Push back on the 2nd Amendment


Last line of defense

Last line of defense

Senator Mike Lee (R.Utah) sets up website for people to recount  their armed resistance to evil.  Here’s one such tale that might resonate with Greenwich residents:

“Jim, from Louisiana, writes as follows,” Lee said in remarks Wednesday on the Senate floor, “‘I lived through the Los Angeles riots. My wife and I were living in Silver Lake. For five days we watched the orange glow of businesses being burned on two sides. For five days we never saw a law enforcement officer … We took shifts watching the street and who was coming and going. Our neighbors brought us coffee in the middle of the night, a night that was lit with the flames of burning buildings. Twice cars came up our street, saw us armed and turned around.’”

Gun opponents ridicule those who feel they need guns to resist a totalitarian government; how about a “Sandy” event, just a little larger? Or the shut down of our country’s electrical system for several months? If trouble arrives, would you rather stand guard at your driveway armed with a garden hose or a gun? Polls show that the majority of Connecticut residents prefer the garden hose defense strengthened, no doubt, with “Gun-Free Zone” signs in every neighborhood.

Better hope the bad guys can read.

(Here’s the link to Senator Lee’s  web site.)


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20 responses to “Push back on the 2nd Amendment

  1. Tawm

    re: “Polls show that the majority of Connecticut residents prefer…”

    I have long since stopped believing that “polls” accurately represent what people think, much less should dictate policy. I’m sure I could run a poll which showed a majority of Americans believe the moon is made of green cheese.

  2. Mark B.

    We are grossly over-complicating this. “We” meaning all of us here, the government, the nation, the conservatives, the liberals, everybody.

    To justify our desire to bear arms, we are inferring the government is on the brink of unleashing a tyrannical onslaught, the streets can turn into a nationwide riot scene at any instant, Mexican drug cartels are preparing to overrun the southern border, thugs are waiting in the bushes outside our homes, etc etc.

    But the bottom line is, I carry water and tools in my car, I have smoke detectors in my home, a Beretta PX4 in my waistband, and I use checklists extensively in the course of maintaining my company’s jet, all for the same basic reason; as a man, it is my obligation to those around me to be in a state of preparedness. The instinct to do so was instilled in me by Time and by God. 

    We gotta stop beating this to death. I can only speak for the men because I have never been a woman and I don’t know what their instincts are; my instincts are to be in a reasonable state of preparedness at all times, primarily for the sake of those around me, and secondarily for my own safety and the perpetuation of my vigilance. Period.

  3. Al Dente

    Facts, evidence, testimonials: meaningless to those hell-bent on dis-arming the public. Hide your guns and ammo, and keep your mouth shut about them. Big Brother s watching.

  4. Anonymous

    during that era, many public roads were shut off by armed citizenry along with law enforcement. topanga & mulholland off the 101 were blocked, as was sunset going into brentwood/bel air.

    the hypocrisy of the liberal ultra-elite gun control advocate media types, when the &*^%!$ really (and i mean REALLY) hit the fan was comical.

    i know, because i was out there at the time. after the second trial a year or so after the big one (the one that caused the riots) i happened to be at court in roybal building (on a far more boring corporate matter). getting out of the building was an adventure.

    nobody in greenwich will ever, ever see something like that happen. let’s be practical: could you imagine ghetto thugs rolling in from bridgeport or even the bronx into anywhere in town, let alone backcountry/midcountry/waterfront enclaves? no friggin’ way.

    some of you quiet folks know how heavy the private security is in this town. and they aren’t exactly listening–nor are they paid to listen–what the imbeciles in state and fed gov’t are doing in terms of abolishing weapons used for self defense.

  5. The WSJ has run a number of articles over the past couple of years about the effect of a magnetic pulse, generated by solar flares or foreign enemies, on our country’s electrical grid. I’ll dig those up (they’ve been discussed here before). One bright note: the transformers that run entire sections of the grid aren’t in production and would take approximately 2, 2/12 years to manufacture, transport and install.

    From the Journal:

    No American would necessarily die in the initial attack, but what comes next is potentially catastrophic. The pulse would wipe out most electronics and telecommunications, including the power grid. Millions could die for want of modern medical care or even of starvation since farmers wouldn’t be able to harvest crops and distributors wouldn’t be able to get food to supermarkets. Commissioner Lowell Wood calls EMP attack a “giant continental time machine” that would move us back more than a century in technology to the late 1800s.

    • infoDiva

      Can you provide a direct citation for this article that you claim appeared in the WSJ? I haven’t done an exhaustive search, but I believe your citation is utterly bogus.

      • Dear “Utterly Bogus” – run the search feature on this very blog for “electrical grid” and you’ll find this article from the New Scientist, for one.

        It sounds ridiculous. Surely the sun couldn’t create so profound a disaster on Earth. Yet an extraordinary report funded by NASA and issued by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in January this year claims it could do just that.

        Over the last few decades, western civilisations have busily sown the seeds of their own destruction. Our modern way of life, with its reliance on technology, has unwittingly exposed us to an extraordinary danger: plasma balls spewed from the surface of the sun could wipe out our power grids, with catastrophic consequences.

        The projections of just how catastrophic make chilling reading. “We’re moving closer and closer to the edge of a possible disaster,” says Daniel Baker, a space weather expert based at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and chair of the NAS committee responsible for the report.

        Here’s “Seeking Alpha” quoting from the WSJ editorial (I’ll have the direct link in few minutes – before you accuse someone of posting “utterly bogus” quotes, you should learn some basic Internet search skills).
        And here’s the direct link – see how easy it is?
        And here’s Reuters – no power for up to a year would shut down all commerce.

    • FlyAngler

      Read “One Second After” which, while fiction, rings true on most fronts. If you go into that one with an open mind, you likely come out closer to a prepped afterward.

  6. FlyAngler

    Chris, it is not just being instantaneously dropped back to a world of mid-1800s technologically. People lived back then because they had the skills and technology of the day. We do not and our population is much larger and denser than it was then.

    We produce almost no fresh food locally to start. Water is delivered via electrical pumps, even most municipal water.

    We depend of refrigeration for keep food fresh. Game, and to a lesser extent fish, are not readily available.

    They had horses, wagons, carts, etc.

    Law and order was a local thing then, today we depend on police officers who are likely not residing in the communities in which they work.

    And one of the big ones from “One Second After” that I had not thought of, how about the number of people who are dependent on medications. After 30-60 days, how many have supplies of their life-critical medicines? Insulin, heart and BP meds, and, most important, psychotropic compounds. We did away with insane asylums and medicated our crazies instead, what happens when those mess run dry?

    And the there is the prison population, how long are they kept incarcerated after the guards decide guarding their own families is a higher priority?

    We see “black outs” as a minor inconvenience, ever after Sandy, because there was always help coming in from the outside world. Generators could run mission-critical functions for some time and gas companies could deliver LP. But what happens if they can’t or won’t?

    The average food store has 3-4 days worth of inventory, what happens if the trucks don’t come after day 4? Day 14? Day 24?

    No ATMs. No credit cards. No ACH transfers. No cell phones. No interwebs.

    No, our society is Ill equipped to deal with 19th century conditions.

    • Even without catastrophic disaster, how about, say, a month without power? Police response time, if they responded at all, would drop to what: hours? Days? If so, is it so hard to imagine that bad guys would take advantage of the situation? It took just two such evil men to show up at Dr. Petit’s house in Chesire and torture, rape and kill his family, and that all occurred with the police there, cooling their heels at the end of his driveway. What if the police weren’t coming? What if criminals figured that out and set off to have some fun in Greenwich? That’s not paranoia, to my mind, it’s a perfectly foreseeable consequence of an extended disaster that struck, say, the east coast.
      Liberals say they’ll trust in the state to provide for their security, “no guns for me.” And if that makes them feel safer, so be it – they wouldn’t know how to use a weapon anyway. I prefer to have a back up to a limited police force, just as some people have generators. Is it likely I’ll ever need it? Probably not, but if I do I’ll have one, at least for the next few years.

  7. Anonymous

    Guns and immigration…..Obama and his compliant media’s very successful campaign to divert attention away the most significant issue affecting this country…our stagnant economic growth. Our crippling debt, real unemployment of 16%, and GDP growth of under 2% should be top of mind for every American. Wake up you idiots.

  8. Many of the NASCAR’s NRA 500 attendees weren’t afraid to show their feelings about the 2nd Amendment.

  9. FlyAngler

    Good EMP resource here from Heritage:

    What I find interesting is that people who are ideologically liberal tend to dismiss (not universally) concerns about EMP, hackers taking the grid down, extended power outages, etc. I can not tell it is a reflexive, knee-jerk dismissal of concerns voiced by conservatives, survivalists, etc OR whether it is because they block out any suggestions that government can not solve all problems and address all contingencies. It is likely both.

    • Liberals love fairy tales: Bottomless cornucopias, “New deals”, Social Security, etc., so sure, they’ll believe in the power of the government to protect them from all evil – witness their demand for the elimination of all guns in private hands. All the same, since they also believe in that other fairy tale, global warming, and in the huge storms coming our way in the near future, you’d think they’d at least consider the possibility that the police and national guard might be overtaxed at some point and citizens left on their own. Of course, what liberals do not believe in is the very concept of “overtaxed” so ….

  10. FlyAngler

    DHS admits it is unprepared for EMP threat – do you think the average citizen is?