It’s what they voted for

You can believe in this, baby: you've been hosed

You can believe in this, baby: you’ve been hosed

“Elections have consequences”, Kenyan leader Barack Obama told his adoring college fans, and boy do they: unemployment for those under 25 is 22.9%. Barack’s doing what our colleges couldn’t, or wouldn’t: driving home the hard economic lesson that there’s no free lunch.


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  1. peg

    So true, Christopher. Unfortunately, many of the young minds-full-of-mush still buy the BS that “it’s all GWB’s fault.”

    Wonder how many years they can go on selling that swampland?

  2. You won’t hear it from Obama or the press, but unemployment for blacks is close to that number, if not higher.

    As an aside, Hannity had a dozen or so black conservatives on his show last night. I missed it but I heard rave reviews – that black conservatives are fed up with being pigeon-holed into being a liberal. Anyone here see it?

    • Old Coot

      I saw the Hannity show. Would have been better without Hannity but good premise and a well-rounded group of conservatives. Shame they don’t have much voice or when they do speak out, like Dr. Carson, they ate called every name in the book by libtards.

      BTW Miss Earth, I see from your own blog today is your 65th. I’m an older Old Coot than you so 65 seems young. Have a good birthday.

    • FF

      EOS, keep dreaming. By basic beliefs, there should be far more blacks voting Republican. You have a large segment of the AA population that are staunchly religious, family oriented and possess a rather conservative approach on social issues. But until you can keep the Republican Party from dog-whistling tacit support for race bating, voter suppression in minority communities, combined with a general lack of blacks in real positions of authority – and one Tim Scott in office or one Condi Rice does not make an overall equality with the Democrats – you will have the Ben Carsons of the world wasting their breath on a group that is not as you might believe brainwashed or (please dont say) dependent, but in fact knows they might have some chance in the other party to really affect things. The panel you describe are like Log Cabin republicans or non-Cuban Hispanic Republicans, which are sincere and marginalized, used to pretend a level of inclusion and just as immediately discarded. The “autopsy” was a joke, conservatives will only come back when they understand their coalition has to include movement compromises. I doubt that will happen until the Libertarians start pulling 15%, and that party doesnt seem to have a race problem at all

      • Honestly Frank, your comment is so utterly offensive, I don’t choose to waste my breath to respond.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          EOS: Can you smell the FEAR? The Proggies are in full-blown panic.

          On to more important things:

          Happy Birthday to you,
          Happy Birthday to you,
          Happy Birthday Dear EOS,
          Happy Birthday to you.

        • Frank’s a Greenwich Democrat and doesn’t feel the need to be polite to losers like you and me.

        • FF

          Boo hoo. You adore conveying the most offensive things about the President in so many guises, but get twisted up when your frozen in amber fantasies get challenged. But happy birthday

      • Walt

        Francis –
        Why do the Democrats always play the race card? Will we ever move beyond that? Is to too much to expect a politician to do the right thing, based upon principle, and integrity? Let’s appoint and elect the most qualified person, male or female, black or white. Then let’s hold them accountable.

        Do you really think voter ID is race based? REALLY Francis? Talk about something that is basic common sense. For election fraud to be rampant, in this day and age, is a disgrace. It has nothing to do with race. But the Democrats claim it is.

        We need term limits. Get out from under the bed, you little weasel, you need to hear this. Career politicians are a recipe for disaster.

        By any fiscal measure, Connecticut is a financial train wreck headed for disaster. Why don’t you people deal with that, instead of stripping away Second Amendment Constitutional rights granted by the Constitution, all under the false flag of protecting children. It’s a blatant lie and you know it.

        I have a lot more, but work on that for starters.

        And why haven’t you rolled out the scratch and sniff instant lottery tickets? Those would sell like hot cakes.

        Your Pal,

        • FF

          We discussed a ticket based upon 50 Shades of Grey(really). The focus group apparently sniffed the tickets instinctively, so it got changed to Pink and Pearls. Also true, the Polish National Lottery asked for the rights to it

        • FF

          Couple of things. In general, I dont find voter ID to be racist at all. A lot of the sob stories of 90 year old ladies and “black folks dont drive in the city” that come out of it seem as specific and rare as deciding some old guys called the New Black Panther Party being jerks one day in Philadelphia are somehow the vanguard of a national voter suppression panic.
          As far as the right person for the job, with integrity, I’m all for that! But if I’m black, it might call into question why, every year, the Republicans have 435 House seats to run candidates in, as well as 33 or 34 Senate seats, yet somehow only decided eleven times prior to 2010 that the black candidate was the most qualified candidate, electing only three. Who knows, that may be the case, but if I’m black, it might tell me that my horizons are limited whereas there are 42 elected blacks in Congress in the Democratic Party, and almost 1000 distinct candidates running in various seats over the past two decades. If you can’t step up to the plate, how to you get to show you can take a swing? As I said before, the Republican Party in many places appears a natural fit for a large segment of the black population in the US, but the lack of actual inclusion occurring across the board, rather than in highly publicized individual cases, drives that voting block over to the Democrats.
          There are 32 million Americans self-identifying as black, and about 82% register Democratic.There must be a reason for this, and it would be an insult to millions of our fellows to say a “culture of dependency”, or “free stuff” or apply some kind of mass ignorance. The reason is that in one party, their voices are not only heard, but put into action on every level. Not so with the Republicans, and no amount of retort can alter the math.
          As far as fiscal Connecticut, the Republican plan seems to be to repeat “Connecticut Sucks” until such point that the voters agree and turn out the Democrats. The problem with that is that normal people dont like to hear that they suck, so they tune out the rest of the message, whatever that is.Have you seen the so-called “Republican Budget”? When they call for $700 million in gambling revenue in a package to balance the budget, you wonder. There is really nothing there except tax cuts, not a lot of thought at all.
          As far as the guns, confiscate them all and melt them down for black helicopters and powder blue UN military helmets. Except the area from Round Hill Road to King Street. Make that a true Second Amendment paradise, no restrictions, free fire, the works. That would be fun.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Frank: That was a truly nasty diatribe, beneath a point where I thought you were even capable of sinking. Staggering. Ben Carson, as Chief of pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins is more accomplished than Barack, Michelle, Biden, You, DB, Jesse Jackson, Al (Resist We Much … hiccup) Sharpton COMBINED.

        I caught Hannity’s show at the tail end. It seemed evident to me that the audience of black conservatives were there to express their complete disgust at the VILE RACIST deluge of smears and ridicule emanating from the mostly white progressive press at the obvious direction of the WH. They were clearly deeply offended by it and they are now more determined then ever to fight against it, in their communities.

        Davids Plouffe and Axelgrease, in their classic arrogant and classless fashion went way too far this time with their take out Ben Carson campaign. You Progs will soon rue the day you took on a man of such singular character and accomplishment.

        • Thank you LA and Walt for saying what I couldn’t to Frank. I refuse to let Frank ruin my birthday so I’m doubly thankful to others for chiding him for his vile racist stupid remarks.

          Peg and LA, thanks for the birthday wishes. And Old Coot, whoever you are, I should scold you for outing me here. This is Chris’s blog but thanks for the sentiments nonetheless.

          Back to cake!! 🙂

  3. BB Gun Arrest

    What if he had a bow and arrow and was a native America?

    What if he had a sling shot?

    I think you get arrested for breathing these days!

    Why don’t we just paint the world Government and non-Government Zones.

    He was homeless because of Obama and now learning to hunt for food. Did the cops drop their weapons!?

  4. Cobra

    I watched it, EOS…it was quite enlightening. It is unfortunate that their well-reasoned, articulate voices are effectively stifled by the media and the chorus of rabid libtards such as the Obozo-encouraged Reverends Wright, Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, and their ilk.

  5. George W. Crossman

    Frank just referred to Conservative Blacks as “Uncle Tom’s”. Shameful. If you don’t agree with a Lib they always resort to name calling.

    • Liberals, like frank and his colleague Dollar Bill, are indeed racists and homophobes, and it always comes out when they are confronted with a conservative black or gay. “Uncle Tom”, “House Nigger”, “Oreo” are just some of the things spewed forth when liberals refer to Justice Thomas or Condoleeza Rice, and notice how Dollar Bill keeps repeating “tea bagger” when referring to libertarian small government types, because in his mind a sexual act between homosexuals is disgusting and by calling us “fags”, in effect, he thinks he’s really blasted us.
      Just as Obama decries “playing politics” when what he means is someone disagrees with him, the rest of the liberal crowd projects their racism and feelings of confused sexuality on those they don’t like.
      And they claim the high ground.

      • TheWizard

        One thing I was taught some years ago that holds true is that liberals always accuse others of their own sins.

      • pulled up in OG

        Again with the revisionist history. You staple a box of Lipton’s finest to your hat, carry a sign saying you’re gonna “TEA BAG the LIBERAL DEMS BEFORE THEY TEA BAG YOU!!” and mail teabags to your congressman, guess what?

        • The “tea party” was so named because, way back before progressive education’s scope extends, people rebelled against a despot and- wait for it- threw tea into Boston Harbor. Check it out, it really happened.

        • pulled up in OG

          Oh, yeah . . . that bunch of genocidal slave holders whining about the tyranny of the King. : )

          • They teach you that in school, OG or are you yourself a teacher?

          • Pulled, I hadn’t realized you were so young – obviously the product of public education as promulgated since 1980. And like most of that product, you feel oh-so-smart for discovering that there was slavery – yes, slavery in the colonies. And with that, you and your ilk can dismiss from mind what was accomplished in our revolution: a very small, incredibly brave group of men who defied their king and defeated the largest army in the world, then went on to form a country that for almost two hundred years kept tyrants at bay, recognized god given, not government given rights, and offered shelter, opportunity and freedom to the rest of the world.
            Ah, but where were the gay lesbian transvestite cripples in all this? They weren’t included! So we’ll dismiss the rest of that meaningless blather and work to reestablish the tyranny those people rejected.
            You stupid, ignorant and unwitting tool of the progressives,

        • Walt

          Dude –
          Like so many things of historical significance, the “Boston Tea Party” has morphed over time, and the true facts of the actual event have been lost in translation over time.

          It was actually the “Boston Wet T-Shirt Party”. The first wet T-shirt party in recorded history. The Harvard Frat boys, who had already been around for about 150 years, decided to throw a pre-Christmas kegger. So on December 16, 1773, they went with an Indian theme (nothing wrong with that!!) and invited some large breasted Pocahontas hotties to meet them on one of their Daddy’s yachts in Boston Harbor.

          Things were going along just fine, when Samuel Adams, who was a whigger, the precursor to the Libtards of today, and a tea totteler, got wind of the festivities, and conducted a raid. He felt it was politically incorrect, and he ruined a perfectly good beer blast.

          Popular opinion was against him, and he scrambled to cover his tracks. So he called it a “tea party”, tied to some stupid tax issues, and opened his own beer company, to cover his tracks. The beer company is still around today – Colt 45 – named after his old horse.

          And now you know…..THE REST OF THE STORY.

          You loser.
          Your Pal,

    • FF

      Your racially charged words George, not mine. I merely said that blacks have no real authority to influence Republican policy, and why is it that this panel has to be trotted out as “black conservatives” should be proof of thAt

  6. Old Coot

    Meanwhile, back at the White House, Obama is hosting a big bash that Drudge is streaming live, calling it Sequester Soul Concert. -:)

  7. Green Mtn Punter

    Walt has finally corrected the record about the Boston Tea Party being the first ever “Wet T Shirt Party”! Still laughing over this one, perhaps Walt’s wittiest post ever! So, this is how Sam Adams Lager got started?

  8. Libertarian Advocate

    Oh, yeah . . . that bunch of genocidal slave holders whining about the tyranny of the King. : )

    Do you have a learning deficiency puiOG? The “Boston Tea Party” occurred in BOSTON, MA, not in the slave owning deep south.

    The modern TEA Party stands for Taxed Enough Already. You might know that if you sourced for info beyond HuffPo, Daily KOS, and MSDNC.

    And, no, I am not in the TEA Party, although I share some of their objectives.

    • pulled up in OG

      Just talking about the 1776 bunch in general.

      Wiki: “Most northern states passed legislation for gradual abolition. As a result of this gradualist approach, New York did not free its last slaves until 1829, Rhode Island had five slaves still listed in the 1840 census, Pennsylvania’s last slaves were freed in 1847, Connecticut did not completely abolish slavery until 1848, and slavery was not completely lifted in New Hampshire and New Jersey until the nationwide emancipation in 1865.”

      “Roughly speaking, slavery in the North can be divided into two regions. New England slaves numbered only about 1,000 in 1708, but that rose to more than 5,000 in 1730 and about 13,000 by 1750. New England also was the center of the slave trade in the colonies, supplying captive Africans to the South and the Caribbean island.

      By the late colonial period, the average slave-owning household in New England and the Mid-Atlantic seems to have had about 2 slaves. Estates of 50 or 60 slaves were rare, though they did exist in the Hudson Valley, eastern Connecticut, and the Narragansett region of Rhode Island. But the Northern climate set some barriers to large-scale agricultural slavery. The long winters, which brought no income on Northern farms, made slaves a burden for many months of the year unless they could be hired out to chop wood or tend livestock. In contrast to Southern plantation slavery, Northern slavery tended to be urban.”

      Slaveholding reflected social as well as economic standing, for in colonial times servants and retainers were visible symbols of rank and distinction. The leading families of Massachusetts and Connecticut used slaves as domestic servants, and in Rhode Island, no prominent household was complete without a large staff of black retainers. New York’s rural gentry regarded the possession of black coachmen and footmen as an unmistakable sign of social standing. In Boston, Philadelphia, and New York the mercantile elite kept retinues of household slaves. Their example was followed by tradesmen and small retailers until most houses of substance had at least one or two domestics.

      There is argument among historians about the economic role of Northern slaves. Some maintain that New England slaves generally were held in situations where they did not do real work, such as might be done by a white laborer, and that many, if not most, of the New England slaves were held without economic justification, working as house servants or valets. Even in Pennsylvania, the mounting Pennsylvania Quaker testimony against slavery in the 1750s and ’60s was in large part aimed against the luxuriousness and extravagance of the Friends who had domestic slaves. But other historians who have studied the matter in some depth (Greene, McManus, Melish) make a forceful case for slave labor being an integral part of the New England economy. And even those slaves who did the arduous work required in a colonial household freed their white owners to pursue careers in law, religion, medicine or civil service.”

      • pulled up in OG

        Oops, forgot to answer your question, LA. No, I don’t have a learning deficiency, but I was stupid enough to think the average idiot would know there were slaves in the North too.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          Apparently I am within your definition of the average idiot. With reference to your original comment (that bunch of genocidal slave holders whining about the tyranny of the King.) can you supply any evidence that any of the colonists who participated in the “Boston Tea Party” owned slaves?

          • John and Abigail Adams were staunchly against slavery – Abigail was quite against John’s “acceptance” of slavery at the Continental Congress but he decided that the importance of getting all 13 colonies to join the break away outweighed the abolition of slavery in 1776. The fact that we eventually accomplished both is missed by the likes of Pulled up because they prefer that if some are slaves, all should be slaves.
            Adams and his brethren bought us our freedom with blood, progressives have been trying to return it ever since.

  9. Anonymous

    this just in:

    Baby boomers are the worst generation ever.

  10. George Carlin

    Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of ‘em are stupider than that.

  11. George again

    And for the first idiot that says median . . .

  12. pulled up in OG

    Washington, Madison, Jefferson . . . close enough for me and hand grenades.

    “In 1773, Thomas Hutchinson’s Boston was a town of about 16,000 people . . . Boston craftsmen . . . Other artisans . . . Carpenters and masons . . . Mariners and seamen . . . Dockworkers and laborers . . . Apprentices, servants and black slaves held in bondage toiled in the houses and workshops.”

    “To the ongoing consternation of historians, most of the original tea partiers took their secrets to the grave; Mr. Carp likens their behavior to a kind of gangland omertà.”

    • So what’s your point, OG? That 1776 America didn’t model itself in accordance with 2013 standards? That’s been observed by people other than you.
      If, as I sense, you see that difference to invalidate the great American experiment in freedom, why not articulate your position?
      As it is, you sound very much like a boy who jerks off in his closet and thinks he’s the first person in the world to discover sex.