Sold to a Jehovah’s Witness?

6 Watch Tower Lane

6 Watch Tower Lane

6 Watch Tower Lane, which went to contract in just 21 days (and to an accepted offer even sooner) closed for $1.125 million on an asking price of $1.295. Nice house, good street, I’d thought it was worth about $975,000, but I was wrong.

38 Bramble Lane

38 Bramble Lane

Meanwhile, over on the southern side of Riverside, the land rush in the Bramble/Druid/Hearthstone micro-neighborhood continues apace. 38 Bramble, maximum building size “about 3,700 sq.ft.”, asked $1.595 seven days ago and already has a buyer. In the past two years, 12 houses priced at land value only ($1.2-$1.8) have sold, presumably as tear downs. I’ll be interested to see how all this works out for builders over there.


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14 responses to “Sold to a Jehovah’s Witness?

  1. greenwich dude

    the way to do a good riverside deal was to do it in bitcoin. til yesterday, i guess.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Bubble? Bubble?? Bubble!!! Oh no!

    How more years until a castle wall lines I-95 and gates are added to Riverside Ave and Lockwood Lane? I’m probably looking at just a couple more years of unfettered access. And thats too bad, I prefer to slide through Riverside when heading to Todds Point. 🙂

  3. Mickster

    Just to let you know 99 Stonehedge Dr – King Merritt Acres – got a deal over the weekend. When I was showing it there were brokers both ahead and behind me as well as stray buyers roaming the property – nice acre for $875 ask but obviously went over…

    • I’ve always liked King Merritt, despite its stupid name and its Port Chester location because some of the lots there offer good space (1 acre lots) for a modest amount of money. So I’m not surprised there was interest.

  4. people want 2 car garage now - watch tower

    hard to believe what people will pay over a million for

  5. D

    yeah, people will buy anything these days… total inventory play.

    Where’s “New Normal”?? This screams TINA! TINA! TINA!

  6. anonymous

    What does TINA mean? Tina Pray?

  7. Anonymous

    Just picked up a 4 bedroom, 3 full bath 2200 sq.ft home with new windows, roof, driveway, garage doors(2), new furnace, tankless water heater, and hardwood floors throughout the entire home. NOPO and a lot less than watchtower.

  8. Observant

    I clicked the link on the house you listed. The final price wasn’t what you stated. I’m wondering why you fudged the numbers. I also recall you mentioned this listing in the past and had a higher estimate. So what’s the deal? Are you just making shit up as you go?

    • The house sold for $1.150, I said $1.125 – I write in a hurry: sue me. As for giving a higher estimate in a previous post, the figure I gave her, $975,000, is what I told to my client. If I were “making shit up as I go”, as you suggest, I wouldn’t confess to being as far off in my original estimate, would I? That would make look as foolish as you.