And over at the Democrat organ …

Bill Gaston, center

Bill Gaston, center

DailyKos: don’t let this little kerfuffle over bombs distract us from the real issue: guns!

This will be short but I am hoping somebody else will pick this up.  I know this is cold and many won’t have the stomach for this.  But the progressive movement must move quickly to take control of the media meme coming out of Boston.  I have seen this happen before, like vultures the right wing moves in with lightning speed to create a meme about any traumatic event that suits their purposes.  It is already happening with Boston as documented by Greg Sargent.  The right wing Boston meme is going to be wall to wall, 24 hours about immigration.  It will be used to destroy what is left of the immigration bill.  It will hit fever pitch when Limbaugh starts his broadcast.  It will become more coordinated over the day.  Many in the mainstream media will take their ledes from these psychopaths.

We have to learn to use the Internet to take control of memes … The question has to be how did we allow these two people to become armed, violent assailants.  They had a shoot out with the police and one of them got away.  Where did they get the guns?  Would they have had the confidence to even plant those bombs if they didn’t have an arsenal at home?  Where did that arsenal come from?  Would people like this have been able to get guns if there had been background checks?  The suspect would have been apprehended easily if he didn’t have a gun and he would not be able to terrorize an entire city.  Guns are ripping out entire social fabric apart.  Again and again talks [sic] about these issues when discussing what is going on.  It is about guns.

(Massachusetts, as mentioned earlier today, has about the strictest gun control laws in the nation and yes, imposes background checks. It has banned large capacity – more than 10 rounds-magazines since 1994).

But do watch for the pressure from Democrats to return the focus to guns. It’s what the people want, damn it!


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11 responses to “And over at the Democrat organ …

  1. burningmadolf

    I wonder if the Kos knows about this little group:
    This is how you get a gun and badge in MA without being a cop.

  2. anon

    Putz Schumer is leading the pack in this narrative. From The Daily Caller:

    New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer admonished colleagues not to “try to conflate” the immigration reform bill that the Senate is considering with the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the perpetrators of which have been identified as immigrants.

    “I’d like to ask that all of us not jump to conclusions regarding the events in Boston or try to conflate those events with this legislation,” Schumer said Friday at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the immigration bill.

    As the hearing was happening, the Boston metropolitan area was on lockdown, as police attempted to capture one of the suspects in the bombing, who was feared to be carrying explosives.

    • Brian S.

      You might recall that I said within an hour of the Boston bombing that Chuckie Shumer was going to stick his nose into it. Am I clairvoyant? Not when it comes to serial legislators. Merely observant, that’s all.

  3. Anonymous

    Obummer must hate all the Boston bombing talk- it takes the spot light
    away from him.

  4. Chimney

    Obummer’s pr people must be shi**ing in their pants with all this
    attention being paid to Boston, and not their arrogant angry boy

  5. AJ

    There was some mention somewhere on the Internet that the bombs were made of gunpowder by emptying bullets and that now we’ll have to outlaw ammunition to prevent this from happening again.

    • FlyAngler

      AJ – That can only be thoug by someone who knows nothing about firearms nor ammo. Pulling bullets off of rounds is work and would require buying thousands of rounds in order to have enough powder to make one or more 6 quart bombs as well as the pipe or improvised bombs they reportedly had last night.

      A smart anti gun person would have his sights on reloading powder which can be bought in bulk, rather easily and far cheaper than buying actual ammo. If they come after anything, it will be reloading powder.

      My hope – the bombs used a chemical and not gunpowder which is plausible because the white clouds after the blasts did not seem consistent with modern “smokeless” reloading gunpowder.

    • sunbeam43

      Enter Frank Lautenberg!