US Forest Service (!) blamed Boston Bombing on Tea Party

Well it could have been true. What’s disheartening is that these people have infiltrated and now control every facet of our government, from teachers to EPA staff to the Kenyan to, now, the friggin’ Forest Service.


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6 responses to “US Forest Service (!) blamed Boston Bombing on Tea Party

  1. Anonymous

    An entire city is locked down and a huge multi-tens of billions of dollars of militarized law enforcement apparatus is mobilized to find one guy.

    The propaganda machine of the media-government-education complex has huge armies of useful idiots to spread disinformation about out-of-favor groups and sow confusion.

    Entire media armies are deployed to the story, sucking all the media oxygen away from other stories. Quite a distraction.

    Meanwhile, entire populations are indoctrinated to fear, inculcated to state dependence for security, and de-sensitized to the liberty devouring dictates of a centralized police state.

  2. Forest Service has been politicized since Teddy’s elected term.

  3. burningmadolf

    They should fire her (no pun) or let her retire so we can pay for her pension and medi for the rest of her life.

  4. Anonymous

    FBI asking for help:

    WASHINGTON—Saying that the last thing he ever wanted to do was ask “311 million mouth-breathing morons” for help, the Federal Bureau of Investigation freely admitted Thursday that by enlisting the services of the American people in apprehending the Boston Marathon bombers, the government agency had reached a new level of desperation. “Clearly I never wanted this to get to a point where I would have to stand here, hat in hand, asking the same group of people who make The Voice the No. 1 show on television for their help,” a visibly deflated FBI Special Agent in Charge Rick DesLauriers said during a press conference, after which he sighed, put up the FBI’s toll-free number, and said, “Have at it, idiots.” “But this is where we’re at. I can’t believe I’m actually going to say these words, but America, we need you.” Sources later confirmed that after listening to the first 10 calls made by American citizens into the FBI, investigators had reportedly disconnected the number and were asking citizens of Sweden and Germany if they knew anything about the two bombing suspects.

  5. Sound Beacher

    The Boston Bombing story has reached our town, the elementary schools have cancelled outdoor recess today and the schools are being extra guarded because there was chatter the suspect may have taken a train to CT. Just got e-mail letter from the school.