“But who would we date? Even our sheep are cousins!”

Hot time Saturday night

Hot time Saturday night

Especially the sheep. West Virginia’s Governor dismisses news that Icelanders have invented an iPhone app to prevent accidental incest.

A new smartphone app is on hand to help Icelanders avoid accidental incest. The app lets users “bump” phones, and emits a warning alarm if they are closely related. “Bump the app before you bump in bed,” says the catchy slogan.

Some are hailing it as a welcome solution to a very Icelandic form of social embarrassment.

“Everyone has heard the story of going to a family event and running into a girl you hooked up with some time ago,” said Einar Magnusson, a graphic designer in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

“It’s not a good feeling when you realize that girl is a second cousin. People may think it’s funny, but (the app) is a necessity.”


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8 responses to ““But who would we date? Even our sheep are cousins!”

  1. burningmadolf

    After Googling “Icelandic Beauties” I’ve decided to take the risk.

  2. TheWizard

    Elvis said “She’s a distant cousin, but not too distant from me………..”

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Why did you post a picture of you and Gideon from your high school yearbook on a post about INCEST? Subliminal confession? Who pitched? And is that why your nipples are hard in that photo? Or were you just cold?

    And they released photos of the Boston Marathon bombers.

    I am sticking with my pick of crazy Islamic sheep bangers for $500.
    What about you, Buddy Love?
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    i worked for those guys at keefe bruyeete & woods

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Now listen up. This affects your livelihood. You can no longer say “Master Bedroom”. I shit you not. It is now on the politically incorrect list, placed there by people we don’t know, and never giving us a chance to object.

    Pretty soon, all adjectives will be banned. We have to get rid of “black eye”, right? Niggardly has already shit the bed, by people who don’t even know what it means, but is sounds bad.

    “Dark nights” has to go, as does “black skies”. Eggplant is a no no. You can never buy a shovel again at a hardware store and ask for a “spade”. Dark Chocolate is a thing of the past, as is black coffee.

    This is really getting out of hand. Next thing you know, the chinks will want to ban “yellow lights”. The PR’s will be offended by “West Side Story”. The cheese eating surrender monkeys will have a problem being called “frogs”. The Christ killer Jews will be ok, but it will cost us a lot of scratch.

    And the ragheads. They have a problem with everything, so who cares about them?

    What do you think, you vanilla white, lily assed, WASP cracker?

    Your Pal,

  6. How do we know a toothbrush was invented in West Virginia?
    Because if it was invented anywhere else it would be called a teethbrush.

  7. this looks like a lot more fun than just bumping iPhones: