Fresh from denying citizens their constitutional rights, Connecticut Democrats push to grant illegal aliens new privileges

First stop, DMV!

First stop, DMV!

Issue them drivers licenses because God forbid they’re otherwise forced to break a law. Just to set the current picture: in order to buy a .22 rifle or even a box of cartridges- two bucks out of your pocket –  you must now prove that: (a) you are here in this country legally,  (b) that you have no criminal history or any record of being voluntarily treated for depression or other mental disorder; (c) have evidence from the Chief of Police of your hometown, and the state police, and the FBI that a background check has been performed and two letters of recommendation received from persons who know you; and (d) several hundred dollars to pay for background investigations, gun safety courses and fees.

On the the other hand, should you desire to drive a lowrider capable of doing 150 mph, you need merely announce. “My name is José, I’m here to stay!”, and Bob’s your uncle.

They call these people undocumented Democrats for a reason, and we’re handing them our country while we tyrannize real citizens. Only in the People’s New Socialist Haven.

UPDATE: Oops! I forgot to add as requirements for buying that ammo the submission to fingerprinting and mug shots. I was reminded when EOS pointed out this feature of Illinois’ program to license wetbacks:

The Illinois law has a “only a lib would think of this “clause in it: Illinois will not require applicants to be fingerprinted, for fear that would discourage immigrants from applying.


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12 responses to “Fresh from denying citizens their constitutional rights, Connecticut Democrats push to grant illegal aliens new privileges

  1. AJ

    Since this seems inevitable, can we at least have them provide proof of insurance quarterly? I think cars kill more people than guns do. Hopefully they’ll also have to prove they can drive and not just hand them a license. Will they have to prove who they are, or will this be a case of the government enabling identity theft? Do they know how to swim?

    • TheWizard

      Asking people already in violation of the law to obey subsequent laws seems a fool’s errand to me.

      • Which gives the lie to what this about: it’s not “common sense” regulation, it’s what those behind the laws have admitted: another step towards total confiscation. The great unwashed – Jack Moffly comes to mind are too dumb, or senile, to recognize this. Useful idiots.

  2. Peter Alexander

    Condescension has led to Conndescendtion & Conascension

  3. Atticus

    “And in a groundbreaking move, the Associated Press, the largest news gathering outlet in the world, will no longer use the term ‘illegal immigrant.’ That is out. No longer ‘illegal immigrant.’ They will now use the phrase ‘undocumented Democrat.’

    That is the newest — ‘undocumented Democrat.’” – Jay Leno

  4. OG17

    Since they helped to elect Democrats in CT they are now getting their reward. Registrars have no way of checking if registered voters are citizens and no id is required to vote in CT. Will they carve out an exemption for illegals to buy rifles and bullets since they are being denied their 2nd Amendment rights?

  5. Colorado and Illinois just passed a law permitting illegals to get a driver’s license. I believe Washington, Utah, and New Mexico permit it as well. My recollection is that when Spitzer was NY governor, he tried, but failed.

    The Illinois law has a “only a lib would think of this “clause in it: Illinois will not require applicants to be fingerprinted, for fear that would discourage immigrants from applying.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Some years back, a Russian professor predicted a breakup of the U.S.. I scoffed at the notion when I first heard about. Now it seems more than entirely plausible. Bravo Proggers!

    • When the president accuses those who disagree with him of being subhumans who hate their own children, dismisses the vast majority of Americans of being ignorant yokels, clinging to their guns and bibles, he’s working on dividing the country. And when a local prominent (well, large, anyway) Democrat appears on these pages urging those who dissent from the Democrats’ rule in Connecticut to “love it or leave it”, its fair to say that Democrats are intent on creating two countries. The problem with that result, for Democrats, is that if they drive out the productive and intelligent, who can they feed on?
      Personally, I hope they starve. And their children.

      • Obama is speaking in Atherton California today, home to many productive and “intelligent” people. He told them the whole town could afford to pay more taxes, and they laughed. They laughed! WTF?? Are they crazy? Did they drink kool-aid for lunch?

        And despite Mr. Obama’s eleemosynary gesture of giving back 5% of his salary to the little people, this is how The One travels. No cutting back for him there!

  7. AJ

    “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”
    –Edward R. Murrow

    Part Two: How Obama Surrendered Sovereignty to the Criminal Banking Cartel

    By John Titus

    Summary of Part One:

    The U.S. government openly conceded that its sovereign authority to enforce its own laws is gone when Attorney General Eric Holder testified that the Justice Department’s failure to prosecute any big banks is based on anonymous “expert” opinions that prosecutions would destabilize the financial system.

    This notion of “systemic importance” has been thoroughly discredited. According to Tim Geithner, it’s an intellectually bankrupt phrase. What’s more, it’s been debunked both legally and empirically, which is likely one reason the DOJ’s “experts” wish to remain anonymous.

    If it turns out that these “experts” are in fact agents of the big banks whose crimes are being immunized by the very entities whose discredited opinions the DOJ is relying on, then those “opinions” are nothing more than assertions of criminal sovereign immunity—a privilege that is legally limited to the President of the United States.

    Since “the King can do no wrong”—the legal foundation of sovereign immunity—the real King here is the criminally immune cartel of banks, not the President, since real sovereigns don’t surrender the right to enforce their laws. And following the long series of unprosecuted crimes…

    • So, according to Holder, not only are there “banks too big to fail”, but also “crimes too big to prosecute”. Not surprising, I guess, coming from an unrepentant gun-runner…