More proof that global warming is unprecedented

Well darn, I hid the Internet under it while I was perfecting the whole idea and then forgot where I'd put it!

Well darn, I hid the Internet under there in a lockbox, and then plum forgot where I’d put it!

“Mysterious” stone structure found thirty feet under water in Sea of Galilee . Since sea level, according to warmists, has remained exactly unchanged during the history of man and only began rising six years ago when the phenomenon was discovered by mainstream media, scientists are perplexed as to who would have built such a massive structure under the sea in 400BC. “It couldn’t happen, “NASA’s Greenist in Chief and Muppeteer Jim Hansen says,”therefore it didn’t. Your eyes are playing tricks on you”.

From Tennessee, another expert thinks he has an explanation that reconciles the (supposed) existence of the rocks and the constant sea level.


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4 responses to “More proof that global warming is unprecedented

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    It’s the Monolith from 2001 a Space Odyssey. We’ll all soon be clubbing each other over the head with thigh bones again.

  2. Striperman

    never let the facts get in the way of policy…

  3. FlyAngler

    There’s an entire theory on the “miss link” that has the man-ape coming down and living near the ocean, eating a fish-heavy diet rich in DHA & EPA leading to phenomenal brain growth and structural maturation. Over several hundred thousand years, these pre-homo sapiens evolve more mature and crenelated brains and eventually become our earliest direct ancestors. They then move into the mountains when sea levels start to rise.

    The theory’s rationale for why we can not find the remains of these human-precursors’ civilizations is because they are out there underwater and covered with many meters of sand and coral.

    Lacking any better ideas, I liked this one.

    First read in Nina Planck’s “Real Food” – highly recommended.

  4. Brian S.

    I think the Groucho Marx remark is apt here: “Who you gonna believe? Me, or your own eyes?”