Don’t worry, be happy, Greenwich Democrat says

Democrat peace sticker, updated

Democrat peace sticker, updated

Bill Gaston, chairman of the Greenwich Democrat Peace and Love Committee, spoke with FWIW this morning to reassure all of us that everything is going to be just fine up there in Watertown.

“Massachusetts has one of the toughest gun laws in the country,” Bill tells us, “and they’ve reduced licensed gun owners’ numbers from 1.5 million in 1998, when that law was passed, to just 200,000 today. It’s true that the gun murder rate has doubled, armed robberies increased 20.7 %  and armed assaults are up 26.7%, but the citizens up there live in peace and harmony because they know that they’ve made their children safe. Their love and compassion for all people, especially misunderstood victims of the Bushcheney era, will overcome this poor man’s anger and gentle him down immediately.

“To those cowering behind their doors, hoping the bomber won’t burst into their homes, relax: Democrat party members are fanning out into the neighborhood as we speak, distributing “gun-free zone” posters, written in cyrillic, Urdu and Arabic on bright yellow oaktag to every homeowner who had the foresight to register with our party. Trust me, this is all the protection you’ll need because when he encounters such a sign our brother in peace will be filled with remorse, sink to his knees and apologize for losing his temper.

“I realize that the homophobic, deranged, obsessed faggot racist teabagging members of the NRA are poo-pooing our efforts to end this confrontation peacefully but I ask all of you this: which will make you feel safer, a colorful ‘no-guns allowed’ sign on your door or an AR-15? I think that questions answers itself. Certainly it does for me, and the countless victims of Bushcheney-loving gun nuts.”


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6 responses to “Don’t worry, be happy, Greenwich Democrat says

  1. Anon

    Unrelated, other than being ala progressives, but have you heard about the indoctrination of our children through the “Common Core State Standards” ? Greenwich is in the process of aligning with them, and is hence changing the math program from Everyday Math, which was heinous, but this is far worse then EM. Here is an article from Michelle Malkin, with some videos. Glenn Beck also has some on YouTube, search Glenn beck cscope. How are we going to stop this??

    • Far be it from me to pose as any kind of math expect (ha!), but Greenwich is switching to “Singapore Math” which according to this report can be far better and more effective than the “core method” you mention or just be the usual crap, all depending on how educators implement it. The folks pushing for math education reform in Greenwich are very much not touchy-feely products of modern education colleges, so I have high hopes that they didn’t just approve a useless program.
      Give it time – easy for me to say, the damage was done to my own kids long ago.

      • Anonymous

        Singapore Math at school combined with Saxon Math at home is a great combination. Brian Peldunas is an unsung hero for achieving this reform in GPS.

        The Common Core curriculum folks are horrified with Singapore Math, because the children actually learn math and …. horrors …. might learn an objective analytic skill, making them less susceptible to their Common Core propaganda garbage.

        The same crowd pimping Common Core had already duped prior GPS Administrators into the crippling Everyday Math curriculum, which was created by a bunch of social justice U. of Chicago Marxists.

  2. Anon

    I have no trouble with Singapore math, I’ve been supplementing with it at home. For a slew of reasons, we are going to be changing our family education drastically, but learning of this common core propaganda was the icing on our cake for our decision.

  3. Al Dente

    Old bartender joke:
    “What goes in a Singapore Sling?”
    “A Singapore arm!”