Yes, this is still a real estate blog, or it is when there’s news

Here are three houses that have done something worth mentioning (the GMLS server was down last night so links weren’t working – these should be okay).

26 Red Top

26 Red Top

26 Red Top, off Indian Head in Riverside, has sold for $2.5 million on a $2.995 ask. I like the house as is but once again, here’s a free house if you want it: $2.5 is about what the land is worth today.

32 Copper Beech

32 Copper Beech

32 Copper Beech has an accepted offer. Asking $2.6 million. I wrote about this when it came on, saying that it was a fantastic piece of art that might take some time to find a buyer to appreciate it. My own clients did but it was just outside their price range. But not for someone else, and that’s good to see – nice house, great street.

733 Lake Avenue

733 Lake Avenue

And 733 Lake Avenue, which sold last December for $4 million even, is back today at $4.795. Perhaps they replaced the single-pane windows with modern ones. I can’t imagine anything else that could have been accomplished in so short a period that would justify an $800,000 increase.


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8 responses to “Yes, this is still a real estate blog, or it is when there’s news

  1. The New Normal

    733 Lake Avenue seller is crazy….to sell

    it’s going to be worth more later

    just hold on….TINA

    • Well, and this is just my opinion, he’s probably not going to be selling it in a hurry at that price.

      • Old Coot

        If I’m buying and I know six months ago this house went for $4m, I’d offer less today. Who in their right mind would pay more? The previous sellers started at $5.3. We know how that worked out. Pretty home.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes you can use this:

    This market is best described as…

    “An over qualified buyers and realistic sellers market”

  3. They probably did the windows and replaced all the switch covers.

  4. Copper Beech

    THAT is an excellent house for rehab….and a 1st floor master.
    Just move that garage up one flight and you have gracious living.
    Beige-out the interior and Massage the exterior and voila a silk purse!
    The location is great.