Quick bread

A slew (5) of houses just flew off the market.

230 Valley Rd

230 Valley Rd

The exception is 230 Valley Road which lasted 302 days, but priced at $629,000, even as land, it’s not surprising that, in this market, a buyer turned up.

15 Irvine

15 Irvine

15 Irvine, $3.295 million, 10 days – it sold for $3.150 in 2008.


21 Harold

21 Harold

21 Harold Street, Cos Cob, $525,000. 16 days.

14 Bonwit, mentioned yesterday, $745,000, 9 days.

Indian Harbor drive

Indian Harbor drive

71 Indian Harbor Drive, $1.275, 28 days.

22 Nimitz22 Nimitz, also mentioned yesterday, has a full contract. $869,000, 9 days.


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13 responses to “Quick bread

  1. Anonymous

    on the lower end, do you feel the first time buyer is rearing his head? my guess would be developers are taking these down?

    • It’s a mix, I think, but I represent a lot of end users and it’s painful to see them back where they were in the boom years, competing with builders for the same properties. Good for homeowners, though.

    • Anonymous

      I just picked one off in this price range. You’ll see it reported later this spring.
      My friends sister bought the one on Bonwit,
      Her friend bought the other on Bonwit two weeks ago,
      My sons classmates (preschool) bought the one on Nimitz,
      Another family from our kids preschool spent around 1 mil in OG about a month ago.

      We all plan to live in them.
      Builders are chasing the tear downs in Havemeyer park and NOPO

      500-650k for the land
      400-500k for a fully built, delivered 5 bedroom modular.
      Ask 2.295 ish and get somewhere near that.

      Just look at the side streets off riverside lane, or Arnold in Havemeyer.

      Anything 750k plus lately has been nearly move in..
      Ours needs a new kitchen and some electrical upgrades.
      We spend another 100k on the aforementioned, and we’ll be ready for a Labor Day BBQ.

      Nice work on getting the gun owners addresses blocked.
      You just never know who is listening.
      …well, you of course know how many.. 12.472 million
      But the who is what matters even more.

      Good work Chris,
      and if you don’t hear much from me that’s bc we bought a house!

  2. anon

    Irvine, at almost $1K per square foot, is nuts…

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Did you see this? The Senate passed an amendment to prevent the media from releasing gun ownership maps!!

    Is it possible, nay I say PROBABLE, that this insignificant little dust speck of a blog, “written” by a barely literate peddler of dirt, and read by one, actually did some good? Like Juan Valdez going after the windmills I say!!

    This proves anything is possible!! The feel good story of the day!! I am smelling a new treatment here. Working title “Dumbo Does Some Good”.

    Very nice work my friend!! You frigging loser.
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    nimitz has been off and on for a looong time. that was no 9 day deal.

    that rosy 9 day stat is thanks to the magic of the greenwich listing trickery.

    • Not in this case, or at least not according to the town tax records, which show a sale of $1.025 in 2005 and a first listing date this time April 13, for $869,000.

  5. Anonymous

    oh and same comment on valley. we saw that place back in ’11.

  6. pulled up in OG

    Irvine assessment 52% of ’08 sale price.
    Helluva bubble, eh?

  7. Anonymous

    What’s going on in Havemeyer Park these days?