Tesei switches gears

“What could I have been thinking?” First Selectman asks as he announces his decision to keep our Central firehouse where it is. “We’ve got a $100 million clean-up bill for the high school, $65 million for the music hall, $35 million for the Byram pool, and I want a new firehouse? I must have been out of my mind – we’re staying put.”

“It’ll take a little bit of effort to bring it back the way it was”, he conceded, “the boys with the crow bars got a little ambitious, but a little dusting, maybe some aluminum siding and we’ll be back in business.”



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8 responses to “Tesei switches gears

  1. Publius


    I appreciate it if you could shed some light on this. I walked by the “building” yesterday and it looked like the shop class had a go at this thing with an out of control jack hammer. What a mess!!!

    • As my cousin Ed likes to observe, “you can’t make an omelette without breaking kneecaps”.

    • GPD Folk

      Publius..The outer shell of limestone was removed at the request of the Preservationists..it is being stored in the old Town Hall Annex parking lot. When the new building is built, the old limestone will be re-attached…the Town could have saved a considerable amount of money by recreating the original limestone…but again, the preservationists would have none of it….hope this helps

  2. FlyAngler

    Wait, it is April 9th or April 1st?

  3. So what’s the problem? The property tax hikes will just get you warmed up for what Hartford has planned for you a few years from now.

  4. ME

    What a disaster. This building could have easily been updated at a quarter of the price! Waste of time and money! Gross incompetence!

    • Just_looking

      When the police get a new station, you gotta know the firemen will be looking for theirs.