Greenwich Republicans cheer new gun law

Greenwich Republican delegation returns from exercising their Second Amendment rights in Hartford

Greenwich Republican delegation returns from exercising their Second Amendment rights in Hartford

We send four representatives to Hartford – there are many, many people in town who have begun to actively look for replacements to these noodle-spined RHINOs. It’s time to elect men and women who understand gutter fighting and guerrilla political warfare, not ladies and gentlemen who gently whisper their protest and return home claiming, “well, we certainly gave it the old college try, at least. Boohla boolah, Eli Yale and pass the martinis.”

Our Riverside patrician Scott L. Frantz, Esq., doesn’t understand why anyone would be mad at him.  “I tried to exempt shotguns, he whined, “to protect the many sensible Republicans like me and my friend Jack Moffly who shoot skeet at the Country Club, but would they listen? They would not, and I’m oh so sorry that they wouldn’t. And to think I went to the trouble of having an elastic waistband sewn into my silk briefs just to make it easier for them. Such ingratitude (but oooh, such brutality!)”


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18 responses to “Greenwich Republicans cheer new gun law

  1. Old Coot

    I say it’s time for someone to invite Frantz to a neighborhood chin wag. Pols are usually willing to listen to those who elected him. Call his office. Explain you are unhappy with his decision and ask him to explain it. Invite a couple of dozen like minded souls over, serve tea and crumpets and see what the guy has to say.

    • Old Coot, Scott was contacted many, many times by several of his (former) supporters, who explained the issues involved – I know of one such individual who exchanged more than 200 emails with Frantz. At the end of the day (night, actually), Frantz told those who’d contacted him tat “it could have been worse”. And that’s what ticks me off – not his losing; we knew that would happen, but his being too naive too see the Democrat’s game and beat them at it. Scott is a very nice guy, generous to everyone and certainly has good ideas on how to bring back Connecticut, but none of that matters. We need a fighter, while I suspect Scott’s never even kicked someone in the shin- “It wouldn’t be sporting!”

  2. tryandtakeit

    Counselor,I say; If you can’t kick a man when he’s down, when can you kick him? We need dirty gutter fighters that beat the Dem’s at their own game. Breitbart was good at that, in the journalism realm. The kind of limp wristed Republicans you have in CT and I have in NY want to go along to get along, and I would have more respect for them if they took their beatings in the press (you know they’re going to no matter their position) but stood on principle. Oh, those were the days when men were men and woman were kind of like men as well, or at least more manly than these pusses are today.

    • TheWizard

      Losing Breitbart, to me, was a major hit. I thought he was fantastic to listen to on the subject of liberalism.
      Fortunately, we have guys like Ben Shapiro to pick up the slack. I recorded his Cspan BookTv “Bullies” show, the guy has liberals and their tactics pegged to a T. Any conservative republican serious about a campaign needs to hire the guy tomorrow.

  3. FlyAngler

    Scott was worried that, should he vote NO, a strong Dem could unseat him just on this single issue/vote. At which point he would tell you: Would you be better off with me in this seat or a Democrat?

    So, he is not only using the “it could have been worse” restrospectively about the law, but prospectively about the future. And he was convinced of that trade off.

    But what does it matter? Te Dems have a majority and don’t need Scott’s vote nor do they need another Dem should Scott lose the next election. So his YES vote is really meaningless to GOP fortunes and conservative law-making.

    But as I have said before, Scott needs the GOP leaderships’ blessing for the future and Cafero/McKinney wanted a bipartisan bill for their own future political ambitions. If nothing else, Scott was a team player, I just wonder which team was best served by his decision.

    Politics over principles. Again.

    • The Connecticut Republican party is absolutely, completely hopeless but, too bad for us, seems locked in the control of the McKinney/Moffly/country club blazer and ascot set. I say hopeless and I mean it. Time for a third party, one that will rouse rabble in Hartford, toss sand in the gears, spokes in the wheels and sugar in the gas tank. We need, in short, Yippies – Abby Hoffman types, who understand political theatre and how to use the weight of those in power against them. I know of one such former yippie who went libertarian, but he’s retired. Let’s find some kids.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Chris, you forget that Peter Schiff ran here in CT and corralled 27 % of the CT Republican primary vote, after Rob Simmons jumped back into the race. That aint bad at all insurgent campaigns can work, particularly when the party ranks lose faith in their leadership as has clearly happened in the wake of the knifing Cafero/McKinney inflicted on their constituents.

        • My point with a third party is that, for Greenwich candidates, I sense that the Country Clubbers would never dump any of their candidates in favor of a couple of firebrands – too undignified. Speaking of Greenwich Republicans, did you see what that fat fraud Walko told the paper about his vote for the gun laws? He was oh so proud of himself, so happy that he’d brought relief to the parents of Newtown by stripping us of our guns – this from the man who appeared before the Cos cob Rifle and Revolver Club membership and swore eternal fealty to Second Amendment rights. I realize that lying to constituents in order to gain their votes is a technique not invented by the Byram buffoon, but that doesn’t mean I’ll vote for him again, ever.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          If you haven’t already, you should join CCDL. Let’s just say they are ramping up for November 2014 in a big way. I suspect a lot of Reps and Senators in both parties are gonna be walking funny on Wednesday November 5th.

      • hmmm

        what are three libertarians going to do? i say vote in more democrats and let them finish the destruction of ct. can you get frankie the clown to run for something please?

        • hmmm

          We need pols like nancy and harry when you find them let me know and I’ll vote for him her until then I will now only vote dem…

        • Libertarian Advocate

          Let the Dems burn down the house…. Sooner or later the people on the plantation will see the fraudulent lily-white proggers for what they really are – corrupt overseers. When that happens, I’ll step aside and watch the Roman games. Thumbs down!

    • anonymous

      Wrong. Franz was worried about his re-election so he voted against his promise to voters, and, incidentally, the Consitution? Throw the bum out. He could have used his bully pulpit to make a stand, which might have had legs, but instead he caved to save his seat. Yeah, that’s the kind of guy I want representing me.

  4. Skeet shooting is okay, but only in self defense… or if you plan to eat them.

  5. republican

    walko – agreed / spineless / painful human being

  6. FlyAngler

    Even national gun bloggers are mocking Cafero and McKinney as well as all Reps who voted Yes:

  7. Fight'n Irish

    we need to clean house, this will not stop the criminal mind , but only make it more difficult for the law abiding to defend and protect

  8. hmmm

    That means you need to clean the dems out..and how do you propose we do that? This state is ruined regardless of this law what businesses are moving to CT?

    Fairfield County is the only thing keeping this state alive