What a difference a few years (and a couple of million dollars) make

11 Pinecroft Road

11 Pinecroft Road

11 Pinecroft Road, $2.495, reports a contract just a few days after being returned to the market after expiring unsold (at $2.995) in June, 2010. Decent house, very convenient location off of Parsonage. The owners first listed it in 2007 at $4.350 and took a number of price reductions in the succeeding years. It’s certainly true that the lower price made a difference now, but I see this also as an indication of an improved market this spring.

I also received word from an agent who’d shown my own clients a house that she received two offers over the weekend, and wanted to know if my clients were interested. They were not (nor was I) but I’m impressed that two offers should come in so quickly on a property listed just last week.


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6 responses to “What a difference a few years (and a couple of million dollars) make

  1. Anonymous

    a tear down?

    • Could go either way – it’s either a free house (and a nice one) or the site for a maxi-pad. My guess, it’s on its way down, but that’s just a guess based on what’s happening in town.

  2. Anonymous

    Tough to build a maxi-pad on 1.4 acres in a 2 acre zone. I think the house stays.

    • Good point. And not a bad price at all, considering that the house is a pretty good one – I liked it.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t Pinecroft a 1 acre zone, like Oakwood?

      • Anonymous, too

        Pinecroft is a 1 acre zone. Dogwood Lane the next street down on the other side of Parsonage is a 2 acre zone. 4 Dogwood Lane (a recent sale) was unable to enlarge and is instead completely renovating to the max.