Are editors spiking Gosnell trial stories?

Trial of one of the largest mass murderers in American history goes unreported by the press.

Kermit Gosnell? Who’s he?

If it were important, we'd tell you

Reserved for media but … If it were important, we’d tell you


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15 responses to “Are editors spiking Gosnell trial stories?

  1. lethal weapon

    did he use an assault rifle, if no, ignore story

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    The MSM has become nothing more than a propaganda tool for Barry and the Libtards. They don’t even pretend to be objective anymore. Do you agree? You tool.

    There has been no coverage, because it is opposed to Barry’s commie agenda. Someone challenged the Detroit Free Press on this, and they said they don’t cover homicides outside of their city. But they covered George Zimmerman, the “white Hispanic”, who killed that “poor little black boy”.

    In one week, the MSM covered the Rutgers coach throwing basketballs at his players for over 31 minutes, but spent ZERO time on this.

    This is pure propaganda and censorship. It is from Irwin Rommel’s, the Nazi propaganda minister from WWII’s playbook. Germans were TAUGHT to hate Jews. In the schools, in the newspapers, by the rhetoric, and the movies they watched. The most popular TV show in Germany at the time was Rich Jew, Poor Nazi. PURE PROPAGANDA!! But the sheeple believed it.

    Barry’s new “budget” calls for billions of dollars to fund pre-school “education”. It is pre-school indoctrination. Just like Hitler did with the Hitler Youth Program. Get them young, and then you are done. Just like his mentor, Bill Ayers taught him. We are already teaching four year olds it is best to give up your constitutional rights for more safety:

    Not one life will be saved by this gun control legislation, but we did it for the children.

    The TSA is also part of our indoctrination. The DHS and the IRS are waging war on America.

    But clearly, the MSM can’t be trusted. This case proves it. But people believe that the press is just like the internet, where everything you read is true. It is a real problem.

    Your Pal,

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Inagua: You fell into a Walt trap. I did it too, once, but JUST ONCE.

  4. Inagua

    “The legacy media won’t cover the Kermit Gosnell case because they understand it could be utilized by anti-abortion activists in the way anti-Second Amendment activists utilized the Sandy Hook murders.”

    From an Instapundit reader

    • So well said. And that, ladies and germs, is the trouble with America today. Trouble with a capital T. The media plays angles, has an agenda, is there so persuade, to collude, to diffuse – anything but report it honestly and squarely.

      But what really got my goat today, other than Tiger being levied a two stroke penalty at the Masters, is that Obama allowed a Newtown mother deliver his radio address today to pull at Americans heartstrings for the gun bill. I mean, c’mon folks, that’s really really really wrong. Let the media invite her to speak on air as they choose, let her give interviews to newspapers, but to be given the air time allocated to the president of the United States? Bad.

      • Was it just last week that the leader of the free world denounced the Republicans for “playing politics” over Sandy Hook? Why yes, I believe it was.

      • libertarian advocate

        I now refer to him as Lord of Flies.

      • pulled up in OG

        Two-shot penalty a travesty?

        Should’ve been DQ.

        • OG: It wasn’t that the penalty was a travesty, it was deserved and warranted. For me, the travesty was how this issue was handled – to back up, a viewer called/tweeted to the network that he felt Tiger’s dropped ball lie was to his advantage. But at that point, when the rules committee looked at the footage, they did NOT, I repeat, did NOT feel Tiger had purposely and knowingly given himself an advantage. It wasn’t until late last night, after Tiger gave a TV interview, in which he talked about his thinking via-a-vis where he dropped the ball. It was then that the rules committee when back to him, said if Tiger knew and signed his card, then it should now be a penalty. The rules committee themselves felt he should NOT be disqualified – all this about rule 33-7 that protect the player in instances like these, giving the committee the opportunity to waive a disqualification.
          However, what I’ve heard said a lot this morning is that Tiger should have, on his own, disqualified himself, as most rule-playing golfers would. One guy I saw interviewed on the Golf Channel LIT INTO Tiger for choosing to continue to play, calling him every name in the book and saying if he wins (which we know he won’t) the victory would cast a shadow in the event and the game.

          Nantz interviewed the head of the rules committee, Fred somebody, who was very well spoken and articulated the position much better than I. Anyway, my money is on Matt Kuchar or Fred Couples. You?

        • pulled up in OG

          Couples or Cabrera winning #2 is fine.
          Jason Day, Adam Scott, (Leishman) Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

    • It’s not accurate to say that pro-life activists would use the Gosnell case in the same way that the gun-grabbers have used Sandy Hook. This is an apples and oranges comparison, as Gosnell is not really much of an aberration among his ilk. Already a paid killer, his “post-birth abortions” are more common than the media want us to know.

      Another notable difference is that while everyone, including Second Amendment supporters, have condemned the Sandy Hook murders, there is no outrage over mass murderer Gosnell from the pro-abortion crowd. Of course, this is not that surprising, as decent, ethical, responsible abortionists (along with their cheerleaders) are slightly less common than unicorns.

      • libertarian advocate

        Glornt: enough with the hanging sentences, ok? … unicorns that shit Skittles. Fixed!

  5. Old Coot

    OG & EOS: Christine Brennan wrote a good column today about whether Tiger should have DQd himself. Tough call.