Lock down at GHs

Rumor is that three gunmen have been detained but that’s just a student repeating a rumor. There aren’t that many critics of the music hall.No other news yet.


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  1. The New Normal

    coincidence that senate is now voting (and just passed) gun control bill?

    anything to pass legislation….

  2. Sound Beacher

    OK just got e-mail GHS returning to normal, counting on you CF to tell us what really happened, because we’ve been told nothing except don’t come to the school! That there was a perceived threat—say what?

  3. Cos Cobber

    Got the robo call seconds ago. They said the incident is over (didnt say what happened) and that the school has returned to normal operations. They also said repeatedly that people/parents should not come to the school as it is adding to the chaos.

  4. firsttimebuyer

    We just got word that lockdown has ended and everyone is safe. My daughter says they saw someone with a gun. So far, admin is not giving out any info except to warn parents to stay away from the school. They don’t need Misa, they need armed guards.

  5. dogwalker

    But isn’t there an officer stationed at GHS these days?

  6. Balzac

    In the old days, to blow off that chemistry test, we’d pull the fire alarm. Today, start a gun rumor?

  7. Riverside Chick

    Last week there were 3 kids arrested for fighting with a knife(all Spanish names) today 2 other kids on custody for fighting with a weapon. From what my kids say – Spanish kids fighting over girlfriend/boyfriend issues . Don’t yell at me about the Spanish comment its a fact they have cliques at the HS. Two kids with guns at HS today arrested and in custody. (Reported from my fireman friend)
    Maybe metal detectors as a safety upgrade? There are clique “wars” at the HS.

    • The New Normal

      maybe “violence against softies from mid-country” (Chris’s comment from another post) actually is a problem in GHS….or at least the potential threat of collateral damage

    • JRH

      Riverside Chick, you make such a good point — and so brave of you, too, especially on this blog! It can’t be denied: Adam Lanza, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Seung-Hui Cho, Charles Whitman, Jeffrey Weise. Why can’t we just be honest about all of the violence wrought on American schools by “Spanish” (I think you mean Hispanic, but why struggle over such little details as who people actually are and where they are from?) attackers. What a breath of fresh air in a world thick with the smog of political correctness!

      • Riverside Chick

        Just reporting the facts

      • The New Normal

        her post sounded like an observation to me, not an editorial

        but maybe you are right – we should just ignore the problems at GHS at just stick our head back in the sand

        • JRH

          Yeah. The “problem” is that people like you think people with “Spanish names” are a problem.

        • The New Normal

          the ones that cause trouble are problems, yes

          just like the ones with WASP-family-off-the-Mayflower names who cause trouble are also problems

          unfortunately the stats are a bit skewed as to which groups cause more mischief – and I’m not just referring to those two ethnicities either

          and spare me liberal claptrap about inequality, etc – life is not fair, but that doesn’t mean people (both parents and students) cannot take responsibility and know the difference between right and wrong – so get over it

      • Riverside Chick

        Your example is of a totally different situation, this is street fighting brought into the school.

        • Walt

          Dude –
          This gives me a great idea for a new treatment. The racial conflict between the cliques at GHS!! The Spic group calls themselves The Planes. The Wasp kids go by the name The Tuna’s. No I don’t know why. Each group is struggling to control the school, in particular the auditorium, and its coveted Orchestra pit, which is the best place to have daytime submarine races.

          Biff, the leader of the Tuna’s, and a very talented cellist, becomes attracted to Natalia, the sister of the leader of The Planes. His name is Chili, and he is a very talented bongo player. It will have everything – teen angst, racial tension, conflict between youth and authority, and of course gratuitous sex and nudity.

          I am thinking it should be a musical dance number, called “Greenwich High School Story”. Let me punch out a first draft and get it over to you.
          Any chance you can play the piano?
          You loser.

          Your Pal,

        • Riverside Chick

          JRH- No I never said “people with Spanish names are a problem” – you did -I said those were the kids that got arrested. The reality is that everyone’s not holding hands in a big circle in the student center singing Kumbaya- maybe they all need to listen to alittle more Beethoven .

    • Trolls

      do they still sit together over by the student store on the media center side of student center? it used to be the smoking section in the 70’s.

    • Anonymous

      i doubt the troublemakers are from spain….

  8. Mickster

    Maybe our focus should be on something other than acoustics ???

  9. OG17

    Message from Superintendent of Schools:

    GHS went into lockdown late this morning. There was a perceived
    threat, which required the lockdown. The GPD was there immediately
    and dealt with the situation quickly. The lockdown is now being

    Please do not go to the high school, it is causing unnecessary confusion.
    We are returning the building to normal as fast as possible.

    The GHS administration and GPD handled this situation smoothly and

    We will provide information later as necessary.

    • New Buyer

      I got that vague email and was (am) furious. Like other parents, I don’t have a clue what precipitated this lock-down and if my child was at the High School I’d be livid. I want the facts now. Not the details, just the basic facts. For example, if a gun was involved I want to be told something like — “A student brought a gun into school and was promptly taken into custody by the police. The gun was not discharged and no one was injured.” That gives me peace of mind. At this early hour, I would not need to know the details such as the person’s name, the model of the gun, the motive, the location in the school. However, it’s condescending to alert me to an emergency then simply tell me not to worry about it. For me, the kicker was the last line: “We will provide information later as necessary.” AS NECESSARY? How about “We will provide detailed information as soon as possible because it’s our job to provide a swift, factual account to the public.”

  10. a sane person

    get rid of guns. problem solved. and if you aren’t capable of writing anything above 4th grade level (some of the above), don’t waste the electrons posting

    • The New Normal

      what a moronic statement

      and how do you intend to get the guns from the bad guys who don’t follow the rules like the law-abiding civilians?

      maybe we should just roll over and let the government, even when they are well-intentioned (which is when they are REALLY dangerous) decide everything for us – and while we’re at it, let’s hope we don’t end up w/ a tyrannical dictator sometime down the line once we are left without a way to defend ourselves


      • Texas knife attack yesterday.

      • a sane person

        yes, roll over. don’t be so knee jerk with your reaction and so facile with your arguments. And regarding the knife attack someone else posted, were it a gun all 14 would be dead. and regarding the tyrannical dictator argument – do you really think that red dawn is a reality show and a few rifles and mortars will stop the evil US gov’t? a little less paranoia would go a long way. you are the society you live in.

        • Certain rights were granted by God or “nature”, as Jefferson preferred, and cannot be taken away by a government, whose role is only to secure those rights for citizens. Timid monarchists like yourself fear self reliance, and have begged for someone to accept your surrender of the freedom thrust on you in exchange for the security of a ruler ever since.

          In your ideal world, citizens belong to the state (a theory most recently enunciated by that bi-racial, professional “black” professor two days ago: “children belong to the state, not their parents”), and it is the state which grants individuals rights as it sees fit and takes them away as it deems necessary. What a dreary, fear-filled world you live in, and how limited your vision.

        • The New Normal

          the 2nd amendment won’t be able to stop a Saddam Hussein once already in power, but it should help deter a potential dictator from even trying to attain position in the first place; it is easy to see how repealing it would invite unscrupulous characters to try

          “you are the society you live in” – you might do better in helping people come around to your point of view by avoiding vapid banalities and using logic; what will being less paranoid get me – higher taxes, loss of personal freedoms, more gov’t intervention in everyday affairs?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      ahhhh, there we go; in the perfect little lily white world of the Progs, anyone who isn’t an [il]liberal had better just STFU, right asp?

      Gotta love your [il]liberal commitment to the first amendment.

      Progressives, the “new” reactionaries. Froward!!!!

  11. Libertarian Advocate

    To bad Ms. McBeal can’t be there to give a Blow by Blow.

    Did I really write that? [Face-palm]

  12. Anonymous

    When you receive a text from your child, who is hiding under a desk, there Is a serious problem with this world.

    • And when you get a text from your child’s school advising you of a lockdown but refusing to give any hint as to the nature of the threat or status of the emergency, there’s something wrong with the administration.

      • Inquiring MInd

        CF- You are right!!! Couldn’t a grown up walk by the classroom where the accused student was in class and look to see that he was not armed??? Couldn’t the resource officer quietly ask to see him? Couldn’t someone quietly and privately open his backpack and question him ? This is absolutely outrageous. I can’t believe Tesei and McKersie are patting people on the backs for the way this was handled. Congratulations to the police. After terrorizing all the kids at the school, I guess they had to make an arrest based on something, so they slapped a breach of peace charge on the accused although it appears the only evidence is what a couple other kids had to say. We should all be scared for our high school kids- and not because of the threat of weapons on campus!

        • The only exception I might take is your criticism of the police, and even then I’d like to know what they were told by the school administrator. If they were responding to what they were told was an armed student threatening others, then, especially after Sandy Hook, they’d seem to have reacted properly: massive response, burst into the classrooms, contain the situation. Terrifying for the poor children, I agree, but too many of these awful scenes have the police outside, awaiting developments, while the murderers continue their work. I remind you of that horrible triple murder in Cheshire where the cops sat at the end of the driveway for 30 minutes while the killers raped, strangled and burned Dr. Petit’s wife and daughters. Better “through the doors, windows and walls”, as GPD Folk once described the Greenwich police strategy in responding to thee situations, than idle observation.

        • Inquiring MInd

          I guess you make a point. I am forgetting that the kids called 911-which I still don’t understand, by the way. Had they told a grown up instead, perhaps the scene would’ve played out the way I described it. I am stunned that this kid- 19 years old -has been named by the police and we don’t know anything about the other kids. How credible were they? Now this kid has to face a breach of peace charge because maybe he said something about killing someone. How many impulsive teenage boys have said they’re going to kill someone, or that they’d like to kill someone? Millions. Except now if you utter that, you might bring down the entire school into lockdown. Hours ago on this thread you said something about pulling the fire alarm or phoning in the bomb threat to get out of a test. I couldn’t help but think that maybe this is what the kids do now to get someone into serious trouble and/or get out of that awful Algebra II test.

        • pulled up in OG

          Just as well the bad guy with a gun didn’t really have a gun cause the good guy with a gun wasn’t even there.


  13. Anonymous

    a pal got a text from daughter while she hid in closet. no joke.

    we were ready to go over there with a giant bag of oranges to throw at gun-toting offenders, since the state took everything away. yes that was a joke, but not from from where we’re headed.

  14. 1665

    Well, at least we learned from the Greenwich Time story that there is a “Port Chester Country Club”.

  15. Sound Beacher

    The ClubTamarack Country Club was originally organized as the Port Chester Country Club in 1909. Located on the present site of the Port Chester, New York High School, it was a nine hole course until the summer of 1925 when an additional nine hole course was added. It is interesting to note, in light of the present day conditions, that Club dues in early times were $25.00 yearly, and the entire acreage required for the golf course rented for $550.00. The first clubhouse was built for the munificent sum of $750.00. During the initial years the fairways were maintained by the judicious employment of a flock of sheep, a more colorful but perhaps less effective method than the complex machinery utilized today.

    In 1928, the club was forced to move from Port Chester locale because of the desire of the town to purchase the land for a new high school. The $242,000.00 realized on the sale made it possible, after a careful search and survey, for the far sighted Board to buy the Griffen Farm holding on Locust Road in the verdant back country section of Greenwich, Connecticut.

    Who knew?? We learn so much from this blog!

  16. firsttimebuyer

    The police report parents were sent this evening says that the arrested student is 19 years old – turning 20 in June. What I want to know is why a 19/almost 20 year old is going to school with 13-14 year old freshmen. Isn’t there an age limit for high school?