He’s a dick, alright

Give me five bucks or more children will die

Give me five bucks or I promise, more children will die

Greenwich’s own, Little Malkin Junior uses the “murder of 20 beautiful children” to solicit five-buck-donations to his campaign coffers. Here’s what this man sent out, a message that the New Haven Register calls “despicable”. That’s a milder term than I’d use, but the Register’s a Democrat newspaper.

In the wake of the horror of the December 14, 2012 massacre of 20 beautiful children and 6 dedicated educators in Newtown, Connecticut, I have focused on serving as a leader in the national effort for meaningful and reasonable steps against gun violence.

Please contribute $5 now as the Senate debate continues on commonsense gun reform legislation this week.



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10 responses to “He’s a dick, alright

  1. burningmadolf


  2. Cobra

    The Prince of Prevarication.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    What I would do is make a donation to any one of the great pro 2A orgs, then copy your confirmation receipt in an email to Blumenturd, the SMurph Jimbo and Dannel (“don’t call me Dan”). Sure to give ’em all indigestion.

  4. libertarian advocate

    Oddly, if peripherally, on point, there’s a fascinating discussion over at ZH on the topic of the economic activity, or, more accurately, lack there of: Guest Post: 11 Economic Crashes That Are Happening Right Now (sorry can’t link it from my iPad).

  5. he should use short name "Rich", not "Dick"

    Richard Blumenthal should at least go by the name “Rich” because that is what he is. Dick is a bad choice.

  6. mindy myers


    the campaign manager for Blumenthal in 2010 is now chief of staff for warren. mindy myers also ran her campaign in 2012.

  7. senate seniority

    Blumenthal is 82 of 100 in seniority

    Al Franken is 62 of 100. That puts things in perspective.


  8. Liberal

    This picture shows Schumer the poster boy for liberals.

    Pink shirt in a gay pride parade!

  9. The children of Sandy Hook are being sacrificed on the altar of politics. Blumenclown has nothing else to offer. He is beholden to the teacher’s union so he can’t do anything that would improve education, he’s a Farriker Democrat so he believes in high taxes and a no growth economy. Gun control gives him something to do, as useless as he is.