Hmm – all is not gloom in Greenwich real estate at least

11 Broad Rd

11 Broad Rd

Another big ticket home has gone to contract, 11 Broad Road, in Belle Haven*, asking $5.299 million and never budging from that price in 200+ days. I don’t remember seeing this, but it looks very nice and attractive for those who wish to live in Belle Haven. It’s probably not true that Paul Tudor Jones is buying it for staff housing because we all heard the same rumor about him buying the Belle Haven club house for that purpose and, last we looked, the members are still hanging around the grounds, most of them without rakes or leaf blowers.

*not, I am informed by a reader who knows about these things, within the Belle Haven Association’s boundaries itself. Of the world but not in it, I guess.


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7 responses to “Hmm – all is not gloom in Greenwich real estate at least

  1. Anonymous

    Not in the association.

  2. Anonymous

    Riverside is on fire.

  3. New Buyer

    Since I am new to town, Belle Haven — it’s confines and club — confuses me. After you drive under 95, is every house on the Penninsula considered Belle Haven? Also, is the Belle Haven Club restricted to the several dozen houses in the Belle Have neighborhood (whatever that is?) or is membership for Belle Haven home owners simply automatic while people from other neighborhoods must apply.

    • I’ll leave it to those readers who know about this to clarify but there is a difference between the Belle Haven peninsula and the Association. All properties in the Association are on the peninsula, but not all on the peninsula are in the Association.If all A’s are C’s, and all B’s are A’s … that sort of thing. Who gets into the club automatically and who must grovel, I’m not exactly sure and don’t want to pass on incorrect information. Readers?

      • Anonymous

        If you live in the Belle Haven landowner’s association, you automatically get into the Club, unless you are a convicted felon (I’m not making this up). The association is roughly delineated once you pass the police booth on Mayo Ave, leaving it to your left–most of the houses (but not all) from then on will be part of the association. If you leave the police booth to your right and travel down Field Pt Rd, these houses are not in the association, until you make a right on Field Pt Drive–then you will be passing homes in the association. Broad Road and Walsh Lane and half of Bush Ave are NOT in the association. Confused yet?

        • I understand that a DUI can result in a felony conviction. Does the membership committee recognize the various gradations of felonies or are half the neighbors barred from the grounds? Is Livvy Floren restricted to guest privileges?