It’s baaack, but have they moved the Parkway?

If you lived here you'd be commuting by now!

If you lived here you’d be commuting by now!

329 Riversville has been foreclosed, completed, and put back up for sale at an asking price of $2.799 million. You do as you see fit, but I’d suggest starting negotiations below that figure. This spec house is nestled under the Merritt Parkway, a location that offers shelter from wet weather, of course, but can also be a bit noisy. The original builder here must have discovered that.

The late, unlamented (except by us taxpayers) IndyMac loaned $2,600,000 on this project in 2007, when money was free and the loaning was easy. Whoever took control of the bank’s assets after its failure foreclosed, then sold it to the present seller for $1,489,952 (?) in March, and those people presumably have spent money finishing the house and repairing whatever damage it may have suffered from sitting vacant for so long.

Which is all fine, but the last time I drove by, it looked like the highway remains where it’s always been.


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9 responses to “It’s baaack, but have they moved the Parkway?

  1. in the listing, what does the AQ mean after date built?

  2. Anonymous

    How about converting this home another “affordable housing” house since FF the other day claimed the other new homes on waterfront property in Cos Cob “under I-95” was a crappy location and ideal for public housing.

  3. Happiness

    I think that it looks good at the moment and have been seeing a lot of activity there lately. A good house for the money.

  4. Anonymous

    If you have severe damage to both ears, this is perfect.

  5. Matt

    Does the house come with a weed wacker and also what happened to the photoshopped sky? I’m used to seeing fake blue skies and clouds in my Greenwich listings.

  6. Anonymous

    FF, both areas are decent areas of Greenwich. Cos Cob waterfront, even with nearby I-95 has been really revitilized with the renovation of the old Chart House into what looks to be a Class B commercial building, there are lovely apartments, Bush Holley house, public/private marina….Even the Millbrook folks have I-95 right under their noses.

    Sorry I don’t buy for a moment that its substandard area—therefore makeit affordable housing.

    The house under I-95 of the Merrit actually is a worse location given that the Merrit is practically in the front bedroom, has no nearby amenities, no attractive waterfront, etc