Teri Buhl sentenced to 30 days

I still don’t know much about this case involving a frequent FWIW commenter  (well frequent in the past- haven’t heard much from her in a couple of years – do you suppose Walt scared her off?) but it involves her stealing a girl’s diary about drinking in New Canaan and publishing it on the Internet. The prosecution failed to introduce the evidence needed to support that charge (never send interns to do real work) but Buhl was convicted on a misdemeanor and today a judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail and a year’s probation. I’m suspicious of this entire case – the vigorous police inquiry into the incident, an investigation that according to the cops took “months”, a full press prosecution and now a terrifically harsh sentence for a misdemeanor, violations of which usually result in a hundred-dollar fine and court costs. Buhl obviously offended someone powerful up in New Canaan and I wonder who it was?


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14 responses to “Teri Buhl sentenced to 30 days

  1. puled up in OG

    The judge was kind enough – the sentence for torturing the language is concurrent.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Ms. McBeal is going to the slammer? The Big House? The hoosegow? The clink? The pen, the pokey, crowbar college? AKA the lezbo love shack? ALL FOR A MISDEMEANOR?

    This is a travesty, an abomination, a disgrace, a miscarriage of justice, all shoved up the river without a paddle, I say. You are correct, there is more to this story.

    We know you were both actively investigating the wife swapping swinging scene in New Canaan, which I am still waiting to read about, BTW. Could it be that New Canaan is run by a secretive, hedonistic, orgy loving cabal, who upon discovering your perverted little plan to expose them, framed Ms. McBeal? I think that’s it!!

    Maybe you swapped the wrong man’s wife? You pooped when you should have popped? You had no yin for their yang? In the middle of your sexual depravity with the Judges wife, you were scribbling notes in your little reporters pad?

    Let’s hope she is ajadic..ajudice…Let’s hope she gets off. And look on the bright side, she well get used to wearing handcuffs.

    Your Pal,

    • You’re funny Walt. No Jail actually I walked out of the courthouse on a $25,000 appeal bond about 20 mins after the sentence and Judge Wenzel allowed my lawyers motion to stay the sentence. I always said I’d go jail to protect sources and now I might…well that is if the appeals court and the supreme court think the same as Wenzel, which will take a while to work through our legal system. I’m hav’in a great day working out in my zumba class and now I’ve got to finish a feature story due for Bitcoin Magazine about Mega – my fav pirate-software billion $ guy.

      Greenwich Gal – I’m still working as a contributing reporter for MarketNexus Media – a trade publication http://www.growthcapitalist.com, I also write feature stories for BitCoin Magazine. My editors have been great standing by me through this whole saga.

      Everyone else – I have never been charged with stealing anything in this case or invasion of privacy. I am charged with Harassment (class C miss-d) and Breach of Peace (class B miss-d) Head on down to the Norwalk court where you can ask to read the charges and motions filed including the hour long hearing we had yesterday about the problems we see in the evidence/legal logic the judge used. My appeal lawyer Steve Seeger did a great job.

  3. Anonymous

    An adult steals private property and then makes it public to embarass a minor. And you are “suspicious of the case”? You are obviously thinking with the wrong “head”

  4. TraderVic

    As an innocent bystander, I could rap Teri’s knuckles for being an inconsiderate, snoopy, and personally ambitious potential step-mother. But to send her to jail….honestly! My tax dollars should be better spent. At most, give her an ankle bracelet, please!

  5. Greenwich Gal

    It all seems kinda weird. What does this Teri Buhl do now? Is she employed? I can’t imagine the case would have made it to court had there been no evidence. Still – to publish a teenage girl’s diary online, especially when you are dating the father – is totally reprehensible.
    All rather dodgy, as the Brits say.

  6. Brown Eyed Girl

    Keep hope alive. In the words of George Costanza: ” I discovered something even better than conjugal visit sex. Fugitive sex!”

  7. AndyD

    She is definitely getting a raw deal because she has pissed off every policeman and public official in NC and surrounding towns in pursuit of the truth. She has also done some amazing financial reporting on the Bear Stearns CMBS story.

    But the reality is she threw all those positives out the window when started intimidating teenage girls and posting ones journal online.

    Grow up Teri, let kids be kids and enjoy the clink.

    • Anonymous

      amazing financial reporting? that’s an insult to real financial reporters. she’s basically been regurgitating taibbi, who has as much a firm grasp on the fundamentals of what he reports on as i do in reading sanskrit. nothing but a sensationalist journo if there ever was one.

  8. dogwalker

    Yeah, something is funny. And when all one has to go by is newspapers accounts, everything is open to question. But, it is reported that she claimed the diary was given to her by the girl’s friend. Does that then make it right to make things public? Not in my book. I imagine it is easy to lose perspective when you are in pursuit of a story . . . and when exes are involved.

  9. Mr. 85 Broad Street

    A little Humble Pie – 30 days in the hole?

  10. Teri Buhl Unhinged

    This story is weird to begin with, but given that Teri was (reportedly) in a relationship with the girl’s father at the time makes it even weirder. Teri’s 30 days might better be spent in rehab than in jail, and her year of probation would be better spent on a year of counseling.

  11. Fred2

    That the problem with our press… they are so demonstrably bad and incompetent about everything we know that stuff like this just makes us scratch our heads because you know that the salient points are missing.

  12. greenwichres

    The charges are bogus. She will win the appeal. If we charged everyone who did questionable things to expose an investigative story there would be no press. What a joke. If anyone should be charged, it should be the parents that allowed the underage drinking and their bodyguard cops.