Shocker: global warming did not cause last year’s drought

DrudgeThat’s what NOAA concludes, but whoever said it did? Oh, that’s right, the warmists, like Huffington Post (July, 2012);;    The Sierra Club, and the Associated Press among many, many others.

Next thing you know, Al Gore will confess that he lied about the merits of ethanol to enhance his election chances.


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4 responses to “Shocker: global warming did not cause last year’s drought

  1. Inagua

    The Global Warming tipping point was reached when the Economist recently reversed course. Other major media organs will not be so brave, but they will recognize their error and reduce coverage. Global Warming will die a slow death by media neglect as did Limits of Growth, the Population Bomb, Killer Bees, AIDS endangering everyone, Peak Oil, and all other liberal Alarmist fantasies.

    • Ah, don’t forget “dioxin”, which, when a train derailed in the midwest in 1981 and spilled exactly two teaspoons of the stuff, was treated by the press as the next Hiroshima. Dan Rather, wrapping up a video of the soon-to-be-obligatory shot of EPA workers dressed in moon suits and prancing for the cameras, assumed a somber look and told the nation, “dioxin, of course, is the deadliest poison known to man.” It was the “of course”, and its implication that no one need ask whether Dan’s statement was actually true, that caused me to turn off the set and point out to my Pal Nancy, “that man just lied to the entire country.” Nothing’s changed since, except the scale of what the warmists want to do to us.

      UPDATE: Here’s an interesting article from 2000 debunking the “deadliest substance known to man” hyperbole and pointing out that by 2000, over a billion bucks in research grants had gone to academics purporting to be studying those deadly affects (where do you think Al Gore got the idea for global warming?) and, more fun, that Ben &Jerry’s ice cream, ambrosia for the all-natural set, has 2,400X more dioxin than the level recommended by those who, of course, know better.

      • Inagua

        I also forgot Nuclear Winter, which Richard Feynman dismissed by saying, “I really don’t think these guys know what they’re talking about.” That one-liner effectively killed off a political hoax masquerading as science that took in a lot of Dollar Bill types for many years.

  2. harrycan

    Imagine if we had signed onto Kyto protocol or one of the other hysterical plans at the advise and consent of the tree huggers? They would be singing from the rooftops – “See, after we started reducing (actually not) carbon with our carbon credit boondoggle, temperatures are on the decline. WE have to do more to ensure the next ice age”.