Those “Mayors Against Guns” are in the news again

Latest clown pointed his pistol at a 20-year-0ld (boy – does that matter?) and demanded he submit to oral sex. Like the rest of the gun-toting mayors who’ve joined Nanny Mike on this issue, he clearly is afraid of what he’ll do next.

And while he’s not a mayor, yet, here’s a drunken cop at a strip bar who fired his pistol through the bathroom door. G-string, G-man, what diff?


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6 responses to “Those “Mayors Against Guns” are in the news again

  1. Mickster

    “Remember, these are only allegations, and I especially caution against generalizing from this example to presume that all Republicans who support gun control are dangerous cocksuckers.

    At least, not literally . . .”

    Gotta Love it..

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Tit for tat I think. Didn’t Benito Cuomo blame Bloomturd last week for the clusterf__k gun legislation that passed in New York and promptly tanked Cuomo’s poll number by nearly 20 points.

    Night of Long Knives. Gotta Love it, right Mickster?

  3. weakleyhollow

    Oh, the huge manatee. Thanks heavens he didn’t use one of them ‘salt weapons.

  4. Mickster

    Lets try to stay on topic here for a change guys – here it’s blow jobs