My Coffee with Scott

Why won't they listen?

Why won’t they listen?

Scott Frantz and I sat down over coffee yesterday morning to discuss our differences about his role in providing Republican support to the Democrats’ gun control bill. I originally drafted a long report on the meeting but really, it boils down to this: Scott performed an act of legislative triage, jettisoning the rights of non-hunters in order to protect hunters from having their guns confiscated. He demanded many concessions [on proposals that in my opinion had no chance of passage] in exchange for delivering Republican votes and when those were met, he capitulated.

Our disagreement is more than one about strategy – he chose to collaborate, I think he should have engaged in some creative guerrilla war tactics, but there is a principle here, even if Frantz doesn’t see it: you don’t appease the enemy and you don’t negotiate when the other side when there’s bad faith on the other side. You should not, in short, emulate Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Democrats rule this state. The only role Republicans serve is as cover for some of the Democrat’s most egregious acts: sweetheart deals with unions, increased taxes, unfunded budgets and pension plans, state control of local zoning and schools and so on, on and on. As the Democrats themselves admit, they don’t listen to Republicans, let alone accede to their proposals, because they don’t have to. So why do Republicans go along with this meaningless charade?

I read a biography of John Adams this winter, and see a striking similarity between the conservatives at the First Congress  who resisted a break with England and Frantz and his fellow Republicans attempting to negotiate with a band of thugs who don’t need to and thus won’t concede on any issue. For over a year-and-a-half, the “men of reason” in Philadelphia, lead by Joseph Galloway, forestalled a break with England. They insisted on reaching out to King George, again and again, on sending petitions and worthy men over the Atlantic repeatedly,  sure that if the King only knew the truth of the matter he would stop the oppression being inflicted on the colonies in his name. Of course the King was fully aware of what was happening over here – he was directing it, and the petitions went unread, the worthy statesmen unheard. Petitions and reason did no good in 1776 and will do no good now.

As things turned out back then, the firebrands won, beating the largest army in the world by shooting them from trees and never giving up. But there was no way of knowing they’d win when they signed that declaration of independence and each fully expected to be hanged if the war went the other way. They were men of principle, literally willing to have either liberty or death. Our current crop of leaders are the Joseph Galloways of 2013, modernized, but still sure that they can nibble at the edges of the most oppressive of the Democrats’ policies and dictates and keep the game going. Galloway became a loyalist and fled to England. Perhaps our Connecticut Republicans will relocate to Hartford. Will we miss them if they do?


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  1. Riverside

    Good for you and Scott for sitting down and talking, even though you don’t agree on this issue. Need more of that these days.

    • Scott is a principled man and a genuine, good person. But we do disagree on the proper way to respond to and fight the Democrat hegemony that’s ruining our state.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        Did you videotape the sit down for the Fountain of Truth™ show? Did you ask him the questions I prepared for you? You should have called me, so we could have done follow up questions. Send me the transcript so I can see how you did.
        You loser.
        Your Pal,

      • CaptMac

        A principled man? Perhaps, but what principles? I heard Scott talk as if he supported the Second Amendment while he was campaigning, and, from what I heard, I thought he had views similar to mine. Alas, he does not. Was I the one who viewed him incorrectly, or did he seek to mislead me, or were his views changed for political reasons? Nevertheless, the State and Federal Constitutions with Amendments are the contract between the people and government that set forth the limits of governmental power. If the government can change the terms of this contract whenever it wishes, it is no contract at all, and the people are subjects of the rulers. It seems to me, this is what our State government has done. Based on this vote, I now know his view of these limits is far from mine. As such, I hope his tenure in office is short. I will do what I can.

  2. Sheesh, this post is about as informative as reading a GT article about the Fountain-Frantz Summit.

    So what did Scott have to say?
    Did you give him a word in edgewise?
    Was he defensive?
    Does he read the blog?
    Does he know how many of his constituents are unhappy with his vote?
    Who paid for coffee?

  3. D

    He would do better to oppose them at every pass so they don’t have the ability to call treachery bipartisan and act as a whistleblower – publicising (sp?) every crooked move they make.

  4. King James? Don’t think so.

  5. Dollar Bill

    Thus ends the talk of an intramural challenge to the pampered dauphin. In six months time, I predict, this kerfuffle will all be forgiven and forgotten by CF, as he dismounts, a bit warily, from his high horse.

    • FlyAngler

      Yes, DeeBee, better than the Left nuroots who do not accept any deviation from fealty to the progressive dictums and often eat their own.

  6. Inagua

    “Scott performed an act of legislative triage, jettisoning the rights of non-hunters in order to protect hunters from having their guns confiscated.”

    Straw man argument. Confiscation is clearly prohibited under Heller.

    • FlyAngler

      I am with my fellow bonefisherman, the Dems bluff should have been called and they should have gone for full ban with surrrender/confiscation. There would have likely been a grace period (i.e. YE2013) in which the court challenges could have commenced. An injunction would have been highly likely since we are talking about surrender of private property, something that can not be fixed with a “do over” from the CT or US high court.

      Scott blinked because Cafero and McKinney were tugging on his eyelids.

  7. Anonymous

    Scott was ineffective and neutered well before this vote.

    Scott sold out.

    Stockholm syndrome. He’s lost his judgment and can’t even tell that he’s a sellout.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      You pegged it! But Scott is hardly alone.
      Some Democrats had more courage than he and his weak-kneed caucus.

  8. Publius

    Any thoughtful person will understand that Connecticut is going right over the cliff because elected officials are fulfilling the Einstein definition of insanity. I speak for myself when I say that I don’t want this to happen, but happen it will and I think it best to stand back and let the Democrats put the pedal to the floor and take us over the cliff. I am a believer in the economy of effort and in this case the sooner the better.

    As for the alleged Republican Party in this state I think we simply need to take them out back and beat the effen #2 out of them. If they don’t get the message that this is a bare knuckled street fight at least someone like myself will have the satisfaction of showing them what a bare knuckled street fight actually feels like.

    Full disclosure, I did not grow up in a cushy suburban Fairfield County town

  9. the donald

    all candidates come to you first for blessing

  10. next rhode island

    it takes a lot to wake up the citizenry, they get paid to sleep in and not work.

  11. anonymous

    Scott Frantz is the Rebecca Breed of legislators. How’d that work out for her?

  12. AJ

    An antidote to indoctrination has arrived. For those who have thought about home schooling but didn’t know how to go about it, an online k-12 system is being put in place.

    ‘Ron Paul Launches Home Schooling Program’

    ‘Education course to focus on The Constitution and how it “has been hijacked”’

    “When he retired from Congress in January, few believed that Libertarian icon Ron Paul would go quietly into the night, and they have once again been proven correct with the announcement that the three time presidential candidate is set to launch his own home schooling program.

    “I am pleased to announce my new website: which will feature an online home school curriculum for students K-12…. be sure to tell your family and friends!” Paul wrote on his Facebook page this weekend.

    “Here, students learn the basics of Western Civilization and Western liberty — how it was won, how it is being lost, and how it will be restored. (Not can . . . will.),” the website reads.

    Paul promises to deliver an “education in liberty like no other,” including specific courses on “the economics of the Austrian school,” as well as courses in science and mathematics…”

  13. Walt

    Dude –
    So now Connecticut schools are actually teaching children that American Citizens have no right to bear arms:

    The indoctrination begins. Just like Bill Ayers taught Barry.
    Your Pal,

  14. Anonymous

    Frantz means well….but the tactics he and others employ on the issues are proving over and over again to be TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE.

    This gun issue will blow over and be done, but not the tax burden in this state.

    People with choices just move. As CT has become the most tax burdened state in the Union for its residents….they just pick and move. No picketing, no Che Guevera marches…..ya just move. See it all the time.

    I agree with Publius its time to stop playing nice in the sandbox….and start showing some guts as this Molgano guy did.

  15. Kay

    You are lucky that Scott picked up the tab. He is a fantastic politician and a very intelligent man. I don’t frankly see the problem with his political views. I was shocked that he took the time to meet with you.

    • Perhaps the “fantastic politician”, unlike you, senses the deep, abiding anger some of his former supporters feel towards him after his vote As for taking time from his busy schedule to meet with me, while I’m grateful that we both could find the time, I’m willing to bet he’s joined Democrats for a coffee of two- why not someone who at least shares many of his goals?

  16. anonymous

    Indeed Scott has better things to do than have coffee with you:

  17. burningmadolf

    My questions to any pols who voted for this thing would start along the lines of: who really wrote it; how do they feel about giving so much power to a bureaucracy (the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection) run by a double dipping cop; how much time and tax payer money are they willing to spend to defend this when the legal challenges come; and finally, how involved was the DHS, because it sure looks like they have a role to play (the new 4.5 MILLION sq ft HQ ain’t gonna fill itself).

    These are just starters and I am confident that the whores in Hartford have no clue as to how they were just played as pawns.

  18. Riverslide

    Well, Scott is preserving his political viability for winnable fights. The mommy mafia in this town would vilify (and, importantly, socially ostracize) him if he didn’t support the Dem’s “gun control” package. And then what, we get an across-the-board leftie like Farracker as our state senator and we have no none putting up resistance to the Dem’s crazy economic plans (regionalize education funding, replace local property taxes with an increased state income tax, etc. etc.)

    But I agree, he should fight it out anyway because he is not really effective on the other issues anyway, given the Dem’s total control of the state and his non-confrontational style (which style has worked well for him socially and in business.)

  19. Publius

    Ironically as we recall the life of the Iron Lady, another great PM from the 20th century sums it up best.

  20. Anonymous

    Agreed , his OSA bit of self promtion . franz capitulated ” end of chat ”
    For this article to have any value he / you would have to add more color .
    Personally having a coffee with you sounds like he is trying to “buy you ”

    Guess When I sell my house I should buy you a ” coffee ” ( not DD of course ) before I list and give you some ” color ” on my two bedroom, fueng shei challenged , grandma’s , flood zone , .1 of an acre , bungalow at $ 2+ million in Byram so you cut me some slack

    Be the bulldog or be the Bitch , Chris . You are often hard core on many issues

    • Look, if a free Belle Haven gimme cap couldn’t buy me (although I was tempted), a two buck coffee won’t do it either. Maybe a vente, but a tall Americano? I’m made of sterner stuff.