauty of unregistered guns is that the would be criminal never knows whether he’s going to find some victims or become one himself. No matter what you do the criminal will always have access to weapons, if not he can always make a zip gun, he can always make his own gunpowder and bullets. If the Petit family were armed, they might still be alive today. Perhaps it’s an argument that can counter Newtown.

  20. OG17

    If all you have to do is send in a declaration with no physical verification, John Cantius Garand of Greenwich CT may submit an inventory of LCM’s running into the 5 digits.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting thought OG17: a massive mail-in campaign of declarations. What if John Cantius Garand of Greenwich, CT sent in each item of his 5 digit inventory separately?

      Ten million mail in registrations surely would overwhelm the system. IF, the state could process 10K per day – a big IF, this is gov’t work and gov’t workers after all – it would take 4 years to process the declarations.

      100 million mail in registrations would make the registration system moot. At 1,000 processed applications per day, it would take 40 years.

      • Anonymous

        Francis Fudrucker of Cos Cob, CT has to be good for several thousand declarations.

        Dannell Malloy of Stamford, CT has to be good for several thousand declarations.

        Every faculty member at Yale has to be good for several thousand declarations.

        Martin Looney of West Haven, CT has to be good for several thousand declarations.

        Little dick Blumenthal of Greenwich, CT has to be good for several thousand declarations.

        Jim Himes of Cos Cob, CT has to be good for several thousand declarations.

        Rosa deLauro, Stanley Greenberg, …..

  21. Walt

    Dude –
    I wonder if Jennifer Petit wishes she had a gun? The Mickster should ask her. Oh wait. He can’t, because she is dead. Along with her two daughters.

    Does anyone really think Greenwich is safer than Cheshire? We don’t even have a grinning cat. Although we do have shaved pussy.
    Your Pal,

  22. Mark B.

    Talking about ancestry and gun rights…
    Given my ancestors were German and Scottish, it IS kind of ironic that I have such an issue with folks taking my stuff…

    • Mickster

      Still waiting for a response to those examples I gave you of gun industry corruption – cat got your tongue?

    • AJ

      I like that video. My grandmother who was born in 1880 could outshoot just about anybody. She told me she used to sit on the back porch of her farm and pick off rabbits to put meat on the table. My grandfather who participated in the Cherokee land rush was better known for riding into town on horseback with his four brothers and getting drunk and kicking the shit out of everybody.

  23. FlyAngler

    Mickster – I will ask the same questions of you that I have asked others. Let’s see if you any better able to respond.

    If Adam Lanza was actually named Ahmen Mouhammed and was heard screaming “alluha ahkbar” as he annihilated the 26 in Sandy Hook, would we be discussing gun contro at this point?

    Would it be more likely that Malloy would have stationed national guard in each CT school in response?

    What will you say about these laws when the next mass murder gunman metes out the amount of carnage he needs to take out his revenge on society?

    Show us whether you are human or not Mickster.

    • Mickster

      1. Absolutely, guards at every school.

      2. I have said here and elsewhere countless times, we need to regulate the flow of guns and ammo from the manufacturer to the law-biding consumer and the access of others to those guns once purchased.

      Honestly, FA, I don’t care at the end of the day what type of weapon you buy if you jump through all the legal hoops.

      We need to have seriously punitive sentences for those who possess illegal weapons. We have to have programs that will help take the illegal guns off the streets – it’s been done successfully before with aggressive policing.

      The key is to limit access to guns by those that are a danger to themselves and others. Doing that without limiting the freedom of law-biding owners is the dilemma.

      Doing nothing is not an option any more. I really think the NRA is missing a tremendous opportunity to contribute to the legal debate in a meaningful way and influence any laws. Robo-calling Newton parents might not be the best approach..

  24. Just Bob

    Mickster. You are hereby declared in violation of the 1st Amendment on this forum. To regain your 1st Amendment posting privileges, please submit the requisite form to the nearest Authorized Speech Center, accompanied by the corresponding fee. Once your certiifcate of speech eligibility is declared in proper order, you may rejoin the forum but no less than 2 weeks from this posting.
    Compliance guarantees Citizenship. Do you want to know more?