Obama is weeely, weely angwy!

Cry all you want to, I can't hear you - nanananana!

Cry all you want, I can’t hear you – nanananana!

In a stunning display of the might of the American Empire, Obama puts North Korea firmly in its place. His Secretary of State warns North Korea that they risk offending “international opinion” should they go ahead and blow up Japan and Austin. “No more invitations to sock hops and hay rides”, John Kerry promises, “and don’t even think about going out Saturday night.”


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4 responses to “Obama is weeely, weely angwy!

  1. TheWizard

    I wonder how much we’ll give them this time to shut up for 6 months or so.

  2. Atticus

    Kerry looks like a melange of Gomer Pyle and Herman Munster.

    Too bad he hasn’t their intellect.