Declare victory and go home

$15 trillion has been spent on the “War in Poverty” since LBJ initiated it. Score: Poverty 50 million, liberal progressives 0.

If you’re curious, our entire national debt is $16 trillion

But soda makers pull in $4 billion a year from food stamps.

Meanwhile in Colorado, you may have lost the right to own a gun but Democrats have just blocked a bill that would have barred collecting welfare cash from ATMs at strip bars. Gee, Democrats have funny priorities, don’t they?


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6 responses to “Declare victory and go home

  1. cos cobber


  2. speaking of Democrats from Colorado:

    • Inagua

      So the “prime House co-sponor on the ban of the high capacity magazines” has no idea what a magazine is. How fitting.

  3. Al Dente

    I can get a lapdance on Uncle Sam? What a country!

  4. So if we wrote 700k checks to all poor families then… they would not be poor and neither would we…..

  5. Fred2

    Because unintended consequences be damned, no one will THINK of putting a cash machine around the corner from the Strip club, that simply wouldn’t be proper cricket.