Fudrucker’s stalking horse?

Come into my den, said the spider to the fly

Come into my den, said the spider to the fly

Democrat Third Selectman Drew Marzullo is pushing for a change in the structure of the BET and I wonder why?

“Marzullo said that the minority caucus leader shouldn’t have to ask for permission to assign to Democratic committee seats, just as Republicans wouldn’t want Democrats dictating assignments.”

Republicans and Democrats actually serving on the BET disagree:

“There’s no broken system here,” Mason said. “It’s worked well. This is how the electorate has wanted it since 1921. Why is this problem up now?”

Finger, the current leader of the BET’s Democratic caucus, echoed Mason on the committee assignments process.

“To my knowledge, in recent history, I believe that every recommendation that was made by the caucus leader was accepted by the chair of the BET,” Finger said. “I don’t know of one instance where the minority party’s recommendations have not been adhered to. He didn’t tell me, `This is who I want.’ “

So what’s actually going on here, that our Cos Cob EMT rep who ordinarily directs his attention to cellphobe towers and swimming pools for the needy suddenly sees a need to reform the BET? Buried in the Greenwich Time article is what I consider to be the money quote:

By allowing each caucus to determine committee assignments, Marzullo said that would afford members of the minority party due process in the event there is an attempt to strip them of their post.

As was announced a few weeks ago, Marzullo ally and Chairman of the Greenwich Council of Democrat Looters, Francis X. Farricker,  intends to join with another Democrat who’s also lost a First Selectman’s race, John Blankley, to oust two of their fellow Democrats from the BET. I’m guessing that the two of them anticipate turmoil and antipathy among their pals on the board if they succeed, and they’ve instructed Drew to change the rules so that they’ll be protected against the anger of their former friends.

That’s just my speculation, but there’s something going on here besides a sudden interest in civic reform by our man from Cos Cob.


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19 responses to “Fudrucker’s stalking horse?

  1. David

    BET = “Black Entertainment Television”?

    • I believe it stands for Black Humor Entertainment Television-“leave the H off for a laugh”
      Or “Board of Estimate and Taxation”, but I don’t think so.

      • David

        Umm, that was actually a serious question. What does BET stand for in this context? I tried Googling Marzullo to find a connection and got nothing definitive.

        • Board of Estimate and Taxation – they control the budget and thus, the town. Twelve non-elected members, six Democrats, six Republicans. If you thought Greenwich was governed by some form of democracy, you’d be wrong.

  2. It actually makes some sense. Think about it. Why is it acceptable for one person to not only assign committee positions to his party but also assign committee positions to the minority.

    Now that’s power!

  3. Just a though.....

    Why did the DEMS agree to this absurd BET rule in the first place?

  4. Republican

    The BET chair needs to go!

    • Greenwich person

      Who the hell is the BET chair anyway?
      I will pay a one dollar to anyone who can name a BET member.

      • republican deux

        Greenwich ‘person’ – that is sad actually, and no one’s fault but your own. Don’t you have a subscription to the Greenwich Time? OK its not my favorite expense, and it kills me to put money in the GT’s lefty pockets, but it’s incumbent on all of us to actually pay attention to what’s going on in town. I can actually name 8 of them. It drove me crazy 2 years ago when Tesei brokered the deal to get MISA done at the 11th hour and I vowed I would start paying attention.

  5. republican deux

    A better idea would be to change the town charter to allow for competitive elections for BET across the board – thereby ending the ludicrous outcome of 6 Dems and 6 Repubs every single election. The Republicans get far, far more votes in aggregate – let them lead in a more fiscally prudent way than we have been able to lately with the current system!

    • The fact that the most powerful group running our town is appointed by party leaders and unanswerable to voters is appalling.

      • Not Republican or Democrat

        Mike Mason and Drew Marzullo both from very different points of view have served Greenwich well. Both put in long hours and care very deeply about the residents they serve. I have seen first hand both men engage conversation and illicit debate. That’s a good thing. And they get along too.

  6. Anonymous

    . . . or a speller. : )

    elicit – cool
    illicit – not cool

    • Former Republican BET member

      What’s the big deal…. Let the DEMS choose
      who they want serving on their respective
      committee. The Republicans are going to win
      big in Nov.. They will control the BET. They will control the chair. So who really cares if the minority party gets to say who they want.

  7. Greenwich citizen

    What the GT didn’t report was …..
    The reason Drew brought this up in the first
    place was because the chairman on many
    occasions threatens to remove certain BET members on the democratic side from committee assignments. This has nothing to
    do with what the possible makeup of Novembers BET board. The chairman should not be able to do this. Because you never know. If the chairman doesn’t start playing nice he won’t be confirmed next time. He needs at least one DEM to vote for him.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    Francis looks EXACTLY like Nathan Lane. And Lee Mazzilli looks EXACTLY like Flounder from Animal house.
    Your Pal,

  9. CF, are you sure you want the same voters who voted for Jim Himes and Blumenclown to pick the BET members? It may be the right thing to do but I am not convinced it would be an improvement.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with CF…..the current system is not democracy in the slightest. God forbid you don’t tow all aspects of the “party line” and see how many nominations you receive to be put on the ballot. Third parties don’t stand a chance with the two party machines behind the candidates.

      The BOE is the same….totally flawed and broken.

  10. anonymous

    I think Farricker and Marzulo look cute together in the picture.