Here’s a cheerful shot to close the evening

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April 17, 2013 · 8:58 pm

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  1. We need a little cartoon balloon of O’Bomber saying “This will not stand.”

    • FlyAngler

      I was thinking Shotgun Joe should have a cartoon ballon saying:

      “Maybe I shouldn’t have had the extra-large burrito with extra refried beans.”

  2. FlyAngler

    This is what happens when his cheerleaders in the Media raise their expectations too high, even when the odds of passage were not high. Several ways to look at this:

    1) The Media knew it would be close so built up faux momentum in the hope of getting a few straggling Dems or RINOs onboard.

    2) The Media knew it was not going to pass so built up faux momentum in order to blame GOP for failure in effort to raise maximum ire among the gun control advocates – hope to use this ire in 2014 to regain the House.

    3) The Media actually believed this would pass because it was so “sensible”.

    What you will not hear them say is that it was a non-partisan failure to end cloture. Wait, isn’t anything bi-partisan a good thing?

    • FA, you clearly don’t understand the Cheerleader Media’s definition of this term. In their minds, “bi-partisanship” only means Republicans caving to Democrats. Any Democrat concessions to Republicans (or to common sense, which is even rarer) is to them a much bigger tragedy than Monday’s bombing. They are a bunch of sick puppies.

    • Anonymous

      the wasington post is saying a repub fillibuster blocked its paasge

  3. Walt

    You Retards-
    Quit slapping your Mr. Happys and pissing your pants. Stop declaring victory because it has just started. You think this is the end? This is just the beginning, you horny little Prom Queens.
    Do you think they have surrendered like Grant at Appomattox? You think they are giving up, like the wetbacks at the Alamo? No!!
    This is the start, not the finish.
    So stop declaring victory before the fat lady sings.
    Dude – you like fat chicks. When does the singing start?
    Your Pal,

  4. Dollar Bill

    Brag all you want, but time is not on your side. The NRA is losing strength with each one of its pyrric victories, while the voices for sensible regulation of weapons of mass slaughter are growing louder, and more organized. If I were you, I wouldn’t be crowing over this “victory,”which came as no surprise. More than ever, you absolutist gun nuts are losing ground in the court of public opinion, and the day will come when the tide sweeps all your demented, brook no compromise views into the oblivion where they belong. You’ve owned this playing field for far too long, but the jig is up, and as I say, time is not on your side.

    • you absolutist gun nuts are losing ground in the court of public opinion, and the day will come when the tide sweeps all your dementedviews

      Did it ever occur to you that reason, rather than invective, might be more effective when trying to communicate with normal human beings? It’s fine when screeching among your own – Obummer did just that today – but persuasive, it is not.

      4% of Americans consider gun control an important issue; they’re focused on the stagnant economy and 15% unemployment instead. No wonder you’re yelling – anything to distract the voters.
      (and kindly refrain from using racist terms like “jig” on these pages. I’m overlooking it this time but really…)

    • AJ

      Dollar Bill, I think you do not know the meaning of the word pyrrhic my Epirusian friend. It was the defeated Libtards that pulled out all the stops in this battle, not the victorious Constitutionalists.

    • burningmadolf

      For some reason DB’s comments just made me laugh. Trying to put a voice to them but I can only come up with the image of a crying little girl, but not as tough.
      On a side note, the O man might have an easier time pushing his agenda if he would stop injecting Chicago into speeches when mentioning Newtown, Aurora and Tuscon. Defeats his argument.

      • Old Coot

        My take is similar to yours. Obama ran a two-ring circus for this bill. Newtown and Gabby Giffords. He paraded them. He took advantage of their frailties of emotion. It was obvious to me that Obama himself had no interest in this legislation other than making him look like a saint to the public. He never spoke about the bill unless hexes surrounded by props. He’s not a gun person to begin with. And this bill would never have been on his plate had not he been guilted into it by emotions. The public knew that. Senators knew that and sent the bill packing. Thankfully.

        • Yup, it was all about emotion – no one could explain how anything proposed was going to prevent another Newtown, so many of us figured that that wasn’t what it was about and was simply a step toward the real goal of confiscating all (legal) guns.
          Which is why Cuomo and Malloy rammed their laws through so quickly: once the passions cooled reason would rerun and they couldn’t afford that.
          Old saying in law: when the facts are with you, argue the facts. When the law’s with you, argue the law. When you have neither, pound the table.
          Plenty of lawyers in politics.

    • libertarian advocate

      Dullard: Boy do I have you pegged. If Obama wanted gun control to actually pass, he would never have put the brain-damaged one in to shepherd it through. You have WAY TOO MUCH faith in your party’s leadership, you sheep

  5. Fred2

    Ahh. As Walt says, keep an eye on the lying bastards.

    That all being said:

    That sweet, sweet, odeur de schadenfreude fills the air…

    • FlyAngler

      Has anyone missed the point that Feinstein’s much desired “assault weapon” ban amedment pulled only 40 VOTES – Yo, DB, only 40 VOTES in a Dem controlled Senate! Talk about BIPARTISAN!

      Also DB, do you realize that Bloomberg and his minion groups spent as much in the past three months as did the NRA?

      Finally DB, the NRA boasts membership of less that 4 million in a country where there are 85-90 million gun owners making 80mm+ non-NRA but interested parties.

      Worse for the gun control advocacy groups, their over the top demands and tactics forced many heretofore uninterested or neutral Americans, gun owners and non-gun owners, to wake up, become educated and see the gun taking efforts for what they are.

      Next week CNBC will debut a special called “The Rise of the AR15, American’s Gun” or some such title but they call it “America’s Gun” which seems to fit Scalia’s “in common use” threshold in the Heller decision. Ironic, an NBC property providing an item that will likely be mentioned in some future 2A court battle.

      DB, you need to get out of Connnecticut to see how e rest of the country thinks.

  6. peg

    DB and his ilk believe that they can pass these laws, and then suddenly, gun violence will come close to vanishing. It’s like thinking that if we passed a law stating “thou shalt not steal” that this crime would be eliminated.

    Sadly, laws like the one that did not pass yesterday don’t affect criminals for the most part. They affect law abiding citizens who aren’t going to commit any of these crimes anyway. Indeed; some of the “absolutest gun nuts” are the ones who, if armed, would be able to stop some whacko with a gun. (But then, DB and his buddies don’t want this, they hate guns so much.)

    I dislike guns and the power to commit harm that they represent. Yet, unlike DB, I am able to see reality. Reality is that there are hundreds of millions of guns in the U.S. – and they aren’t going away. Reality is that, if we are serious about aiming for lower crime rates, there are other far more effective ways to go about it. Reality is it would be nice to have a president who doesn’t whine like a five year old when he doesn’t get his way – and who would have some shreds of respect for those with opinions and views that differ from his own.

  7. Anonymous

    Barry lost this one, not as spectacularly as Hitler lost Stalingrad, but Barry lost.

    For the sake of his Marxist agenda, Barry needs to pivot hard to raising the debt ceiling. Barry without deficit spending is like Hitler without Caucasus oil.

    Barry expended a lot of his demagoguery capital. His true believers, devoted acolytes, and useful idiots will continue to scream, shout, wail, whine, and pontificate. See Dollar Bill above.

    Barry lost.

  8. Live Free or Die

    DB, Guns don’t kill people ….people kill people…along with the random mountain lion, shark, bear, pit bull, etc…

    Focus on the real problem and you will reduce the rate of “gun violence” more than any of the recently proposed gun laws ever will.

  9. Brian S.

    Oddly, or not so much, there has been scant MSM coverage of the stabbing of 14 students in Cypress, Texas. It would poke holes in the argument that banning (confiscating) guns would mean no more mass murders. Or else knives and pressure cookers will have to be added to the next Senate bill.

  10. AJ

    How low can you go — parading around victims:
    […] “As he spoke, Mr. Obama was surrounded by family members of victims of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting. Also with him was former Rep. Gabby Giffords of Arizona, wounded in an assassination attempt.” […]

    It’s a law to create a list of gun owners that’s a law to protect gun owners from being on a list:
    […] ““They claimed that it would create some sort of big-brother gun registry, even though it did the opposite,” Mr. Obama said.” […]