It’s a little late to be running articles on the absurdities of the new gun law Scott Franz voted for

20-year-old soldier back from Afghanistan barred from buying a .410 single shot shot gun. Thanks, Scott, thanks Livvy, and thank you Jack Moffly: without sensible Republicans to help our moronic Democrats craft a “bi-partisan” bill, ordinary citizens might have at least questioned what critics were complaining about. But a law approved by both parties is clearly just a “common sense” safety measure. And of course, they’re right:  I feel safer today than I did yesterday.


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12 responses to “It’s a little late to be running articles on the absurdities of the new gun law Scott Franz voted for

  1. Anonymous

    Connecticut – the UnConstitutional State

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Send these FACTS to your representative and ask him what EXACTLY these laws accomplish, other than taking guns away from people who use them responsibly:
    Facts do not matter when dealing with Libtards hell bent on destroying the Second Amendment.
    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      Redstate’s number of 270 million is low.

      There have been over 70 million NICS background checks during the less than 5 years of the Obama Presidency. This number doesn’t include the guns bought prior to the start of his first term.

      During the 8 years of the Bush Presidency, there were barely 30 million NICS background checks. This number includes the spikes as Obama won the nomination and it became clear pre-election that McCain was a loster (McCain is still a loser).

      GIven the lack of representation and political choice the people act as they can.

  3. Inagua

    The Connecticut law is just the beginning. When Scalia leaves the Court Heller will be reversed, and private gun ownership will be substantially regulated out of existence for ordinary citizens in Blue States.

    • Anonymous

      Inagua, you’re right about the gun-grabbers’ motivation being a march toward eventual confiscation. The National Socialists in Hartford and elsewhere have been clear about the confiscation objective.

      Tough to predict the future though. Who knows what black swans lurk out there over the event horizon?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Inagua: Or Lizard Boy as dyslexic Walt often calls you, Do you really thrive on being a COMPLETE kill-joy?

  4. Inagua

    Anonymous – I hope some black swan event changes the political trajectory, but it looks like Hillary will succeed Obama, and if that happens Heller will almost surely be reversed when Scalia is replaced.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting fodder for speculation Inagua.

      My 2 cents, is that the trajectory doesn’t continue uninterrupted. I don’t think history progresses in a linear or predictable curvilinear fashion.

      I’m not betting on a reversion to a Constitutional republic per se, but instead that there are also cycles to the progress of history and that we are at or near the end of an American saecula – roughly 80 year socio-cultural life cycles. End of saeculum periods frequently are defined by conflict. The American saeculum ends have been punctuated by the Revolutionary War, the War between the States, and the Great Depression which itself was shaped by WW II. Each marked a fundamental transformation. Some of the divides marking the end of this particular saecula, which began during FDR’s Presidency, are well noted and commented upon by CF’s readership.

  5. Anonymous

    it’s not too late to move to new hampshire CF. live free or die bitches.

  6. Superb conversation above and the number one reason I love coming to FWIW. Such great minds. Excellent banter. Persuasive arguments. Thanks to both of you for starting my Friday with so much to think about. Really.

  7. AJ

    […] That’s how America was born, by the way: by the desperate actions of a determined minority of colonists deciding they had endured enough suffering and oppression. They made a joint decision to flat out start killing (British) tyrants, realizing this was their last remaining option for achieving liberty.

    Due to this application of strategic violence for a noble cause, the British empire was eventually forced to withdraw because it could not physically commit a sufficient level of violence to achieve lasting control over the colonies. Importantly, even though the British won most of the military battles, they still lost the war for numerous tactical and sociological reasons. This is important because it indicates that military might does not equal military victory when people are defending their lives, their liberties and their core beliefs. (Just ask the Afghans.)

    Delusional members of the radical left think they can suppress freedom by writing words on paper

    The reason all this really matters is because the radical left is wildly delusional on all this, believing that if certain gun control words and phrases can be written on paper and ratified by members of government, then those words become a reality and all the privately-held guns, ammo and freedoms simply vanish from existence.

    This is precisely the same sort of delusional thinking offered up by the left’s advocacy of signs that say things like “gun free zone,” ridiculously believing that words on a sign will magically alter reality.

    They think the same thing about words on paper held at the state capitol. But history has shown that words are fleeting, but liberty lives forever. While gun control zealots may temporarily succeed in creating artificial constructs of their favorite words (i.e. “laws”), all that’s really happening in the physical world is that gun owners are burying their guns and ammo while mentally preparing to retrieve them when necessary to defend the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    Gun prohibition will fail just like marijuana prohibition
    Guns do not disappear simply because they are banned. They go underground. Everyone on the left should easily understand this point because most of them smoke illegal pot from time to time, and they know how easy it is to purchase marijuana even though the substance is criminalized according to federal law. Once guns are added to the list of banned objects, they will only become even easier to acquire through off-the-books networks of distributors and resellers, none of whom will pay taxes or report any purchases through government “background checks” systems.

    The best way to drive guns into the hands of criminals is to criminalize guns. Gun grabbers on the left are almost mentally retarded when it comes to anticipating the real-world impacts of their laws. Their intention is to eliminate guns, but intentions do not drive reality: economics does. Economics is the study of human decision making and behavior, by the way, not the study of money.

    Driving guns into the underground economy will effectively construct a huge infrastructure of underground gun production, distribution and delivery, allowing anyone who can buy pot right now to be able to buy guns in the near future. Gun shops that presently follow federal laws for background checks will be put out of business and replaced by underground gun smugglers who follow no laws whatsoever.

    In response, the federal government will multiply the budget of the ATF and declare a “war on guns” that will be roughly as successful as today’s miserable “war on drugs” — a police state fiasco that has done nothing more than fill the prisons with innocent victims while justifying the outrageous growth of police state agencies like the DEA.

    Leftists who advocate gun control are really advocating a massive expansion of the police state while invoking the organic, spontaneous economics of underground trade. The state cannot stop people from getting what they really want. The failed war on drugs proves that. It’s far smarter for the state to decriminalize the trade, regulate it and tax it — and that’s where gun sales are right now, before any new gun control laws are put in place. […]

  8. AJ

    Obama: Newtown children killed with ‘fully automatic weapon’

    President Obama told a group of Democratic donors Wednesday night that the children killed in the Newtown, Conn. attack last December were shot with a “fully automatic weapon.”

    Speaking to donors at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in San Francisco, Obama urged the need for “gun control,” and referred for the first time to an alleged “fully automatic weapon” involved in the Sandy Hook….