A final bit of real estate news to close the week

5 North Ridge

5 North Ridge

5 North Ridge, Havemeyer, sold for $805,000. It originally asked $898,000, but the owners paid just $685,000 for it in 2011 so assuming the renovations they performed didn’t cost too much, they made out. One bit of historical perspective on prices: This sold for $585,000 in 2002 and $685,000 in 2011, so prices climbed much higher in the past two years.

141 Cat Rock

141 Cat Rock

And once again, 141 Cat Rock is showing an executed contract. Asking $1.295, I thought this property was worth its asking price, but every time I tried to show it I was told it was unavailable to show, there was an accepted offer, etc. Just Wednesday the latest previously accepted offer was pulled and the house was returned to market. That it now has a fully executed contract suggests to me that the parties to the original accepted offer got to dickering, the owner yanked it and put it back up for sale and the buyer backed down and did the deal.

That’s just my guess, of course – I wasn’t involved and have no direct knowledge of the situation. But if I had a hot property and the buyer started being difficult, that’s what I’d do.


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    Totally off topic.

    Can some one recommend a good property manager or a well rounded handyman? Thanks in advance!

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    All of those are already married

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    The Gentleman Handyman, aka Ed Carroll of OG.