The next embarrassment from Connecticut

In a pathetic attempt to outdo Dick the Dick Blumenthal in the Stupidity Goose Step Parade, freshman Senator Chris Murphy manages to call for the suppression of two Constitutional rights in just one press release. The man from Munich demands that Fox Sports stop broadcasting  NASCAR races because the NRA is a sponsor. For those like Dollar Bill who dismiss the constitution as an obsolete document written by white, sexist homophobes and thus are unfamiliar with its provisions, that would be the government attempting to suppress free speech (1st Amendment) and the right to bear arms (2nd).

Easy to understand the gentleman’s pique at both freedoms, after he received this dressing down from college students on their right to be free from government goons like Senator Murphy.


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14 responses to “The next embarrassment from Connecticut

  1. AJ

    Laugh if you want to, but I have to agree with Harry Reid: It’s time to outlaw the “hundred clip magazine”. He must be in error because that magazine would hold more lead than even a muscle man like Rambo could carry, so, even though I’m no gun expert, I’m going to guess he meant a hundred round magazine; but still, that’s a lot of bullets.

    Still, just like the use of belly putters in golf that allow a golfer an unfair advantage by providing an extra point of stability, the hundred round magazine would allow a shooter to use his magazine in a similar way — almost like a tripod or steadying pole– giving him an advantage over the police or anyone else who might try to return fire. I am surprised they even allowed such a thing in the first place. I know, why not make everything illegal and you have to call in ask permission first; that way never again will anything as dangerous as a hundred clip magazine slip unnoticed into the hands of the public. Just say no! To everything. Here’s my new slogan: Permission first, permission first, permission first — has a nice ring to it. Let’s hope the Dems don’t get jiggy with it.

  2. AJ

    Here’s a “man on the street” reporter who gets passers-by to sign a petition to confiscate guns to make sure that only criminals will have them, and the clueless citizens happily sign. These must be the same people Jay Leno talks to in his man on the street clips.

  3. ShedLessToolMan

    anyone else see this article on immigrants and equality in Greenwich Schools..

    • Maybe this explains the decline in overall educational quality at Greenwich High:

      Christopher Winters, headmaster of Greenwich High School, says that the greater diversity of the population makes for a better educational experience for all students. The low-income population has nearly doubled in the past seven years at Greenwich High, and no parent, he said, has complained.

      Time to complain?

      • AJ

        How has the low income population doubled, how is that possible. Are there new projects in town other than the existing Armstrong Court, Wilbur Peck, and Adam’s Gardens? Other than those three subsidized complexes, as far as I know, there is no place for low income families to live? What are low end rents now? A couple of thousand a month?

        • I’m guessing it’s the multi-family buildings in Byram and Chickahominy that are the source for our new population, although it’s also possible, I suppose, that the non-poor are leaving the schools. That’s what must have happened in Stamford where, the article notes, 70% of the kids qualify for free lunches (the defining standard for “poor” as I understand it).

  4. Anonymous

    There is a lot wrong w/ espn (and the moronic worship of athletes). Banning the imbecilic NASCAR is a good place to start.

    • The trouble with banning things you don’t like; NASCAR, guns, conservative talk radio, Islam, Al Franken and Democrats all come to mind, is that once you’ve bought into the “evolving constitution” theory propounded by the progressives and eliminated some constitutional rights, there will be nothing to protect you from the next group of zealots to come along who don’t like you.

    • AJ

      Watching cars go ’round and ’round a big oval, to me, is about as boring as it gets; I’ve never understood people’s facination for it. But your statement is about as moronic as it gets. It is a broad range of interests that makes an economy work; if everyone were like you with the same likes and dislikes, millions of people would be thrown out of work. I, for instance, haven’t bought any music in probably over forty years; if everyone were like me the music industry would cease to exist.

      So how do you feel about banning Beyonce and Jay-z? Some people find them offensive; should their performances be banned? And if not, why so?

    • AJ

      I found your utopia: no NASCAR here:

  5. Anonymous

    Send your kids to private school if you don’t like having poor kids at GHS

    Chris: your latent racism is coming thru. It’s not too late to delete your comment. I know you won’t post mine.

    The overall quality and cache of Greenwich has waned in the past 20 years and it’s not because of this.

    Rich, preppy, white folks from Fairfield county are becoming a dying breed anyway.

  6. Cobra

    I’m enjoying the NRA 500 right now. Go Dale Jr.!

  7. Anonymous

    anon @ 6:11, it’s as typical to hear cries of racism when someone asserts that poor immigrant kids bring down quality of education. would you claim racism if it were poor dumb white kids in appalachia lowering academic standards?