Her role model was undoubtedly Al Gore

Watch by Jessica

Watch by Jessica

Greenwich woman sued for stealing idea and business model for guns-into-jewelry scheme from another gun opponent and profiting from Sandy Hook. “If Gore can pocket hundreds of millions from his save the polar bears campaign”, Jessica Mindich, owner  of Jewelry for a Cause (must have) said, “why can’t I make a few bucks on this one? Besides, I don’t believe in property rights, intellectual or otherwise: we’re taught in school that all property is theft.”

Former Vice President Gore was too busy ramping up his carbon tax business to comment for this story, according to his spokesman.


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6 responses to “Her role model was undoubtedly Al Gore

  1. The photo here begs the serious question: do men NOT shake hands anymore? The President got bro-hugs from everyone in that line when he landed in CT. What’s protocol: do you wait until the president leans in? Do you lean in first? Do you touch cheeks. Do you whisper to each other? It’s a fascinating topic for what’s looking like a very rainy and windy day.

  2. Anonymous

    For what it’s worth… in your extensive investigation for this story, did you notice that the plaintiff here is selling his precious melted down gun metal watch for just $300,000 (http://www.ablogtowatch.com/fonderie-47-inversion-principle-tourbillon-watch-is-part-ak-47-gun/). Who’s out to make a buck ? He’s also a guy who made millions selling his charitable bottled water company to Starbucks. Did he give all those millions to the Africans? Did he give any to organizations in the US?

    Lots of people are turning guns into art and goods to raise awareness of the nasty side of guns; is he suing everyone? And lets not forget that Sandy Hook was just one of the most recent mass shooting tragedies; remember Aurora? Oak Creek? Carson City? Tuson? Fort Hood? Columbine? AND there have been some since (http://dayssincemassshooting.com/). (http://www.nycrimecommission.org/initiative1-shootings.php)

    As far as I am concerned, the more people involved is tackling this massive epidemic the better..or is this guy going to do it all on his own and not let anyone else participate?

    • anonymous

      Thanks for sharing Mrs. Mindich. And thank your mother for being the caretaker for the governor’s mansion during the Lowell Weicker occupation.