Things look a little weaker for the gun owners and Tea Party theories propounded by CNN and the Democrat Underground

Pressure cookers used to contain the two bombs.

These types of pressure cooker explosives have been used in Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan, according to a July 2010 joint FBI and Homeland Security intelligence report. One of the three devices used in the May 2010 Times Square attempted bombing was a pressure cooker, the intelligence report said.

“Placed carefully, such devices provide little or no indication of an impending attack,” the report said.

“Copy cats”, sniffed Wolfe Blitzer. “They did it just to annoy me.”


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16 responses to “Things look a little weaker for the gun owners and Tea Party theories propounded by CNN and the Democrat Underground

  1. Anonymous

    False flag event: Boston Marathon bombs
    Planners: Valerie Jarrett and Bill Ayers
    – Sow public fear to rationalize greater federal control of everything.
    – Provide distraction and cover for Administration policies designed to increase government dependence and weaken the public sector in USA with the exception of the TBTF banks.
    – Provide distraction from failing and fading Obama initiatives to disarm law-abiding citizens.
    – Provide distraction from Administration efforts and to fundamentally transform the American electorate through illegal immigration and an intentionally porous southern border.
    – Provide distraction from Barack Obama’s miserable 2 for 22 free throw shooting at a recent White House event.
    Operational element: Off-book black-ops group from Organizing for America
    Financing: Organizing for America, George Soros, Penny Pritzker, Joyce Foundation.
    Misdirection provided by Executive Branch operatives in coordination with DoJ, DHS, and DoJ and DHS handlers of local enforcement.
    Propaganda cover by the MSM and progressive punditocracy.
    Unresolved issue: Upon whom to pin the blame. Wish it could be the Tea Party.

  2. AJ

    A different kind of terror — fishing in a kayak. Watch at 0:11 — the guy gets a very bad case of the heebee jeebees and tries to shake it off.

  3. Let’s ban pressure cookers. It will make our country safer, and piss off the country folk who still can their food. Maybe we can make it an emergency rider to emergency gun control legislation.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    When I was a little tyke, my Mom used to cook with a pressure cooker. She always told me they were dangerous, and could blow up the house, but I always assumed she was just fucking with me, so I wouldn’t try and play with it. Why would a woman bring a cooking pot bomb into the house and then leave me alone in the kitchen with it? DON’T ANSWER THAT!!

    But you fancy yourself a scientist, and an investigator, so I think we need to check this out. It is our patriotic duty at this point. Do you have a pressure cooker? If not, get one from Amazon. This one looks pretty cool, with all kinds of gauges and knobs. Plus its 21 ½ quarts. Big enough to cook a pig!! You pig.

    Anyhows, no worries. I don’t want you to get in it. That would be stupid, and maybe dangerous. Just fill it with water, seal it tight, and block all the pressure release valves. Crazy glue should work for that. Then, sit on top of it with a stop watch, and let me know how long it takes for the water to boil. Then, reset the stopwatch, don’t move, and let me know how long it takes to pop. If nothing happens after two hours, you can get off. If it does pop, let me know how far you get tossed.

    Report back as soon as possible. This will be important evidence.
    Don’t screw this up. You loser.
    Your Pal,

  5. AJ

    ‘Official story unraveling for Boston marathon bombing; clear evidence points to bomb squad’s prior knowledge’

    […] “The official story of the bombing is that terrorists detonated two bombs at the marathon finish line and that the Boston bomb squad magically located a third bomb one mile away, identified the bomb, rigged it with explosives and initiated a “controlled explosion” all in less than an hour! (Absurd.)” […]

    […] “It is impossible for a bomb squad to have located, analyzed, rigged and detonated the third bomb in under an hour, especially when it was located one mile away, at the Kennedy Presidential Library.” […]

    […] “If a credible threat had been called in, why didn’t the Boston police cancel the marathon or try to warn runners about the security threat? Is it their policy to allow people to jog right into a massacre they’ve already been warned about?” […] [Remember how Bloomberg didn’t want to cancel the NYC marathon?]

    • No. I have a friend who sends me the Health Ranger’s stuff all the time. It’s generally worthless, and this doesn’t sound much better.

      • AJ

        I thought the article made some interesting points. My opinion is it’s another staged false flag where they set up some patsy or patsies in order to advance their police state agenda, similar to WTC ’93. But who knows; however it develops the police state agenda will be advanced.

        • Walt

          AJ, my tin hat wearing little friend. The only problem with your thesis is they don’t need a false flag to move forward with their agenda. They are doing it all in plain sight, and unabashed by it. Which is the smartest way to do it. Sure they lie, and distort facts, but they essentially just use propaganda and “free stuff”, which we pay for, to move their agenda forward. And voter fraud.

          And they are winning. In a big way. So why kill people when they don’t have to? It makes no sense. It’s like nuking a country you have already conquered. Why do that? They are capable of killing people, if they feared losing, but they are winning on all fronts, without violence. So I don’t buy your false flag scenario.

          The moon landing? Sure that was faked. But no one died, and no animals were harmed. There is no way they mess with PETA.

          Paul is dead? They absolutely rigged that one, but McCartney killed himself in a car crash, and they just covered it up, so they could continue the LSD experiments.

          Area 51? Of course they have aliens there. Just watch “Independence Day”. Everyone knows that. That is where the Dude comes from, and how he got his love of guns. What else is there to do in the middle of the desert but shoot stuff?

          Which is how he wound up on the grassy knoll, and shaped shifted, just like a Jew, which he is not (a Jew not an alien) into a police officer and shot JFK.

          All of that makes sense, right? Of course it does!!

          But Boston was a real, horrific terrorist attack. By some radical slums who hate America.

          Hope this helps.

        • AJ

          Walt, now they have an excuse to put up cameras everywhere. Now they have a fresh excuse to obliterate the fourth amendment at a level that before this event wouldn’t have been politically feasible. WTC ’93 was a false flag set up by the FBI and caught on tape and revealed at the trial. They gave the terrorists live explosives, but the terrorists blew it and didn’t park the van full of explosives where they were supposed to. Had they followed the instructions they were given, one of the towers would have fallen into the other and killed everyone in both buildings but with all the offices filled with workers that time (12:18 PM). It would have been much worse than 9-11 with tens of thousands killed and they, whoever or whatever shadow government group they may be, have no problem killing people to achieve their goals. The underware bomber was allowed on the plane without a passport and was escorted through security just in time for renewal of the patriot act. This would have come out at trial but there wasn’t one. I wonder why? They must have offered that terrorist a very sweet deal — maybe he even got his 72 virgins. The Hegelian Dialectic — problem, reaction, solution. It works. It’s much easier that way.

    • Anonymous

      Do you really believe this?

  6. Old Coot has an eye popping head splitting article about the Boston bombing entitled
    Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American.

    • TheWizard

      Yes, the poor muslims.

      Damn white man, always looking for a muslim scapegoat.

      I think that’s my first and last visit to

  7. burningmadolf

    I can’t believe this guy Stevens is the only one mentioning this.

  8. Anonymous

    Obama mentor and confidante Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground used the same types of bombs back in the 1970s.

    • And targeted a soldiers dance where they hoped to blow the legs off of young servicemen and their dates. In later years, the current president allowed as the act was “detestable”. But not terrorism.