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Robert Kennedy and Chavez (Photo by Walt)

Robert Kennedy and Chavez
(Photo by Walt)

Atlantic: Venezuelan election won’t be fair.

For 14 years Chavez has embodied the “Bolivarian” revolution. If chavismo is to survive Chavez it will have to choose between three paths: radicalization of the current hardline competitive authoritarian model into a fully authoritarian regime (a dictatorship), mere continuation of competitive authoritarianism or, the most unlikely scenario, dismantling chavismo little by little to turn Venezuela into some semblance of a real democracy.

[C] onsequences could be profound if the opposition became government. Corruption in Venezuela during the Chavez era has reached levels that would make many of the world’s oil autocrats blush. So, first off, the heirs of Chavez must prevent the dozens or hundreds of investigations and prosecutions that would follow a democratic transition. It is believed that tens of billions of petro-dollars have been siphoned off by those in government. The new oligarchs know all too well that Chavez’s abrupt exit threatens their ability to retain and enjoy their wealth.

Chavez’s successors must also worry about accountability for the escalating scale of human rights violations — none of which have been punished–over the course of his rule. These include such iconic events as the killing of nineteen protestors and the wounding of hundreds more on April 11, 2002. The heirs to Chavez know that at some point they will have to answer for their share of the bloodshed — and for other serious crimes. Under Chavez, Venezuela became a veritable narco-state, affording military protection and safe passage to the Colombo-Venezuelan cartels and their protectors in the FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a left-wing insurgency that has long been implicated in the drug trade). The U.S. has formally designated some of Venezuela’s most senior politicians and military officials as “drug kingpins,” including the current defense minister. The European Union is also clear that Venezuela is a narco-state. Lacking the protection of high office, the chavistasknow they would be sitting ducks for international prosecution on drug charges.

For nearly 14 years, Hugo Chavez labored with tireless energy, undeniable charisma, and ruthless design to destroy the opposition, silence critics, and intimidate skeptics, all while leaving the Potemkin façade of a “democracy”. These conditions have made Venezuelan elections under Chavez utterly unfair. Judges who ruled against Chavez were imprisoned. Those that remain openly declared their fealty to him. The previous opposition presidential candidate is in exile. Businessmen who supported opposition candidates were investigated and expropriated. Labor leaders who opposed the government were imprisoned. Opposition radio and TV stations were shut down, denied permits, and fined. Those that survived engaged in self-censorship. Since Chavez’s death, the only remaining independent television channel was purchased by partisans of the Chavez party and is unlikely to maintain editorial independence beyond April. The electoral council is demonstrably biased in favor of the government. And every so often, elections have been held in which the opposition wins enough seats in parliament, governorships, mayor’s offices, and a high enough percentage of the presidential vote for superficial observers to declare, “Well, we may not like it, but this is the people’s will.”

(Space below reserved for Dollar Bill and his crowd to comment, though I can do it for them: “Blame Bush! – Thatcher sucks! Cheney Cheney Cheney!”)


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4 responses to “Bottom story of the day

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    The article states “the vote was neither free nor fair but extraordinarily distorted by incumbent advantages and political intimidation”. How is that any different than our last Presidential election, where voter fraud was rampant in Pennsylvania and Ohio, two key swing states? Or Connecticut, where Malloy and the Dem’s rigged the election by keeping the Bridgeport polls open well past there closing time? Well what’s your answer PUNK? Dirty Harry Dude!!

    And the Golfer in Chief recently signed an Executive Order, bypassing any legislative process, to establish “The Presidential Commission on Election Administration, a wing of the federal government he has tasked with “election administration,” a move critics say is an attempt to nationalize the country’s elections for partisan advantage”.

    This move, along with Immigration Reform, which will ensure millions of new Democratic voters, essentially makes this Country a one party Nation. GUARANTEED. And barely NO MEDIA COVERAGE!!

    Now we have a Commission, appointed by one man, from one party, from one branch of Government, that set the rules on how elections are run. Goodbye checks and balances. This man treats the Constitution like a doormat. It is truly frightening.

    All while they are disarming the country, massively arming the DHS, and indoctrinating our children.

    But you are worried about some wet back country, run by a former dictator, having free elections, WHILE WE DON’T HAVE THEM HERE!! Get your priorities straight, you dolt.

    And our MSM LOVED the grape picking Chavez guy. Compare AP coverage of him to Thatcher and it is a disgrace. A Commie love fest.

    Now are these really the questions you want me to answer? Rigged elections in wetback infested Venezuela? Please tell me you’ve got something more, Dude. Please tell me there’s an ace up your sleeve. Please tell me you haven’t pinned your hopes on a story about a two bit dictator and unfair elections. A FEW GOOD MEN DUDE!!

    Brunch tomorrow?

    Your Pal,

  2. FF

    And you thought the Democrats were bad for business in Connecticut? I think not……….
    BREAKING NEWS!! Stamford: The city that worXXX
    lights! Camera! Hot, sweaty action!

    Thanks to Connecticut’s generous tax incentives, Stamford’s reputation as a wonderful host city, and the success of productions like “The Big C” and “Are We There Yet?”, other players in the entertainment world are making the move to the sunny shores of the 203. Several of the biggest studios in the adult film industry recently announced that they’ll be moving from Los Angeles to Stamford in the near future, with the goal of being up and running by the fall.

    “Stamford offers the perfect blend of settings for the finest in adult entertainment, and the move just makes good financial sense as well,” said Alana Gale, a spokeswoman for Vivid Video, the largest adult film studio in the United States. “We’re already scouting locations for upcoming productions such as ‘Cove Island Pork,’ ‘Strawberry’s Hills,’ and ‘Ring My Belltown’.”

    Many actors in the adult business are happy about leaving Los Angeles, too.

    “I’m looking forward to moving out of a city with terrible traffic, high taxes, and insanely expensive real estate,” said Mike Strauber, star of “Sanford and Son and Your Daughters.” “It’ll be nice to live where the people aren’t obsessed with money, image, and status.”

    Some local consumers agree that this move can only benefit the city.

    “I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to buy locally-made adult movies, just like the vegetables I get at the farmers’ market,” said a self-proclaimed “pornnoisseur” who preferred to go unnamed.

    Not everyone is thrilled about this new addition to Stamford’s media scene, however. Rod U. Phisrear, president of the Connecticut Council for Puritanical Preachery, feels that Stamford is the wrong place for the adult film industry.

    “This is depravity at its worst. I will purchase copies of every piece of smut filmed in Stamford. Purely for research, of course. Extensive research.”

    Alana Gale, the Vivid spokeswoman, is unfazed by such criticism. “Our industry has faced opposition for years and yet we’re still here,” she said. “Moving to Stamford is another exciting chapter in the history of adult entertainment. We can’t wait to put the 69 in 06902!”

    • Walt

      Francis –
      Is this really true? If so, I may actually vote Democratic.

      Maybe you can get a gig scouting locations for them? I will be happy to help. Plus I have some production ideas. Want to hear them? OK then!!

      Firstly, I have to produce them under a pen name. I am leaning toward Rock Hard. Or maybe Tass T. Weiner. If I write a porno from a woman’s point of view, not that I could think of any reason to do that, I think I will go with Ivana Cumalot.

      Anyhows, I am thinking we do a porn version of “America’s Got Talent”. I will be the host, and you, the Dude, and the GAR Evil Princess can be the judges. You will need porno names as well. How about Ima Douche for you, and Chris P. Bacon for the Dude? The GEP is good to go. We shoot it in some of your listings, and use local talent to keep costs down. Plus we may make some new local friends with benefits!! Then we syndicate it.

      Can we set it up under one of your Cayman Companies so we don’t pay any taxes?

      You will go from a Commie to a Capitalist in no time!!
      Your Pal,