Throw Scott from the train

I didn't know the gun was loaded - really!

I didn’t know the gun was loaded – really!

I’m just formulating how to do this, but a concerted effort by Greenwich gun owners to punish our legislators for their betrayal of this week should, I think, focus on Scott Frantz. Not because he’s the worst of the four; far from it, but his defeat would garner national attention, while ridding ourselves of any of the others will  be of local interest only. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t throw them all out, but we should focus on Frantz.

Whose defeat will best send a message to other wavering politicians across the country: an amiable garbage man, a small town lawyer, the local drunk in a Chanel dress, or a multi-millionaire scion, host of presidents, a man with huge political ambitions and a state party aligned to help him achieve them? Make Frantz pay the ultimate price for his perfidy and politicians across the country, of both parties, will feel a loosening of their bowels and endure sleepless nights, the poor dears.

Scott is a very decent guy, but he bartered our trust for a bowl of pottage from his political bosses. We can and should make him pay for that betrayal, and his defeat will place the story right in the middle of the national debate. Besides, we’ve done the Lowell Weicker thing before, sending a local rich boy off to the national scene – do we need to repeat it?

Unlike Weicker, Frantz’s heart is in the right place: he articulates fiscally conservative views, advocates for a (somewhat) limited government and certainly doesn’t line his pockets at the public trough like Weicker). But he is totally ineffective, both because Republicans are irrelevant in Hartford and because he’s a patsy, susceptible to being rolled by scary Democrats and even his Republican peers. Losing his seat to a Democrat won’t affect us here in Greenwich one iota:  there’s  always been a bullseye on the town’s coffers, stapled there by the Democrats long ago. Frantz’s weak voice of protest has done nothing to protect us up to now and will do nothing in the future. He’s expendable.

But as a symbol, as someone to serve as an example to other politicians who vote against their principles, he’s priceless.


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  1. Fight'n Irish

    throw the bum out

  2. stedenko

    I think you will find that in Connecticut, there are more (law abiding) democrat gun owners and democrat-second ammendment advocates, than republican ones. Perhaps you could find public ground.

    As to scum bag Lowell Weicker. As Govenor he represented the New York City bedroon community, the rich, and trust fund babies, exceedingly well. Everybody else got fucked and it continues to this day.

  3. hmmm

    Scott should do the right thing and resign and so should that kid from byram but for two reasons his vote on the law and his ridiculous stance on being able to drive to and from hartford…he wanted the job but he really didn’t or he wanted it but for selfish reasons. Running for office means that you want to represent us so get in there and represent us.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    All of them better get hazmat suits for the coming shit storm.

  5. hmmm

    the next vote is in 18 months….by then all this will be water near the bridge.

  6. TheWizard

    Good luck, and I mean that sincerely.

    If we can’t ditch Obama at the national level, I’d be surprised if local elections do much better. Evidently a portion of the sane voting populace feels that without somebody to represent them, they’re staying home.

  7. Antoine

    I can forgive Frantz for selling out his principles to the soccer Moms to ensure his reelection, but I can’t forgive that thinning beehive hairdo. Get a haircut, pal.

  8. Libertarian Advocate

    Wizard: A motivated public can work wonders. Mittens was not inspirational.

  9. March Is The Only Way

    Nothing frightens the elected like a march. The press loves to cover it.

    March to the beat of MTV favorite: Money for nothing and your pension checks for free. That the way to do!

    Franz is just the patsy here, leave him alone.

    There are not enough deep pocketers out there to face the scrutiny long term. Maybe Foley.

  10. Chimney

    I don’t understand your logic- on one hand you say he is a decent guy trying to do the right thing, and then you say throw the bum out. Who in the Republican party can possibly achieve anything in Hartford? What is to be accomplished by tossing him out? Just as a symbol? Wow.

  11. Central Gwich

    Take it easy there Che. Not every Republican who works for bipartisan support, or changes course due to prevailing public opinion is a turncoat sellout.

    By your own admission, Scott’s a good guy. Newtown happened in CT. It would be the height of both callousness and political short-sightedness not to work on more stringent gun-law reform. You sound like a petulant child, you can still keep all 20+ of your guns if it keeps you warm at night. Scott is working for a small degree of fiscal responsibility which is far more important than your AK-47 collection. While having cops at every school would be wonderful, if not economically feasible, you can’t deny that this bastard Lanza having access to guns perhaps multiplied the death toll.

    • Anonymous

      Gun control or lack of it had nothing to do with the bad parenting and bad decisions which led to the Newtown massacre, and to suggest otherwise is pandering. As an upstanding privileged citizen, Nancy Lanza could have legally procured all the guns she wanted. How about controls on who can and cannot parent? That would have prevented Newtown and most other violent crimes.

      • Suppose we imposed the same restrictions on parenting that we now do on guns: Not under 20, only if neither parent has a criminal record or any history of mental instability, lock the offspring in vaults when not being supervised and only after obtaining a parent safety course involving 10 hours of classroom and actual hands-on parenting demonstration of skills. That would eliminate 90% of all inner city crime immediately – add an IQ test and we’re done.

    • TheWizard

      Without the AK-47 collection, there’s no chance at fiscal responsibility.

      When a citizenry is disarmed, governments turn totalitarian. Historical precedent tells us this. It’s hardly paranoia by gun zealots.

  12. Balzac

    For a conservative, nothing stupider can be conceived than throwing out Scott Frantz, a reliable, personable “very decent guy” as you say, to replace him with …. one more Democrat.

    This would be a meaningless temper tantrum provoked by single issue gun voters, who would sacrifice lots more important things.

    Such an action is like pissing in one’s blue serge suit: it feels really good for about 45 seconds. Afterwards………not so much.

    • Here’s the deal: we can do nothing in Connecticut – the Democrats are in total command, have been for decades and will continue to be so for years to come, especially as they bring in their voters and drive out the productive. So Scott is worthless up there. Yes, a decent guy and yes he gives stirring, well-thought-out speeches to cheer on those of us who are sickened by what’s happening to our state, but we’re the only one’s listening, so why bother?
      So if we can’t defeat the looters in this state, and I don’t believe we can, then lets make lemonade – send Scott off in a fiery Viking’s funeral that honors his service and sends a beacon across the land, demonstrating the power of an angry citizenry. Malloy won’t lose a wink of sleep; the PTA moms are his forever, but somewhere out there are some politicians, Democrats and Republicans, who aren’t in bomb-proof sinecures and who might just hesitate, even a little bit, before pissing on a constitutional freedom at the demand of the left.
      Hey, we’ve got nothing to lose – nothing.

  13. AJ

    Obama: Government Tyranny Impossible Because ‘Government Is Us’

    In his big pitch in Colorado on Wednesday for further gun control, President Obama made an astonishing statement about gun rights advocates’ fears of governmental gun seizures. He said that such worries would just feed “into fears about government. You hear some of these folks: ‘I need a gun to protect myself from the government. We can’t do background checks because the government’s going to come take my guns away.’ The government’s us. These officials are elected by you … I am constrained as they are constrained by the system that our founders put in place.”

    There are two odd angles to this statement. The first is Obama’s overarching theme: government violation of rights is impossible because “the government is us,” and we can’t violate our own rights. Were this true, we could do away with the Constitution altogether. We would also never have to worry about democracies turning tyrannical, or electing tyrannical rulers. In this odd vision, Germany, Italy, and Spain remained liberal democracies throughout the twentieth century, World War II never happened, and Egypt, the Gaza Strip, and Turkey are all thriving centers of freedom.

    The government is most assuredly not us – at least not all of us – which is why our system of government is designed to protect the rights of minorities while still allowing majorities to legislate without violating those rights. Obama’s defense to charges of incipient tyranny is that tyranny can never happen here. Which, of course, makes it more likely that tyranny will happen here.

    Truth be told, even Obama does not believe that the “government is us.” If he did….

  14. I wouldn’t throw Scott under the bus. A democrat from Greenwich might be what Hartford needs to ban all guns. Many of the capitalist who knocked the cover off the ball on Wall St are married to liberal women. Liberals are the prevailing constituents in this area. We conservatives are the dinosaurs. Our own Board of Ed is all Liberal. When it had a bona fide conservative the Riverside PTA organized a lynch mob. Do we know for sure if Scott, and our other Republicans, were not in Hartford they wouldn’t be abolishing even pea shooters?

    • That’s Scott’s defense, George – “it could have been worse” – and that’s what makes me so angry. Of course it could have been word, and Frantz should have made sure it was worse by getting behind every single one of the gun confiscators demands: total confiscation of “assault” rifles, mandatory separate liability insurance for gun owners, annual in-house inspections by the safety police, etc. etc. Had all that passed, the entire law could have been stayed while its obvious unconstitutionality was fought over and eventually won by our side. My guess is that anti-gun nuts know better and would have been forced to actually draft a looser, less stringent law than the Republicans and wouldn’t that have been fun? Try explaining to the Mommy PTA that you had to turn down the Republican’s proposal to immediately ban all guns in the state because of your concerns about the Second Amendment – uh huh.
      What Frantz did was to help the Democrats – they know this is a piecemeal process, they threw everything at it, Scott helped them sort out the most egregious bits and then wrapped it all up in a bi-partisan shroud and presented it as a gift to Malloy. He advanced confiscation by acquiescing in . They’ll be back; I’m determined to ensure that he isn’t.

  15. D

    Agreed – He’s useless. So, is there a way to get him off the ticket? Or am I voting for a Democrat this fall?

    • nick ohnell

      Chris- I agree with Chimney, you’re willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You’ve become a one issue voter. Scott often is one of the few folks in Hartford who understands our State’s economic plight and fights the dems on the matter. If your effort is successful all that will occur is even a greater dem control in Hartford.

      I believe in 2014 Ct could elect a Rep. gov because Malloy has screwed up so badly on the budget. If that occurred having more Rep. in the legislature would be very helpful.

      I do agree the gun bill is a terrible piece of work.

      • Mr. 85 Broad Street

        If only we had a decent Republican option. Instead we will likely get Cafero of McKinney or some other numbskull currently in Hartford. I’m not sure Malloy-Foley II would be much better.

        Besides, who would then want to butt heads with the Democratic legislature for four years?

      • No one I respect more than you, Nick, so I’ll think it over as the blood cools. I’m not at all convinced that we’re better off with a Republican governor- I’ve seen no appreciable difference in the past, but I’ll reconsider, even if I arrive back where I started.

        • hmmm

          Balz and Central Gwich,

          I think you might be wrong…please look up how many republicans voted for the biggest tax increase in the history of ct that went into effect in July of 2011.

          Pay close attention:

          The Senate voted 19-17 for the spending plan shortly after 3 a.m. local time yesterday after about 11 hours of debate. Three Democrats joined Republicans in opposition. The House voted 83-67 for the budget just before midnight after 10 hours of debate, with 15 Democrats and 52 Republicans opposing it.

          NO Republican voted for the biggest tax increase in the history of the state and guess what hold it hold it hold it pause for effect…it still passed!!!!

          Now getting back to your point about there are more “important things” to do: it is quite evident that the Republican party cannot move the discussion on the “important things” to do in this state. The bottom line is that it does not matter.

          And sorry, getting reelected is not a reason to do something, I feel sorry for you if you live life that way.

          And just for the record look at the voting results of the republican budget:

          A no-tax alternative budget offered by the Republicans was defeated at 12:28 a.m. today on a party-line vote, 22 to 14. Party line vote, something the GOP is incapable of…

          Now what were you both saying about moving the discussion forward to more “important things”?


      • hmmm

        Who Cafero? McKinney?

        Please tell me who?

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Nick: See my post below, and then explain how Frantz was any different than Looney, Dargan, Bye or any of the other Dems who built this crap sandwich and crammed it down our throats with the energetic help of our “Republican” delegation. (Frantz and Floren for me over here in Waziristan).

    • hmmm

      It’s 2014 and that’s right I am voting for a dem

  16. Striperman

    While sworn to uphold the US and CT Constitution, Mr. Malloy, Mr. Franz and the Democrat majority have willfully tossed it aside in favor of a government moving towards tyranny. While carving out access to modern semi-automatic center-fire rifles for the police, they have created a wanton disparity between the citizens of this once fine state. No more do the citizens have the legal authority to defend themselves against any dominating force either criminal nor the excesses of an all-powerful government. We have lost this battle and cannot sugar-coat it as some increased safety measure.

    if you believe in Liberty and and the right to pursuer happiness given to us by God and not the government, then Mr. Franz and company must go. His replacement must be committed to unwinding this atrocity and restoring liberty to the people.

    • hmmm

      If the gun manufacturers are not leaving then there is no hope and they aren’t leaving!

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Ummm…. The CT DRS is a vindictive crew who will make life miserable for the manufacturers if they make it public right now and thereby publicly embarrass the legislature and Maolloy. They could be playing a long game here.

  17. PA

    I see a big difference between R’s who worked on the inside to try to minimize the damage, like Larry Cafero, and those who sold out wholesale and bragged about how great this bill is like McKinney. I am not sure the idea, as some have suggested, of letting the bill be as bad as possible so we could win in court was a viable option. Most of us with guns would have been criminals or deprived of most of our guns while the matter was litigated for the next several years. So I think there was some value to those who worked so hard to water this down to its current stinking level. I think Franz like Cafero is in that group. Unfortunately the Republican party does not even see this distinction, they have been swallowed whole by sell outs like McKinney.

    So who does the party pick to celebrate?

    Sickening. I wish there was a real alternative Libertarian party, but till then we need to hold our noses and vote for the best R’s we can get, Certainly no reason to attend the Bush dinner this year!!!

    • Thanks for the link, PA – maybe we should attend the dinner, as protestors. Great TV and guaranteed coverage.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        We are making our own coverage. Protest? What are you a dirty hippy? I have a MUCH better idea. No surprise there.

        We video tape a weekly Saturday interview with a local newsmaker of interest. Then we post it here and on YouTube!! They will go viral Dude.

        We call it “The Fountain of Truth™”!! Like it? Don’t worry, all you have to do is ask the questions I write for you, and not piss yourself. We can tape it at local restaurants, over a free lunch. Payola Dude!!

        You want to start with this Scott Frantz guy? Here are some questions for him:

        Have you stopped cheating on your taxes?

        Did you not vote for Obama because you dislike blacks?

        Frantz sounds like a German name. Is that why you don’t like Jews?

        Do you style your hair after Moe Howard?

        Why do you hate the Second Amendment?

        Is it worth trading character and integrity for a career in politics?

        What is the biggest fringe benefit of being a politician? The bribes, the hookers or the blow?

        Do you dislike Francis too?

        Yes or no question: Does it bother you that Barry is a gay commie?

        Where do you want to tape it Dude? Ginger Man?
        This is going to be big Dude. EVERYONE will want to be on. If they don’t come on, everyone will think they are a hairless pussy. This will work. I can feel it.

        Your Pal,

  18. Libertarian Advocate

    This is where our real focus should be as there is a HUGE web opportunity here for any republican smart enough to capitalize on it. Sadly there are no Cruz’s Rubios or Pauls here in CT who know an opportunity when the see it:

    Connecticut’s Democrat Party: A House Divided

    Yesterday, March 14, 2013, Colt Arms, a legendary Connecticut firearm company that has manufactured firearms for over 175 years in this great state, bussed 400+ of its employees to Hartford to impress upon the state’s Democrat majority legislature the faces of those people who are at most economic risk should the democrats pass into law the most draconian anti-gun bills now pending before the state’s legislature. With one or two exceptions, the proposals would do exactly NOTHING to reduce the possibility of – never mind prevent – another mentally ill person from murdering his own mother so he could seek to out do the insane murderer of Sandy Hook Elementary’s staff and students.

    Scanning the crowd of Colt workers in the video above, what is most immediately obvious is the racial, ethnic and sex diversity of Colt’s work force. Most of Colt’s jobs are blue-collar union manufacturing jobs.

    For some time now, Connecticut’s Democrat Party has been a two caste hierarchy with college and grad school educated liberal elitists providing the management of the party and filling out the party’s candidates for higher statewide and Federal office while the balance of the Party’s rank and file have consisted mostly of blue collar workers who are very often union members. But more recently, the hyper-educated “Progressive” and very wealthy elitists of Fairfield County have gained a much firmer grip over the Party in both operations, policy, agenda and decision making. In reality, these two groups could not possibly be more divergent in their respective economic interests, although the elitists have been successful – until now – in veiling over those clear clashes in interest.

    In the immediate aftermath of the disaster at Sandy Hook, the opportunistic Fairfield based elitists pushed fast and furiously to ram through an extremely restrictive gun control package that would – if it is passed – effectively ban for sale in Connecticut the very firearms that Colt and several other Connecticut manufacturers make and have made for years in this state. In so doing, the Fairfield elitists have thrown the blue collar workers of this state under the bus.

    Colt’s owners and employee’s have made it clear that they do not believe Governor Malloy’s promises to exclude Connecticut’s gun manufacturers from the effects of his dream “progressive” gun-control legislation will have any effect in protecting the company from the inherent negative effects of his gun control package, properly pointing to the economic damage already done to Remington’s New York State operations in the wake of proudly “progressive” Benito Cuomo’s evisceration of gun right’s in that state due entirely to a growing nationwide boycott of New York State gun products. Who are the people most immediately hurt by Cuomo’s laws? The blue-collar workers who will be losing their jobs.

    God, isn’t it wonderful to be a narcissistic progressive? You never have to live with the consequences of your own actions; that’s for the little people to suffer.

    • FF

      Lib. That is a bit of a fantasy about the Democratic Party, in fact it couldnt be farther from the truth. The leader of the Dems in the Senate is a hard-core labor supporter from Cincinnati with a background in the auto industry. Fairfield County has Carlo Leone in the Senate, who works with the unemployed in Bridgeport, Bob Duff who sells real estate at Sotheby’s. The House is dominated by urban legislators who generally made their bones as “community organizers” (I know), and other community based professions. Most, if not all, work for a living in real jobs. The staff in Hartford is uniformily NOT from Fairfield County. I can’t profess to know the inner workings of the Republican Party, and it would be wrong to say they all have bank accounts like Scott Frantz and Livvy Floren. So to that, I suspect you are projecting yourself on the Democrats more than what it the fact. As far as weapons, some of my clients and prospective clients in the arms industry, including Freedom Group and Colt, have been well received by the administration, in fact you might recall that Freedom Group was working with the Governor for some assistance to move their operations to Connecticut. I suppose that messes with your hypothesis as well.

      • Don’t know about most of your contentions but as for arms manufacturers, I suspect we’ll see a drop in interest in any of them moving here after the governor called them clowns and merchants of death yesterday.

  19. Balzac

    What was that Buckley rule: vote for the most conservative candidate who actually has a realistic chance of winning? Yes we conservatives are frustrated by what appears to be a Democratic lock in CT. But here’s an idea to consider: is electing Tom Foley our governor the next chance we have to achieve something worthwhile? In the Obama CT landslide, he lost very closely last time.

  20. Libertarian Advocate

    Safe to assume Maolloy knows he’s a one-termer now. I am still persuaded that he’s been offered a Washingtoon gig, who knows, maybe DoJ (which would be appropriate since he’s such a dodgy character). Holder has long hinted he wants out.

  21. hmmm

    And I don’t care about the tax code nearly as much as I care about my freedom

  22. Fred2

    Vote with your feet, as the expression goes.

    Failing that, push hard to give them everything they want, give it to them so hard they choke on it. Make sure that there is no bi-partisan cover, so when the time comes they will have to OWN their failure and ignominy.

    That’s the reason to have a republican who just stubbornly votes no on everything.